Local Business Video Marketing – 2020 Guide, Strategies, Statistics


Local business video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with a local target audience. Most importantly, an effective local business video marketing campaign will help you improve your sales performance and customer base quicker than any other digital media strategy.

Tips For Effective Webinar Creation and Delivery


Ways to master webinar delivery for effective knowledge sharing as well as content marketing. Here are some tips for effective webinar planning and delivery: • Whys and Wherefores: The first step to success is effective planning – and this is true when creating webinars as well.

10 Astounding Statistics about Online Video

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Customers that watch videos of products or services are 85% more likely to make a purchase (Making video 6 times more effective than print and direct mail). 9. Online video is clearly taking over and becoming an integral part of our lives. Online video has gotten big – but seeing just how big it’s gotten may surprise you. And, it’s just going to continue growing! Here are 10 standout stats about online video that are bound to astound you. 1.

How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses?


While it’s good that employers provide training for their employees, it doesn’t mean that training is always effective. It’s amazing how the same exact training content is more effective delivered through one method as opposed to another. These statistics speak for themselves.

Capitalize on the CRM-LMS Combined Functionality with Moodle Salesforce Integration


Mix this widespread use of Salesforce CRM with the reputation of Moodle, and you get a potent Moodle Salesforce integration. This amalgamation will help you set up a hassle free system for your clients, while creating an effective personalized learning experience. .

The Most Invincible Features That Any e-Learning Mobile App Should Have

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Intuitive learning with easy interactions is likely to have a better learning effect and reciprocation from the learners than the so-called one-sided remittance of knowledge and explanation. Integrated Social Media Platforms.

Mobile 141

Integrating The Top 5 Social Media Platforms Into Your eLearning Course


Social media is an integral part of our lives. Businesses now integrate them into their marketing strategies, and the analytical data they provide allows us to identify trends and statistics in virtually every industry.

Interview with Corinne Sowar: Effective Employee Onboarding


With that growth, there was a huge need for effective employee onboarding. Our goals were (and still are) to easily integrate the employees into their new positions, and also to keep our team culture, which is very collaborative, team-focused, and business-driven.

Why Does Gamification Work Effectively? The Psychology Behind Engagement With Learning

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Statistics like these have encouraged more employers to use gamification in their onboarding processes and metrics , training techniques, and employee assessments. In fact, over 50% of organizations managing innovation processes have integrated gaming technologies into one or more of their strategies. Gamification strategies can be used to achieve different goals, but these techniques are most effectively employed in learning. The post Why Does Gamification Work Effectively?

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Typically, groups tied closely to profit centers are considered essential to serve efficiently and effectively. Content has always been integral to an LMS. New digital content providers offer multi-format libraries that can stand alone or can easily be integrated with any LMS.

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Learning Strategy

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I will outline two approaches that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your mobile learning strategy. Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Learning Strategy. It can also be used effectively to foster a collaborative or social learning.

10 Great Tools For Effective eLearning

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As opposed to traditional studies, where one has to attend classes in a certain place at a certain time, eLearning can happen anywhere, anytime, which raises some question regarding the quality and the effectiveness of such method of education.

Effective Learning – Musings from the UnConference

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This blog post is a summary of the “ Effective Learning ” stream of the Learning Cafe UnConference which was led by Bob Spence. Bob argued that the accountability for learning effectiveness does not rest with the learning and development function solely. Effective Learnin

6 Effective Ways To Increase Employee Productivity


By the way, while we focused on monetary compensation in this tip, a kind word and a sign that you appreciate what they do is also an effective way to motivate your employees and increase your team’s productivity.

L&D Pros have a new BFF in AI-powered Learning Technology


In fact, AI is a powerful tool that elevates human decision making because there is no statistical model or algorithm that can substitute the intuition of a human being. You might uncover that a video is more suited to one learner, while slide presentations are more effective for another.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


What is LMS integration for a person, company, corporate, or an organization in 2019? How to choose an LMS for integration? It’s always a complete dilemma of choosing the best LMS integration for your particular cause. With a majority of users of your eLearning platform coming through mobile, a responsive LMS integration is a must for improving your rankings in the search engines. Say, you integrated an LMS for corporate training of your employees.

Microlearning: Deliver Continual Learning Experience to Generate Bigger Returns from Shorter Bites


Most of the times, managers and trainers deal with an issue to measure the effectiveness of continual workplace learning. Therefore, microlearning serves as a perfect choice when it comes to integrating the training solution with organization’s existing technology ecosystem.

