Accessibility and Liability


Accessibility and Liability. First, we’ll focus on the liability aspect of the digital accessibility landscape, before diving into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other legal requirements, and finally delving into specific techniques for improving digital accessibility. .

Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees?


The question is, “Is engaging in serious games at work an asset or a liability for employees?” When eLearning is delivered via a learning management system (LMS), employees can get many of the same benefits of gaming listed earlier including stronger engagement and increased content retention – but without the liabilities. The post Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees? Gaming is a practice that has been around for a few decades.


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Accessibility and Liability - By: Brian McNeilly


Accessibility and Liability - By: Brian McNeilly. While the jury remains out on this case, many other cases all point to the same conclusion, third-party developed content exposes schools of various types to potential ADA liability.

List of Legal Requirements for Starting a Tutoring Business


When starting a tutoring business , you can either register as a sole proprietor or a limited liability company (LLC). The structure you choose will determine your taxes and liability. How to Start as a Limited Liability Company. Professional liability insurance.

Webinar Recording Available: Mandating Staff Vaccinations - Practical Considerations | GRC Solutions (Australia)

GRC Solutions

Training Is Critical To Implementing Successful Safety Response Plans

Dan Keckan

That bridge can make the difference between effective behavior change and a nice idea that doesn’t go anywhere, or worse, is implemented badly and results in injury and increased liability. Training and communication form the bridge between a company’s safety plan and its execution.

Copyright And Intellectual Property In Instructional Design

Dan Keckan

Make sure your company/clients are protected from liability by carefully respecting copyright and intellectual property laws. You loved that picture of a grumpy cat. But are you allowed to use it? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Instructional Design Copyright eLearning Instructional Design Challenges Instructional Design Tips Intellectual Property Rights

Using Bass Ackward Design for Performer Support

Living in Learning

This distinction becomes a liability when we treat performer support as an add-on to training or as an after-the-fact development cycle rather than including it as part of our core design discipline. Knowing what to do…and being equipped [supported] to effectively do what needs done. are the equivalent of comparing great training to the effective application of learning. We train the former.and we support the performer on the latter.

POINT-of-WORK: Strategic Transformational Change VS. Tactical Redeployment

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From a strategic point of view, Point-of-Work should not be viewed as a tactical destination for learning solutions; rather, Point-of-Work should be embraced as a"tipping point for Value Generation"…generation of sustainable workforce performance…generation of business value…or scrutinized as a place where value generation is compromised by deficient performance…or restrained productivity…or tangible loss…or business liability…all of which have the potential to directly impact the bottom-line.

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:   People & Capability

Living in Learning

Sorry if that’s too harsh, but a more believable Truth, and even harsher…though it is either ignored or not even on the radar…reads something like this: “People Are Our Greatest Asset, and We Will Train Them to the Point of Being Our Greatest Liability”. I’ve often read corporate vision statements and have even been part of organizations that boast “People Are Our Greatest Asset”. That’s great, and it should be a Truth that is practiced not just spewed.

How Research Informs My Work

Experiencing eLearning

The explicit goal of the training is to keep the company out of court and reduce their legal liability.

Stop, Drop & Roll – The Moment of Apply

Living in Learning

We all experience hair on fire moments every single day and our ability to execute a quick action like Stop, Drop & Roll effectively and efficiently translates into effective loss prevention; saved accounts; business liability averted; employee churn prevented; redundant effort and rework minimized, competitive sales closed, material waste minimized…and…and…and.

4 Tips For Protecting Your Business Finances

Your Training Edge

Whether it is insurance against the impact of natural disasters or general liability insurance to protect your business should someone be injured on your premises, insurance is a valuable tool to have.

Is Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Effective?

Dashe & Thomson

Organizations are taking the very necessary steps to keep their employees safe (and protect themselves from liability). We’ve recently received a flood of inquiries on sexual harassment training, from updating outdated and ineffective old training to realizing the need to establish such training. It comes as no surprise in the light of recent events from the entertainment industry to Congress, and the ascent of the #metoo movement.

Reasons to Partner with a Training Provider

Infopro Learning

Professional training helps in preventing failures while protecting the organizations from liabilities. Leadership and development leaders already have enough responsibilities on their shoulders.

Why L&D Managers Need To Transform From "Facilitators" To Business Enablers

Dan Keckan

L&D managers are somewhat thought of as a liability in corporate organizations, particularly because they are sometimes unable to provide quantifiable results. But what if it's not the L&D managers but their approach is the actual problem? This article investigates exactly that. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Training ROI Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate Learning And Development Corporate Training

Simulation Practice Makes a Banker Perfect


Imagine you are bank which needs to train its employees about how to handle sensitive customer data without causing any real-life impact. How will you train them and assess whether the training has been successful or not? Online simulation.

New Learning Technology Integration From Onpoint Digital and OpenSesame


From these processes come liabilities to effective learning and performance, risking disengagement by L&D teams and the employees they serve. Drive Organizational Performance With a New Learning Technology Integration From Onpoint Digital and OpenSesame.

Copyright In eLearning: Intellectual Property And License Problems

Dan Keckan

Even though you may envision your course being much better if you could use a certain piece of media, you need to keep in mind that you can face liability issues if you don’t obtain proper legal permissions to include them in your eLearning program.

4 Reasons Why Learning and Development Should Play an Essential Role in Any Organization

Your Training Edge

If they don’t know about tax breaks or the rules regarding the financial records of an LLC, it could cost you money in the form of higher taxes or greater legal liability. It stands for Limited Liability Company. They say that knowing is half the battle.

