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Twitterfall - letting the web work for you

E-Learning Acupuncture

the stuff of Web 2.0). It’s a free web service that taps into the proverbial ’river of data’ generated by the Twitter data stream and fishes out for you messages that fit a custom search that you create. Why reinvent the wheel? There are several social media tools that can help you. One example is Twitterfall.

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Week's Learning #3: Hyperlinks, Serendipity, Learning

ID Reflections

And this is how the web works. He goes on to write about the subversive and fluid nature of hyperlinks comparing it to a metaphoric game of hopscotch. This aptly describes the disruptive and non-linear nature of hyperlinks.

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Course of the Week: HTML and CSS for Beginners


No matter what work you’re doing, from blogging and building pages to simply sending email, HTML is involved. As the building blocks of the internet, HTML and CSS are critical skills for those looking to gain a higher degree of control and power over their web work. To help you prepare for the future, HTML5 is also covered.

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Obama death reaffirms effectiveness of chaotic networks

Jay Cross

The jungle drums that are today’s web worked! Osama is dead. I heard the news on Twitter, twenty minutes before things were official. I got the news before most t.v. And I’m tuning out now because television has reverted to continuous reverb. Pundits trying to fill dead air with non-news.

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Social Learning - Instructional Design - Free - eLearning Hot Topics

Tony Karrer

Blogger in Middle-earth , May 26, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals.

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My Workflow with Synergy

Experiencing eLearning

On my work laptop, I use these programs that I don’t have installed on my personal desktop: Outlook. That means that on days that I’m doing a lot of web work or creating Captivate activities, I work primarily on my laptop and don’t switch over too much. Dreamweaver.

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How to Design Social Interfaces

Jay Cross

He gets to think about the little things that make the web work that you never have time to think about. Christian Crumlish has a fantastic job. He maintains Yahoo’s design pattern library. Christian teamed up with Erin Malone to write this incredible book just out from O’Reilly.

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