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Why Should K-12 Institutions Hire an Off-Shore Content Production Company?

Hurix Digital

At present, the only way they can accomplish these towering objectives is by taking their course creation offshore. In other words, hiring an off-shore digital K-12 content production company is the best possible route for them at the moment! Top 5 reasons to hire an off-shore digital K-12 content production company.

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In-House Vs Outsourcing: 3 Reasons Why Tailored Training Makes Financial Sense

eLearning Industry

Thus, corporate training can be a significant expense, and one that an organization might want to look at offshoring to a custom tailored training program that utilizes eLearning. The cost of such training programs for employees can be the equivalent of hiring a dozen or more new employees for many businesses.

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Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

Magic EdTech

“If you deprive yourself of offshore development and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”. Back then, offshore hiring was an absurd concept. If you haven’t yet considered an offshore development team, here are some things you might be missing out on. Specialized Talent. Cost Effectiveness.

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Off-Shore Call Center Experience

Tony Karrer

While I've been somewhat agnostic on the issue of having on-shore vs. off-shore call centers, an experience five minutes ago may have changed my mind. The person who picked up initially was from an off-shore call center in India. One of my business credit cards changed aspects of the card and sent me the new card.

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Ways To Extend Your Offshore Development Team

eLearning Industry

If you are thinking about extending your development team, then you need to go through all the steps mentioned in this article, like clear communication, using project management tools, timely deliveries, etc. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Hire instructional design agency versus freelance or offshore?


We compare the different ways you can hire to fill your instructional design needs, and the risks and benefits associated with each one.

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Double defence

E-Learning Provocateur

Of course, even if Jim did upskill himself in online course development, the company may very well have ended up outsourcing that work to an offshore provider. And of course it’s about your own innate ability to handle change (eg adaptivity, resilience and active learning).

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