How to Unlock the Expertise Economy with Upskilling


In their much-publicized book, The Expertise Economy: How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed , the pair depicts a future of work that is more about diverse and unique skill sets —transforming their employees into experts and ultimately, creating their biggest competitive advantage — than about knowledge, roles, and job hierarchies. In the “expertise economy,” how are companies getting the skills they need?

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Years ago a start-up commissioned me to write a white paper that would help put them on the map. I wrote the paper that follows. The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. This paper addresses how organizations, particularly business organizations, can get more done. IBM white paper by Rob Cross. Supplement self-directed learning with mentors and experts. Monitor goal/performance – maybe via mentor system.


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Debunking the Meritocracy Myth

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To ensure that more women have this needed P&L experience, corporations must actively and intentionally pinpoint high-potential women early in their careers and help them navigate to positions that build their financial expertise. Women are often less likely than their male colleagues to understand the importance of mentoring relationships, especially early on in their careers. A few years ago, I was the keynote speaker at a women’s diversity conference.

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Maximize Your Professional Development with Industry Memberships

eLearning Brothers

There are so many amazing features to this package, including either a Plus Membership to The eLearning Guild or a Professional Plus Membership to the Association for Talent and Development (ATD), a premium subscription to the most well-known self-paced video training library on the planet, and 1-on-1 mentoring with an eLearning Brothers mentor. A few weeks ago eLearning Brothers released the all new Professional Development Package.

How to Boost Your LMS When Upskilling Employees is Your Goal


Select an LMS that will track all learning activities – coursework, mentoring, workshops, and on-the-job training. Use the LMS to record non-traditional training and development activities, such as mentoring sessions and on-the-job experiences.

4 Simple Steps That Boost Workforce Performance


The professional skill set includes the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that employees at all levels need to be successful regardless of technical or job related expertise. Employees may assess themselves, managers assess their employees, and other relationship roles (peer, subordinate, mentor, customer, and more) may also contribute input on the skills of each employee.

What is Blended Learning? A Guide to Everything You Need to Know


If all learners have different levels of understanding and expertise , then why force them into the same training program? Benefits are role-play, mentoring, hands-on practice, and feedback. The instructor is usually present in a mentoring capacity, to answer questions.

Why You Should Boost Soft Skills in Your Organization


How well does your workforce blend technical expertise with communication, collaboration and other soft skills? Mentoring is another excellent option, since employees get the attention, feedback and role modeling that comes from a relationship with a skilled mentor. Review our Optimize Your Workforce white paper to outline your approach.

How to Be the Best Place to Work (for the Things that Matter Most)


Our woman-to-woman mentor program has garnered recognition for its innovative approach.”. We offer learning plans, career paths and succession management programs that help individuals build the skills, experience and expertise to move up.”. Read our Energize Performance through Competency Management white paper. NASA was just named the Best Place to Work in the Federal Government by the Partnership in Public Service.

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2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

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They differentiate themselves not only through innovative functionality, but also industry-specific expertise, integration capabilities, professional services, accessible pricing and other unique characteristics. Engagedly Acquires eMentoring Solution Provider, Management Mentors.

7 Ways to Encourage Experts to Share Knowledge

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Include mentoring in performance reviews. In this way, the status of ‘expert’ doesn’t just reflect how well the individual knows the topic; it also shows how good they are at passing their expertise on to other people. If a conversation happens around their area of expertise, your experts will be more inclined to chime in and offer their perspective. When it comes to learning and development, knowledge sharing can be a training manager’s best friend.

Your social wishlist

Jay Cross

Imagine that a Senior Executive in your company returns from Thanksgiving weekend having read white papers from IBM that say social business is the next step in the overall evolution of business. make in-house expertise easier to tap. You recently read a compelling argument that people in knowledge organizations learn three to four times as much from experience as from interaction with bosses, coaches, and mentors.

The importance of a Knowledge Sharing Culture

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There could be many reasons for this: perhaps they enjoy the status of being ‘the go-to guy’, or maybe there’s simply no mechanism in place allowing them to share their expertise. The key is to make knowledge available to everyone, and not to let one person be the guardian of expertise in any particular area. One of the main reasons experts have been reluctant to share their expertise is that they feel undervalued. Make mentoring part of the promotion process.

What's on Your Social Wish List?

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Imagine a senior executive in your company returns from Thanksgiving weekend having read white papers from IBM that say social business is the next step in the overall evolution of business. You probably read a compelling argument recently that people in knowledge organizations learn three to four times as much from experience as from interaction with bosses, coaches and mentors. Use networks to create services and share collective intelligence.

How Authentic Is Your Leadership Development?

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Authentic Development Is Everyone’s Business In a 2009 white paper, “Developing a Leadership Strategy: A Critical Ingredient for Organizational Success,” William Pasmore of the Center for Creative Leadership said that developing leadership strategy is an iterative process that is a creative mix of logic and art. • Persuasive mentoring and coaching relationships.