How to use an LMS for product training


You may currently run product training in person or through webinars, however, if you want to scale your product training efforts you’ll need to use an LMS. Without an LMS, managing product training can become a real challenge, especially at scale. Product training.

Product Review – Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

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Adobe Captivate Prime brings forth a modern UI, along with a simple UX (user experience), but along the way misses the boat on several items that leaves one wondering why? Adobe asked me not to publish their pricing, since in some areas it can be negotiated.

New Tool: Create Awesome eLearning Interactions Online

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To-date we have tested in Articulate, ProForm, Unison, Captivate 4, Atlantic Link, Adobe Presenter, Udutu, Adobe Connect, Lectora, and Toolbook. You can even mix-and-match to create custom themes and upload your own background images. Make your eLearning Awesome!

UNINETT Spreads New Technologies Across Norway With eCampus Program

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The network connects more than 300,00 users across nearly 200 educational and research institutions in Norway, including all universities and most public colleges. In regard to Camtasia, eCampus has opened for the very first test users on the Camtasia Relay production service.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Provide pre-built connection APIs that can be used to automate many of the integrations outlined in this section. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Do customers renew at a higher rate, or buy complementary products when trained vs. untrained?

Employee Engagement: Learning From Leading Tech Companies

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Adobe. Adobe focuses their L&D on leader development. According to Angela Szymusiak , Senior Talent Development partner, Adobe distributes their L&D focus on all levels of leadership – from college grads to senior leaders.



Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which makes connecting with the customers, partners and employees seamless for the organization. It make course data synchronization much easier and makes customer data available across the entire organization.

Top Tech-Based Ways to Train a Distributed Workforce

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A good example of a web-based, peer-to-peer video conference product would be Skype (although there are other tools out there). Two major players in this field are GoToWebinar and Adobe Connect. I cannot wait to begin applying them for our customers.

Discussion with Lucid Meetings

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2) How did you develop the idea for the product? We all ran cross-functional projects with globally dispersed teams and used GoToMeetings, Adobe Connect, or Microsoft Live Meeting.

Top Tech-Based Ways to Train a Distributed Workforce

The Learning Dispatch

A good example of a web-based, peer-to-peer video conference product would be Skype (although there are other tools out there). Two major players in this field are GoToWebinar and Adobe Connect. I cannot wait to begin applying them for our customers.

A Meeting Platform to Deliver Webinars? Not so Fast!


Budgets are tight, time is limited, and perhaps a platform such as Adobe Connect or GoToWebinar meets your organization’s immediate needs. Connected T echnologies . Customization .

Your Guide To LMS Integrations


When considering a learning management system , carefully consider what technologies are already used in your organization, and what connections will be necessary between your new technologies and those that are already in place. Customer Relationship Management Integrations.

LMS Review: Docebo 7

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Three years ago, this vendor was happy to gobble up even the smallest LMS customers who educated and sold themselves via a free trial. Docebo has built a pure cloud LMS that now supports over 1200 customers. (By Strong support for standard and custom notifications. Customers.

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Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast more than 4,000 nominations for the best-in-class solutions across 30 product categories. This year, 100 individual products and solutions are being named as finalists — up from 89 in 2014. Given the high volume of votes and the number of nominated products, every one of these solution providers should be proud to be voted as best-in-class by their customers,” adds Catherine Upton, Group Publisher, Elearning!

An eLearning Workflow

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by Sally Cox    I spent more than 15 years as an Adobe trainer, teaching people the latest features of new products.   From Paper to Adobe Illustrator. I am a designer at heart, so Adobe Illustrator is a natural starting point for me.

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Allowing employees to feel identified with your company, providing training systems that help them to ascend and maintain constant feedback on the processes helps to obtain better productivity from the employee, being this of great importance for the right performance of the employees, business objectives and of course, the increase in the company’s income. Also, a customer training platform must allow online and offline training.

LMS Review: Adobe Captivate Prime

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Somehow I made it through more than 3 years without reviewing Adobe Captivate Prime LMS. Recently, several clients asked me about it by name, so I headed to the Adobe website for a first-hand look. Strengths of Adobe Captivate Prime include: Free trial. Company: Adobe.

15+ Online Meeting Tools Compatible with DigitalChalk

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Adobe Connect. Web conferencing software, Adobe Connect , offers online meeting experiences of any size, on any device. There are three different secure products to choose from, depending on what your needs are: Meetings, Webinars, or Learning.

