Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

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Finally, here’s everything you wanted to know about eLearning on iPads… and asked! – What do we need to teach people in order for them to learn how to use iPads in general? The tablet is a format and the iPad is one too! How to make animation work on iPads?

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Mindflash FocusAssist Now Available on Computers and iPads


It’s even more important when your training is critical to the success of the trainee such as safety and compliance types of training. Being distracted and unengaged in safety and compliance training is probably not what a trainer wants to hear.

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Project Showcase: Memorable eLearning for Salon Employees

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Mobile Friendly: We made all the courses iPad-friendly. Compliance Training e-Learning compliance elearning In our business, there’s no better feeling than having a great client. A partner who wants to make memorable eLearning that engages the target learner.

Interactive Video in Captivate 2019 not working on Android Tablet

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It seems to be working great on the desktop and even iPad. In the browser and iPad seem to work well. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question 508 compliance Accessibility Interactions questionIn Captivate 2019, I’m working on my first interactive video project. I have added some overlays and bookmarks. My issue is that it does not seem to be working on the Android platform. The main issue is that the video does not play.

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mLearning DevCon 2011

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Hype is an HTML5 animation tool I’ve been experimenting with for integration into HTML-publishing software like Lectora, and its output integrates extremely well, even for courses that require 508 compliance. Some of the work we’ve been doing for clients over the past year has involved not designing for mobile specifically, but creating designs that work on tablet devices (particularly iPads). Uncategorized conferences hype iPad lectora mlearning prototyping

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The wrong way shows the correct way. sometimes

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Click here to view " How My Dad Uses The iPad " In contradictions, our brain responds Our brain keeps a built-in sanity check. In many instances, trainers and elearning designers forget that people are reminded of the right way by seeing the wrong way.

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Creating Great Stories for eLearning

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These include: Logs Reports Customer complaints Exception reports Conversion ratios Data in sales, marketing, production, logistics, safety Financial records Compliance directives, infractions, Performance records Efficiency and productivity reports Other specifics of your business I recall a former professor of mine, who taught finance. They were converting their paper and pencil assessments into a software-based method using the iPad.

Top 5 eLearning Trends Happening Now

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A mobile responsive LMS is one that adapts to various screens, like an iPad or an android phone. 508, ADA, and WCAG Compliance. 2015 was the year of lawsuits over education providers’ lack of compliance in the areas of access to content for those with disabilities.

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ASAE Annual Conference 2015

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compliance, social learning, and scalability, we’ve completely redesigned the LMS, creating a platform that offers transformative learning experiences for Everyone – Anywhere, Anytime. One lucky winner will receive an iPad mini!

Bottom-Line Performance, Roche Diagnostics Receive LTEN “Partnership” Award

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” The “Partnership” award category was especially appropriate, as BLP and Roche have partnered since 2005 to create solutions that support customer training, product launches, safety & compliance, and more. “We Bottom-Line Performance, Inc.

Top 7 Myths Of Mobile Learning

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“Can you make my elearning run on my iPad as well?” It sometimes comes from a CEO who’s very excited by his/her own new iPad and at other times because of the perception that everyone else is doing it. SCORM compliance is a must.

KnowledgeStar: The App for a Learning Culture

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The KnowledgeStar™ app is downloaded from the app store onto an iPhone or iPad. From safety to operations, maintenance to compliance, they had forgotten most of what I had so carefully explained in class.

The link between mLearning and learning games

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Contrary view: At mLearn, we talked to a person in charge of compliance training for an oil company…he bristled at the thought of training being fun. He said compliance is not about fun – it’s about safety and adhering to government regulations. iPhone, iPad, Android).

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When Instructor-Led Training is No Longer a Sustainable Model

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What’s more, most of the required, compliance-based training does not require learners to master the topic. You need an easy way to track what they’ve read… especially if the information is for compliance purposes.

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To Boost Adoption of Modern Sales Learning Tech, Follow the ‘7 C’s of High Engagement’


Reps love hearing from senior leadership, and watching a video recorded on an iPad of the CEO talking directly to you drives engagement so much more than professionally produced one. Compliance can be your friend if you operate in a regulated industry.

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5 Ways to Stop Training Content Overload

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Compliance and regulatory requirements are not getting any easier to fulfill. Learners are fatigued by the high volume of compliance training they must complete, and unfortunately there is no way to reduce the number of required topics. Product launch cycles are speeding up.

Are MOOCs Too Risky for Your Corporate Training Program?

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But so could any other technology your company uses, whether it be an iPad or a cloud-based software application. A compliance risk may exist from not having your inter-staff communication monitored.

The Future of Enterprise Mobile Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]


Everywhere you look someone is toting around an iPhone, iPad, or iThing. Start with courses like health & safety compliance as these types of courses are pretty standard.