3 Reasons Learning Management Systems Fail (And How You Can Avoid)


This statistic speaks volumes about the usefulness of the average eLearning system. Any LMS that is not effective at training people is insufficient. However, some LMS faults can only be mitigated by launching a new, more effective learning management system.

Using LearnDash for Schools


Quiz Statistics. The quiz statistics feature gives Admins and Students the ability to see quiz performance on a per question basis. Nearly every school we’ve seen use LearnDash leverages the BadgeOS integration. Slack Integration.

Quiz 218

Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees?


These statistics support the idea that individuals of varying ages—not just those Millennials born between 1982 and 2004—enjoy gaming. First and foremost, gaming is effective in training because it adds elements of fun to dry topics, while at the same time promoting true learning.

Evidence or Proof of L&D Impact? Why Not Both?


This is where you assemble significant amounts of data, run statistical models like regression analysis to show a link between the learning program and the business outcome. It is an investment in program longevity and integrity.

Data Analysis Techniques For e-Learning Efficacy


The data generated is at an unprecedented level, yet effective use of this data remains nascent. Here is how data analytics can be used for effective eLearning. The efficiency of an adaptive system is measured by its ability to optimize on results by effecting these changes.

Everything You Should Know About Agile eLearning Before Investing

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These statistics indicate that eLearning is slowly becoming part of modern lives, and investors should be aware of how it may impact their businesses. As such, agile eLearning is critical in ensuring that you create marketing content that is effective.

Agile 141

Re-thinking Workplace Learning: extracting rather than adding

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One clear finding presented was that: “t hose activities that are integrated into manager and employee workflow have the largest impact on employee performance, while those that are distinct events separate from the day-to-day job have less impact.”

Benefits of gamification in training


To provide some statistics, around 75% of the digitally-aware people are gamers. Thanks to the benefits of gamification in training your employees will be able to find again the inspiration and excitement within their online training programs.

Why is Social Learning the new Watercooler?


Social numbers and statistics. In fact, social learning is one of the most effective and efficient ways to unlock and spread knowledge across an organization. Learn why 73% of the companies expect to increase their focus on social learning.

3 Essentials for Nurturing a Positive Compliance Culture

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That’s why integrity should be at the heart of your culture and your brand. There are many ways to reinforce integrity in your organization, but training and communication and training are paramount. Here are 3 effective tips for promoting a positive compliance culture in the workplace.

How to Make Training Fun with an LMS


There’s no quicker way to engage your employees than by integrating games into their training process via an LMS. According to eLearning Industry, “ Games are often more effective for learning than traditional training approaches.” When you were growing up, did you like school?

Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training


It’s right here that effective training and in-depth learning turns out to be crucial. Statistics suggest. Statistics reveal a crystal clear picture in this case.

The MMO-LMS: The close association of Games and Learning


Player usage statistics for EVE Online (2013-14). We need to adopt the “most effective” aspects of MMOGs and apply them to the core learning environment. A visual depiction of such a world –integrated in LMS — will certainly provide a more immersive environment.

What Makes an LMS Exceptional?


This reason for these sad statistics is simple: LMSs aren’t easy to operate. In other words, when an eLearning system is equipped to facilitate mobile learning, social learning, and collaborative learning, it can be used to effectively train employees.

Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change in Your Business

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There’s no doubt that effective change management is essential to maximizing an organization’s adaptability. It’s important to delegate duties across roles effectively to ensure that change is fully implemented. On a monthly or quarterly basis, you can integrate intermediate changes.

How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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Almost daily, new statistics highlight the need for effective skills training and professional development. This outreach strategy is commonly used to expand globally in a cost-effective manner. Another common point of failure is a lack of integration specifics.

5 Ways to Utilize E-Learning Games in Employee Training


Simplifying the training experience is pinnacle to both effective learning and knowledge retention. . Statistically speaking, people only retain about 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear/see. Follow Follow Follow.

Digitize Instructor-Led Training Sessions To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance

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Digitization of the instructor-led training delivery to maximize the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs. You would get several benefits that help you maximize the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

Training Your Medical Reps to Meet HCPs’ Needs

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This problem can be resolved by training pharmaceutical sales folk effectively on 3 key aspects. Comprehensive training needs to be provided on various aspects such as the disease state, treatment options,research methodologies, statistics, etc. Effective use of technology.

How Mobile Learning is Changing the Educational Landscape

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These statistics justify the onset of an interesting trend presently – mobile learning in education. Here are 9 Ways to Create Highly Effective Learning Videos. The flexibility, cost benefits, and effectiveness of mobile learning further hold great potential for the future.