When Remembering Really Matters – New White Paper from Sharon Boller

Bottom-Line Performance

Sharon Boller, President of Bottom-Line Performance, has authored a new white paper: When Remembering Really Matters: Learning Strategies for Long-Term Retention. All of these strategies are explained in detail within the white paper. Download the white paper now!

Shocking outcomes from ATD research on Instructional design

Challenge to Learn

No social learning, no informal learning, nothing about connecting learning to the business. Are the still using pen and paper? Another clear sign that learning is still not integrated at all in the business side.

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The Science of Remembering: Strategies for Long-Term Retention (Free Webinar)

Bottom-Line Performance

Sharon Boller spoke to these challenges in her recent white paper : “When Remembering Really Matters: Learning Strategies for Long-Term Retention.”

When the LMS Isn’t Enough


So, we decided to create a document that would show businesses how to address this challenge. We’ve included a summary below or you can bypass this and go straight to downloading our white paper in full: When the LMS isn’t Enough.

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Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

Web Courseworks

As more organizations and associations embrace rapid eLearning development to keep pace with new products and services, evolving business needs, and industry and government regulations, the need for distributed authoring solutions that enable collaborative, team-based development continues to grow.

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Microlearning – the next big thing is small!

Unicorn Training

This may sound obvious, but it isn’t always uppermost in the mind of business stakeholders when specifying the build of training courses. If you want to explore the Learning Ecosphere further you can download a copy of the white paper here

Horizontal vs vertical development?

Learning Wire

You are better able to cope with rapid and increasingly unpredictable change in the business environment. [3]. According to a summary of the system, “Many leadership programs operate on the assumption that if you show people how to lead, they can then do that. — [1] Nick Petrie, “Future Trends in Leadership Development,” Center for Leadership Development, White Paper, 2014, p.14. [2] Companies train to develop their staff.

The Real Truth about ROI – the Learning Performance Model

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The most consistent challenge for L&D leaders throughout the past 20 years has been the need to prove the ROI of learning investments and thus prove their contribution to strategic business goals. The impact of competence aspects on business goals: the 2nd step –.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

My team talks about the trends that drive our business. ? As one pundit put it, “The ROI of social networking is being in business a few years from now.”. SUMMARY. To keep things simple, we began by dividing the world into two types of businesses. Fourth post in a series.

Commonly Used Training Evaluations Models: A Discussion with Dr. Will Thalheimer

Convergence Training

If you’re a member, you can get it, and you can get the executive summary if you’re not. And I’m going to go into ROI, but it means return on investment, just like you would learn in business school. But it’s a really good summary.

Getting Buy-In for eLearning: A 3-Step Process

SHIFT eLearning

Regardless of their size and type these companies realized that eLearning just makes good business sense. Be sure to include information that may contribute to the business problem such as skills, performance and budgeting. For example: achieving business goals and business growth.

70:20:10 Learning Framework – Where did those numbers come from ?

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I’ve trained business analysts in six sigma then managed them on the job, providing opportunities for them to apply the learning and discussing with them their challenges and results. This paper also agrees with the point Greg raises and presents a pragmatic perspective.”From

Bersin and Caterpillar Webinar on High Impact Learning Organizations Now Available On-Demand!


They are better able to affect their businesses." Content is a fo rmula; Content = formal + embedded in work +social + business content. Next in the formula comes corporate communication materials- your white papers, your documentation, your marketing collateral, etc.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

statement by Wendy Drexler in her paper prompted this question. Strategies for learning and performance support: a summary - Onlignment , September 6, 2010 To wrap up this series of posts on strategies for learning and performance support, here’s a summary of the characteristics of each. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been busy, as well. Research summary on spaced education for medical students. Social Enterprise White Paper (PDF).