Synchronous vs asynchronous elearning


In today’s elearning environment the type of learning that takes place is generally divided into one of two categories: synchronous and asynchronous. What is synchronous learning? Examples of synchronous elearning are online chat and videoconferencing.

Synchronous or Asynchronous? How to Pick Your Training Delivery Method by Danielle Slatinsky

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Creating effective online instruction requires consideration of many factors if it is to lead learners to achieve the desired skills and knowledge.

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Creating interactive and engaging e-content: Experiences with Articulate Storyline


The immense popularity and success of technology-aided learning has created the ever-increasing need to develop e-content that effectively engages the learner but all within the constraints of available timelines and budgets.

What Type of MOOC Is Right For You?

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Which style of MOOC is most effective depends on the training goals of the organization and the learning outcomes the employees are expected to achieve. Synchronous MOOCs and Asynchronous MOOCs. MOOCs can be delivered in a synchronous or an asynchronous format. In synchronous MOOCs, everyone follows the same class schedule and may even be required to log in at the same time, for example, to attend a webinar or a Q&A session with a keynote speaker.

Strategies for transformation 2: from synchronous to asynchronous

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The second step on the route to transformation is a shift from interventions that are synchronous to those that are asynchronous. In case you''re not familiar with the jargon, ''synchronous'' learning activities happen in real-time - they are ''live''. The defining characteristic of a synchronous activity is that all the participants have to be available at the same time. The argument for being synchronous There is nothing inherently wrong with synchronous communication.

Manager's Role in Learning and Performance Improvement

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This is the question I will be answering in an ASTD-sponsored webcast on September 24, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. Cross-functional team members in a marketing firm learn how to run their project meetings more effectively. What should be a manager’s role in employee learning?

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Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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In-course Web Browsing Enable more effective learning by embedding a browser interface within your courses. Simultaneously record narration, capture screen motion, and synchronize audio with slides and timed objects. Edit audio to correct mistakes and pauses, add an external track, or attach sound effects or narration to individual objects. Adobe Captivate App Packager Embed a range of HTML5 animations and synchronize them with your Adobe Captivate course.

How to succeed with online learning for colleges and universities

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As a whole, brick and mortar colleges are absolutely horrendous when it comes to effective business processes. In today’s higher education e-learning world, synchronous based learning rules. before the class is even launched (if they follow the synchronous based approach). . What would you rather prefer: A synchronous based course/class which provides no real engagement or interactivity and is truly one sided – linear?

MOOCs to Create and Enhance Corporate Culture

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Using various technology-enabled learning tools, leaders can focus on responding to actual problems and scenarios, and practice the desired behaviors via role play, interactive simulations, and synchronous or asynchronous discussions in virtual spaces. Copyright 2013 Bryant Nielson.

How MOOCs Are Improving Traditional ILT

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For example, a single course can combine synchronous and asynchronous learning, F2F meetings and virtual interactions, instructor-assigned content and learner-contributed materials. As the format continues to evolve, and the tools become even better, training—regardless of how it is delivered—will become more engaging and more effective, which will lead to a more positive impact on the bottom line. Copyright 2013 Bryant Nielson.

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New MOOC Environments: Distributed Open Collaborative Courses

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This reworking has given rise to a variety of new MOOC-like courses, including big open online courses (BOOCs), synchronous massive online courses (SMOCs), and small private online courses (SPOCs). These new models can also provide solutions for businesses looking for new ways to deliver more efficient and more effective training. This lack of understanding about learners’ levels makes it nearly impossible to effectively assess what (if anything) they learn during the training.

How to MOOC: Technology-Enabled Learning Tools, Part 2

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Discussion forums are most effective as learning tools when they are actively monitored and directed by instructors. Collaborative documents allow teams to share ideas and work together on projects either synchronously or asynchronously. While most MOOCs are designed for asynchronous learning, virtual meetings allow for synchronous collaboration. Copyright 2013 Bryant Nielson. Web 2.0

Brain and Memory with Arthur Kohn #astdtk13

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I'm at the ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013 Conference kicking off today January 29, 2013 in San Jose, California. Primacy effect: the word that come first we remembered the most - it was the most rehearsed. Synchronized transcript that you can review and highlight. Your training will be more effective if you are unembarrassed about including emotion. These are my liveblogged notes from a concurrent session with Arthur Kohn.

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7 Strategies for Building Community in Online Courses

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Provide some guidelines on effective virtual team-work. Design the course with the appropriate balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities that work for the learning outcomes in your course.

Rapid Elearning and MOOCs: Keeping Up with Change

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Training can be synchronous or asynchronous. Like rapid elearning, MOOCs also allow SMEs to build training programs, incorporate multimedia using templates and authoring tools, are generally broken into short learning units, and allow both synchronous and asynchronous training. To be effective, rapid elearning MOOCs, like all training elements, need to be relevant, address employees’ needs, and have a real impact on job performance. Copyright 2013 Bryant Nielson.

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

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Design effects. Synchronized transcripts – ideal for video. Rather continuing to break down course walls through superior feature sets and an understanding of where authoring tools should be in 2013.