Learning Should Include all Stakeholders

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Health & Safety Compliance. Each salesperson has their own email and iPad (this is a standard in place pre-evaluation) This device can be used to deliver a unique eLearning experience to each employee regardless of which department they work in.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

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iPad (and iPhone) are Much More Useful Than I Expected I didn’t actually think that I would care about the iPad except as a tool for training and performance support in environments like retail and restaurants where it’s always been an issue having access to machines. However, now that I have an iPad myself, I’ve found myself sitting on the couch with it a LOT.

Free Webinar: 2/10 - Litmos "Love your LMS": Experience the world's most user-friendly Learning Management System

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Certified · Accessible via Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android · Themes/Brand Customization · API - for integration with other systems · eCommerce and self sign-up · Certificates · Course Library · Automatic compliance reminders · No software to download · No long term contracts Real time reporting makes it easy to track learner results and get ROI for youronline campaign.

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The Best of eLearning in July 2015


Nuts and Bolts: It’s Not Just About “Compliance”: Accessibility in eLearning. See how Alaska Air uses mobile learning to deliver pilot training on iPads, along with ideas for incorporating wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) in learning.

eLearning Innovation 2010 – Top 30

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PKM in a nutshell , March 22, 2010 PKM in 2010 , January 27, 2010 Google Buzz in eLearning , February 11, 2010 Seven (Possible) Ways to Use Google Buzz for Education by Jeremy Vest , February 17, 2010 Google Wave: 100 tips & tricks , January 25, 2010 New Features Added to Google Wave: More useful for e-Learning by Bill Brandon , January 26, 2010 iPad , Mobile Learning , iPhone The iPad and other mobile solutions offer something pretty interesting.

This Week On #TalkTech: Game Based Learning, Human Computer Interaction and Google’s Authoring Tool

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Think of “mastery” as a core skill that is repeated over and over and mediocrity as a general awareness of compliance procedures. While the iPad usually gets touted as the easiest to use device, other tablet interfaces are also simple to figure out. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats. We publish all the topics a few hours before the chat so you can show up at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST on Thursdays ready to discuss.

How to Publish SCORM Content in Adobe Captivate


If you publish to HTML5, your learners can view the course on iPads and mobile devices. If you publish to both SWF and HTML5, the learner can view the course on desktop computers, iPads, and mobile devices (The 2017 version features only an option of HTML for output).

xAPI vs SCORM: Which Should You Choose?


At LearnUpon, we frequently help customers experiencing issues with SCORM compliance on older browsers and authoring tools. Its old technology is unreliable on browsers like Safari and devices like the iPad mini. We work with SCORM and xAPI every day at LearnUpon.


5 Benefits of Responsive Course Design in Online Corporate Training

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Maybe you are sitting at your desk looking at a laptop screen or tapping away on your smartphone or swiping your iPad while commuting to work. In order to keep up with changing compliance regulations, an online compliance training needs to keep pace with the latest changes.

Course of the Week Highlight: Learn to Lead, Prep for PMP Certification and More!


Compliance & Safety. The iPad/iPhone friendly video courses demonstrate proper technique for facials, manicures, retouching and more to help you on the path to achieving your cosmetology license.

Leadership Training at Aetna using an Online, Connected Learning Technology Platform #ICELW Concurrent Session Notes

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They didn''t want to be in compliance tracking world, but instead to focus on collaborative learning environment. 5 week "sessions" With a focus on key activities: Watch Read Reflect Collaborate Discuss Participate (weekly live events) Make it work anywhere - on iPads; make it compelling.

Designing E-learning and M-learning for PC and Tablets


His answer only required one word: “iPad.” The convenience to take the course whenever time permits — at the office desk or on the go — increases the likelihood of compliance and completion. At a party recently, I noticed that the kids were missing.

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Considering E-Learning? Learn from the Successes of Others


By using Mindflash, CWC was able to deliver training on iPads solving each of the problems above. The training is tracked when taken on iPads. Finally, by using iPads, employees do not need to use the computers at all, so the fact that they are locked down became irrelevant.

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What is an Online Training System


An online training system is a facility that offers web-based training courses using platforms such as desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad etc.

How MagicboxTM Solves the Biggest E-Book Distribution Problems

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This has prompted many schools and districts to demand support for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhones, Google Chromebooks etc. Districts have realized the same, and demand compliance with different rostering standards like Clever, OneRoster, LTI or Google classroom. The education publishing industry is struggling for lack of a digital strategy.

3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

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Facility to develop training videos using iPads. Convert text-heavy classroom content, such as compliance training materials, into engaging online courses. E-learning development technologies are constantly evolving.

The Link Between New Tools and Corporate Training

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The jury is out on whether this new approach will increase compliance with corporate travel policies. In a capabilities presentation, we introduced them to Nearpod , a tool for delivering interactive lectures using the iPad.

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