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eLearning Guild DemoFest Highlights #dl09

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Created an Adobe Connect Meeting Room – Chapters – added chat pod. Content generated in PPT, used Presenter plugin to upload to Connect. Customer comes in and you need to make observations and greet customers.

No SaaS Platform is an Island


In this post, we explain the difference between a productized integration and one created with the use of an API. An API is a connection point for data exchange. On the LMS side – custom fields can be set – team, department, level etc. Custom field 1: Sales.

3 Webinar Best Practices That Will Skyrocket Your ROI

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They range from product demonstration, training, and joint webinars with industry leaders. We worked with the Content Wrangler on a webinar recently on ‘How to start small with video and get big improvements in customer service ’.

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Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorials

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Learn about Adobe Captivate from Experts. Below are links to videos that will guide you through the extraordinary features of Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate 2017 – Tutorials. Adobe Captivate 6. You can also customize themes to suit your requirements.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Recognizing the futility of direct competition, specialty LMS vendors learned to focus on a particular audience, industry or other factors where they now claim competence and fight for customers in that niche. Customers and Prospects.

No Escaping Mobile Learning – Webinar Recording & Audience Queries Answered

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A fluctuating data connection wouldn’t allow that. As we start using services like webex and adobe connect for web conferencing on the phone, and face time and Skype for video calls, doing synchronous learning on mobile devices is certainly an option.

5 Must-Have LMS Integrations for Commercial Training Companies

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Fortunately, in the last 10 years with the rise of cloud and SaaS-based learning platforms, LMS integrations have gradually become more productized, less onerous and increasingly affordable. 1) Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Essential LMS Integrations You Need for Better eLearning


How the integration works: Our integration with Microsoft Azure AD makes it easy for LearnUpon customers to manage user access and enable SSO with Microsoft applications like Office 365. A CRM, or customer relationship management system, helps manage customer data. Adobe Connect.

E-learning Tools: A Developer’s Review of Adobe Captivate 7


For those of us in the e-learning and m-learning space, and especially for those who regularly rely on Adobe products, it is impossible to ignore Adobe Captivate. What types of products can be created using Adobe Captivate 7?

How to Implement an LMS Successfully?


Implementations will vary from customer to customer and whether your LMS choice is an installed solution which will take a longer time to configure in comparison to a cloud-based LMS such as LearnUpon which has zero deployment time.

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Selecting a Learning “Operations” System for your Training Business


The following suggestions assume that your education delivery is focused more on externally-based training – i.e. training customers, members, agents, partners, resellers, & the like – and less on employee training. Selecting a Learning “Operations” System for your Training Business.

ELearning is Dead, Dormant or in Denial

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“Look at the production – wow – we’re pumping out those courses&#. In other words, anyone can learn, by example, Articulate or Adobe Connect to develop credible learning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

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What is the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate? The 2017 release of Adobe Captivate empowers you to leap ahead with a smart eLearning design platform that does the heavy lifting of creating responsive eLearning content. Transform* legacy Adobe Captivate non-mobile courses into fully responsive mLearning content. Deliver great interactive learning experiences with 75,000+ free eLearning assets, eye-catching quizzes, and Adobe Typekit integration.*courses Adobe Presenter†.

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Climb your company to the top with Paradiso Enterprise Training Management System


All this not just affects your overall customer satisfaction levels, but also cost a lot more than your budget permits. Paradiso Enterprise training management system integrates with productivity and collaboration tools such as Google apps, Office 360, One Drive, Evernote and more.

Profile of a learning architect: Julie Wedgwood

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Julie created a three-year blended learning strategy which, although approved by the Board, suffered budget cuts of 75%: “Management didn’t emotionally connect with it, they just said do it.” With no budget, Julie took out a free 30-day trial of Adobe Connect and cheekily kept extending it.

The Corporate eLearning Ecosystem Explained


An LRS is a learning record store that receives xAPI learning records from connected systems. This type of setup is usually used by larger scale enterprise customers or those with more advanced data analysis needs (there are comprehensive reporting options in an LMS as it is).

eLearning Engagement: A Formula for Success


These rules are inspired by the insights our Customer Success team have gained from helping our customers to overcome this challenging element of delivering training. A learner can be many people including employees, partners, or customers.