Top 3 E-Learning Programs To Become A Power Searcher


Here are our observations on three of the most effective instructional programs that are aimed at equipping people with smart web searching skills (using Google Search Engine, Google Maps, and Google Earth). This course will help you transform yourself into a fast and effective fact finder.

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The Importance of Video in e-Learning

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All kinds of things arrived: flash animations, java objects, PowerPoint slides, YouTube videos, podcasts, and even synchronous video chats. Let’s consider distance education for a bit.

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Show Me the Money: Building a Rock-Solid Business Case for E-Learning


Gain an understanding of your organization’s strategic goals, and then determine how the learning solution can have a positive effect on those goals. Synchronous or asynchronous? By now hopefully your company’s leadership team has bought off on the concept of e-learning as a cost-saver.

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Designing Blended Learning Is Easier Than You Think


The thought of combining multiple learning modalities, synchronous, and asynchronous learning methods could make one’s head spin. Everyone is talking about blended learning, but that does not mean everyone is doing it.

What’s in Your Toolbox?

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Consistent with previous surveys, classroom training is used more often, though the combination of synchronous and asynchronous e-learning continues to represent a growing modality.

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The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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Skillfully blending these elements together will ultimately give you the most effective training and the best results for your company. The use of interactive multimedia, if well done, can make the instruction much more interesting and effective. Also, remember that training, regardless of how well it is designed, is not effective unless the employees are properly motivated to take it. This solution could result in more effective training at less expense.

In Learning, Size Matters

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For synchronous microlearning, techniques such as instant messaging, social media and email are well understood. Facilitating a platform on which it is easy to consume and contribute is a solid component of an effective microlearning strategy.

Tips for blends 6: Use guided discovery to get across the big ideas

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These tasks are principle-based; they rely on the employee’s ability to make sense of the myriad of cause and effect relationships that impact on them in their work. It is rarely effective to convey principles through exposition or instruction. Next: Keep a balance between the synchronous and asynchronous. Some tasks are rule-based – they are carried out in accordance with clearly laid-down policies and procedures.

Make E-Learning Globally Competent

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Adapting the course for every country and cultural nuance is rarely feasible, but staying reasonably neutral with iconography and stories can improve training effectiveness for multicultural audiences. This type of video can be effective worldwide without changes for each market. Often frame focus and zoom can be adjusted from a head shot initially and then to another object within the frame — which does not require tight synchronization.

Storytellers Become The Story: Obama and Hilary

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What's more, when communicating most effectively, you can get a group of people's brains to synchronize their activity. Effective communication tools could further enhance the shared learning experience of eLearners.

The User Illusion

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Could the effects of a little nonsconsciousness creeping into the conscious realm help account for ADD and schizophrenia? If there were not half a second in which to synchronize the inputs, we might experience a jitter in our perception of reality.

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How to Make BYOD Work

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Even though most of them have a personal mobile device, Sue Puhlhorn, the company’s senior director of learning and organizational effectiveness, said those hourly employees need to learn on site when time can be scheduled. •Secure file synchronization services are in place. Employees increasingly expect to use their personal devices at work. To meet this demand and protect proprietary information, companies have to ensure IT departments can support a BYOD infrastructure.

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How Online Learners Are Using Interactive Video Transcripts [STUDY]

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As such, we hope to see more institutions of higher learning embrace a more interactive and multi-sensory pedagogy, as we too, utilize this feedback to make our time synchronized transcription solutions even better.

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#EDCMOOC: utopias & dystopias – looking to the future (part 3)

Good To Great

In seeking to describe the new opportunity offered by the internet to bring learners synchronously together online, we reached for the universally understood concept of the classroom. In other cases, designers are drawing more on the emotional pull of the old or familiar (such as the page turning effect on digital books). In 2009, Rebecca Johnston wrote a paper called ‘Salvation or destruction: Metaphors of the internet’ whilst working towards her PhD.

Strategies for transformation 1: from generic to tailored

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So what effect does pushing the slider from generic to tailored have on the six elements of our transformation vision? Coming next: Strategies for transformation 2: from synchronous to asynchronous. In the next six posts, I explore six ways in which learning professionals can realise a transformation in the way that learning and development occurs in their organisations.

Accelerate the Leadership Engine

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Working with Development Dimensions International (DDI), a talent management consulting company, Nissan’s HR team crafted a curriculum designed to provide the skills future leaders would need to be optimally effective and establish a common leadership vocabulary across functions and locations. Nissan’s virtual classroom is a synchronous learning environment.

E-Learning Life in the Cloud

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In my last post , I suggested a cost effective “two-computer solution” to insure maximum up time for your e-learning development work. File synchronization . That means you are using a real-time synchronization service that automatically copies your local files to a cloud storage location (and vice versa) as they are changed across all of your computers.

5 Tips to Boost Your Sales Training Effectiveness with E-learning

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Corporate trainers are always on the lookout for effective ways to boost their sales training programs. The highest priority for training in terms of allocating resources in 2015 was to increase the effectiveness of training programs.”

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The Eyes Have It – How the Brain Uses Our Eyes to See the World


Several studies have indicated that when two people are communicating effectively their brains gradually adopt the same modulation and frequency.