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Gilberts Behavior Engineering Model. Thomas Gilbert (1927-1995) created a model for performance consulting known as the Behavior Engineering model (BEM). Thomas Gilbert Instructional Design Performance Support ADDIE eLearning Content Analysis Performance Consulting Behavior Engineering Model eLearning Project ManagementBy Dean Hawkinson.

Front-End Analysis: Improving Performance

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Thomas Gilbert’s behavioral engineering model (BEM) is used in conjunction with Front-End Analysis to distinguish between environmental supports (the work environment factors that encourage or impede performance) and a person’s repertory of behavior (what the individual brings to the table).

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A Dialog with Thomas Gilbert

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Thomas F. Gilbert has graciously suspended his pursuit of heavenly activities to start this dialog on performance, or "worthy performance" as he likes to call it. Gilbert : In the great cult of behavior, the appeal is to control or affect behavior in some way. Gilbert : I confess that I was once devoted to classifying people by how they behave and making assumptions about their potential through various IQ, personality, and behavior predictor instuments.

Introducing May Guest Blogger Allison Rossett

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She was honored when ISPI selected her as a Member-for-Life and more recently when they bestowed the wonderful Thomas Gilbert Award on her. May’s blogger has been a steadfast friend and contributor to ASTD. Allison Rossett is knowledgeable about needs analysis, technology-based learning, persistence and engagement in a world with increasing amounts of technology-based independent learning.