Social Learning: An Ongoing Experiment

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Psychologist Albert Bandura’s social learning theory suggests that people learn from one another through observation, imitation and modeling. It’s a compelling theory, and many organizations incorporate social learning into their learning and development function, especially with the growing array of technologies available today to facilitate such learning. Interestingly, the top motivators cited for using social learning technologies are more abstract than tangible.

Marketing Training and E-Learning Courses to Your Employees


In e-learning, this is known as course completions and it is one of the most commonly used metrics to measure learner engagement. Getting the Message Right. Marketing training and e-learning courses to employees in your company requires the presentation of two connected but different messages. The first message is about the importance of training. You can’t just send an email to relevant employees or post a message on a bulletin board, for example.


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Top 10 virtual training platforms

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It also supports social learning through its Discussions feature, which is a big plus in the realm of virtual training. One issue that has been brought up, though, is that metrics could use improvement so that course builders can learn more about their audience.

A 7-step guide for eLearning Modernization

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Would they like their online training to incorporate their social media habits? Cut Down the Text These days, every instant messaging app has an option to make phone calls and send voice notes. Look at LMS metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses. Everything needs an upgrade eventually, even a successful eLearning course. But is it really feasible to modernize an eLearning course without spending unnecessary time and money?

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Benefits of Education Streaming Platforms to Students and Tutors


By adhering to the safety precautions recommended by WHO and local government policies, social distancing is the only way to overcome this challenge. Since the millennials are quite active on social media , they can also learn through social sharing in these platforms. But online streaming platforms provide several hackathon challenges or online coding contests where students, no matter what their age is, can apply and get hired instantly by companies. .

Are You Failing Millennials with Your Performance Management?


Having grown up in the digital “public eye” of social media and instant feedback, they want to always know how they’re doing and what to do next. A simple email, instant message or call is enough to share regular feedback. If the performance management program doesn’t include a clear development path with the key metrics and resources for them to succeed, then the program has failed them.

Part 2: The Mentality Behind Measurement

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Once a social learning strategy is in place, learning leaders should measure it as they would any other initiative to determine if it’s working, if it’s solving a business need and how it can be improved. “It’s not so much the learning or the social learning that needs to be measured but the performance outcome that’s really important,” said Jane Hart, founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.

Collaborative Learning Anthropologist and Specialist (CLA): Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Learning Career or Job Opportunities

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Collaborative and Social Networking Systems. tool and is positioned as a champion, e.g. Wiki, Blog, Second-Life, social media, etc. Social Media Specialist - converts content into short, enticing, provocative, rapid, instant media with the likes of YouTube , e.g. CommonCrafts presentation and Institute of Social Research. Online Coach - uses video and audio conferencing, Instant Messaging, Twitter, tracking to support coaching roles.

E-Learning Authoring Tools Characterized

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Some facilitate performance tracking and the ability to generate learner-related metrics and related reports. Includes social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups and folksonomies. E-Learning authoring tools are part of a larger organizational infrastructure and learning ecosystem which typically includes hardware, software, content delivery mechanisms, and processes that support the delivery and management of learning programs.

Embrace Active Learning (And 7 More Call Center Training Tips)


And with the rise of text and instant-message customer support, roleplaying has to adapt. These systems also enable social learning, where your employees learn from one another when they have questions. And, of course, make sure that you’re tracking your call center metrics to see how well your trainings are working. Your call center is the front line of your company. If your call center agents aren’t making a good impression, you’re going to lose customers.

LMSs that kick ass: GeoLearning

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Continuing my series of email interviews about LMSs that are doing innovative things with social media, here’s the scoop on what GeoLearning is up to. Q: What social media tools is GeoLearning incorporating into their LMS? A: Will Hipwell- GeoLearning’s GeoEngage module facilitates Communities of Practice (CoPs), enables social networking, and provides access to Web 2.0 Q: What drove your decision to incorporate social media tools into your LMS?

Come Together

Jay Cross

The use of instant messaging migrated from high school to corporate life. Expertise locators connect workers to people with answers; social software connects them with friends and colleagues. The social learning revolution has only just begun. Furthermore, far too many CLOs take no responsibility for the social media that makes collaboration work. Come Together, Right Now. Jay Cross. Organizations have woken up to the power of people working together.

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Building a Performance Ecosystem

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Social knowledge management consultant Harold Jarche suggests there are multiple layers, from collaborating in work teams, to collective learning in communities of practice, to cooperative learning with peers and friends in our networks (Figure 1). Leaders are also trying to figure out how to create an infrastructure to augment the organizational culture and support formal, performance support and social learning. Most broadly successful is our social computing platform.”

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

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In this 2011 edition, we added a more lucid description of workscapes, streamlined the social learning chapter, updated the cheat sheets, and included a glossary. Facility for online discussion, instant messaging, video conferencing. Our current work involves figuring out how to inject best practices from adult learning theory, brain science, social psychology, business execution, and elsewhere into workscapes. Social Learning. Social Learning Tools 120.

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