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Cyber Security – Online Training Course and Certification Program

Swift eLearning Services

Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection, but, it also increase efficiency and productivity. Welcome to the world of virtual reality wherein every organization is responsible for ensuring Cyber Security. The ability to protect an organizations information system from impairment or theft is essential.

When should you outsource your training or eLearning development?


Liabilities. Training entails aspects of liability that many L&D specialists might not appreciate. This means that the company must assume liabilities related to the regulatory frameworks in which they deliver training. Not every business performs all its processes in-house.

3 Best Practices of Designing E-learning Assessments

CommLab India

Are its liabilities. Here the second option is not appropriate as liabilities are the opposite of assets. Good assessments play a key role in the making of an effective e-learning course. They go a long way in evaluating the learner’s ability to transfer the knowledge gained to the workplace. So, how can you evaluate your online learners effectively? What does it take to design a good e-learning assessment? Well, you need to focus on 3 important aspects.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

Your Training Edge

Thus, the provision of discrimination and harassment training will lead to reduced liabilities by ensuring that the employees are aware of what is ethical. Such training will keep the workers informed of the existing guidelines and at the same time save the company from any liabilities. In other words, employee training is an effective strategy for keeping the working environment free from conflicts and operational issues while minimizing related liabilities.

Key Considerations for Setting Up a Tutoring Business in the UK


You can apply for private indemnity or public liability coverage. Public liability protects you against claims due to injury to your customers. You can also get employer’s liability coverage for your employees.

Astonishing New Adobe Technology Enables Knowledge Sharing for Everyone

Adobe Captivate

Losing knowledge because people change jobs, move on or leave is a very expensive liability [.]. There’s an astonishing new technology in the newly released Adobe Presenter 8. Now anyone can easily create compelling personalized videos from the comfort of their own desk. Check out this video to get a sense of what I’m talking about. Adobe Presenter Community eLearning Suite eLearning this week How do I.

How Competency-based Learning Help To Boost Your Business Results


6- Reduces Liabilities And Errors. Another way competency-based learning can help to boost business results is by reducing the often faced liability in the organization.

Importance of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Training in Your Organization


Overall, the organization and the employer are free from legal goof ups that can cost them heavily in case of a legal liability. POSH Training for your Employees and Management- Know the Basics What, Why and How.

Training Isn't the Answer

The Performance Improvement Blog

Most companies have been offering training since the 1990s, primarily in order to manage their risk of liability. A ruling by the Supreme Court in 1998 lent support to the widely held belief that offering training to educate employees about sexual harassment and providing a grievance procedure would shield companies from liability. Every day, it seems, another high profile case of sexual harassment comes to light.

Effectively Using eLearning for Compliance Training


While compliance training is important – a company certainly doesn’t want to set itself up for liability issues by failing to provide such courses – it’s also among the most boring subjects for employees and management. Using eLearning for Compliance Training. Then there’s the question of efficiency, and that’s where standard compliance training models fall flat.

What’s Your Business Structure and How to Know it?


It will determine the amount of income you are taxed and the liabilities you are responsible for for your business. unlimited liability. The biggest advantage is the limited liability feature. limited liability. Tax time is here in the states…Again!

D&O Insurance Coverage for Nonprofits


The reason is that directors and officers of nonprofits have the possibility of being exposed to personal liability irrespective of the organization’s size or type. With D&O insurance coverage, there will be liability protection.

Why do banks need a BFSI LMS?

Creativ Technologies

Such an entity is defined as Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. The world has changed dramatically in the past with new technologies coming to the fore. The service industry has indeed seen a boom, but there are so many complexities also one of which is intense competition.

Prevent Workplace Harassment With This 3-Pronged Strategy

Absorb LMS

The training, often conducted annually, is designed to protect companies from liability and foster a more postiive work environment. Millions of employees at all levels of companies and organizations, large and small, are required to take training to prevent workplace harassment. But does it work?

Tips for Starting to Freelance

Experiencing eLearning

Professional Liability Insurance. One thing I didn’t initially realize I needed is professional liability and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. In August, I quit my job as a long-term contractor at Cisco to officially make the leap to freelancing. I did some side projects earlier in the year, but not enough to replace my full-time income.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company

Fort Hill Company

As you know, insurance is quite important as it protects you from cost and liability. There is a need to choose the best commercial roofing contractor if you want your roofing project to be completed successfully. Remember that your roofing can be quite complicated and large.

New Online Employee Training Courses From KnowledgeCity Your Business Needs (April 2022 Edition)


Learn how to manage risks and liabilities by analyzing your business and identifying probable risks you may encounter: Introduction to Risk Mitigation Risk Mitigation: Plan, Evaluate, and Measure Risk Mitigation: Liabilities Risk Mitigation: Threats and Opportunities.

Steps to Build a Successful LMS Business Case for Employee Development


Finally, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll deal with the liabilities to get a better return on your investment. Your organization will benefit from a new Employee Development LMS, and your ROI will improve.

QuoDeck - Untitled Article


In terms of lower salary, efforts put on a daily basis, leading fund raising efforts, ability to do multiple roles and above all promoter responsibilities including being responsible for statutory risks like being legally accountable for things like permissions and liabilities. What is the right Equity sharing for a startup ? If anything, it is low. The key promoter should typically be holding 60-70% prior to external equity infusion.

Keep Learning Online to Upskill Your Knowledge In New Ways Amidst The COVID-19


Companies can better assess where to invest their safety resources and the ROI in terms of reduced worker injury and company liability. The spread of a deadly pandemic would seem like the perfect reason to hunker down and avoid frivolous excess.