Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

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In this post, we take a look at the range of possibilities for securing your video content. Once the aforementioned (simple yet often very effective!) Finally, very technical methods are available to attempt to secure streamed video content.

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How to Keep Your Cloud-Based LMS Software Protected

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So, whether you’re training people internally or externally, LMS security is paramount. Spamming involves ransomware and malware too, but it’s also an effective phishing technique. This cybersecurity protocol is very effective when it comes to unauthorized access prevention.

Effective Leadership is Transformational

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Effective leadership is a transformational journey made up of four “spheres of influence.” It comes first because effective leadership starts on the inside. Most of us have heard flight attendants say that in an emergency you should secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Security for WordPress Websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence Security Plugin


Learn about security for WordPress websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence security plugin in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Security is incredibly important. Website security is like an insurance plan. ” So, WordPress is secure.

Securing Internal Video Content 101

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For instance, if your organization produces sales training videos to help you boost the effectiveness of your reps, these could get leaked to your competitors. These videos are useful within your company, but if they’re not secure, your competitors have free rein. So, how can you make your videos secure? Unlisted YouTube videos are not your best bet if you’re a larger, more security-conscious business with a greater amount of potentially sensitive info.

Data security is big news. Get GDPR training asap.


Data security has been front page news the past couple weeks with data-sharing scandals and allegations that personal data may have been used to attempt to influence the outcomes of the 2016 U.S. This forces us to place a deeper level of trust in the companies we do business with.

A small investment in IT security training could save you millions


Impacted companies are often unprepared, leaving them scrambling to secure data, communicate with customers, and repair damaged reputations. As I wrote a few weeks ago in a post about staying off the front page, loss of consumer trust carries soft costs that can only be guessed at.

What is Effective Leadership?


Above all, the position demands that a leader be effective, but that becomes a rather complicated concept upon closer examination. Effective leaders also create a culture downwards that promotes effective values and enforces positive norms of behavior.

Generic versus bespoke cyber security training: What’s the best for you?

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Cyber security affects everyone. High profile businesses are victims of malicious hacks, but more frequently data security breaches occur due to normal staff making avoidable mistakes. How much of your data security is off the shelf? How many staff need cyber security training?

The 6 most effective employee engagement strategies


It’s one thing to bring people on board , but what are the most effective employee engagement strategies? What do you think are the three key elements behind effective employee engagement? Feel valued, trusted and respected. Feel secure and self-confident.

Why Is FERPA Compliance Training Important?


For you, as a student, parent, or staff member, FERPA exists to give you guidelines to know what your rights are and how to keep sensitive information safe and secure. Consequently, FERPA compliance training is more important than ever to ensure institutional safety and information security.

The Keys to Building an Effective Onboarding Program


Pairing this with another finding from Cornerstone that 17% of employees quit within their first 6 months due to insufficient training, it is reasonable to conclude that many companies are failing to execute an effective onboarding program. But what are the keys to effective onboarding?

Finding the Right Level of Empathy

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Both types have their place in business but the most effective leaders emphasize cognitive over affective empathy. Communication, self-efficacy and trust can pay off in employee satisfaction and productivity. In heavy doses, affective empathy can also have other side effects.

The Best Ways to Do Cyber Resilience Training


A successful business must stay on top of digital security and often spend large amounts of resources improving protection and security for their digital infrastructures. And even the most secure companies can fall victim to cyber-attacks.

EthosCE Achieves SOC Type 2 Compliance


Security is the most important thing we do at EthosCE, and we are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ data is secure and confidential,” said Ezra Wolfe, CTO of DLC Solutions, LLC. The EthosCE SOC Type 2 report audited the security and confidentiality of the system.

Brightwave win Gold for Compliance with PwC

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Be Secure. Last year, PwC identified a requirement to significantly improve reported human error incidents relating to information management and security. Our clients trust us to take great measures to protect their information – the Be Smart.


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Yes I know I said focus on the value and not the tools but you can’t bring any sort of platform or system in to the enterprise without it meeting security requirements or satisfying information security policy. I do appreciate this depends on the nature of your organisation but you must provide an environment where people can share and discuss work without worrying about security or employee data being in a public space.

7 Ways to Improve Your Google E-A-T Rating

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When you publish fresh, informative & high-quality content, you exhibit all 3 aspects- Expert, Authority and Trust. Unique content gives a first-hand experience to your users & builds Trust. As a reader would you trust the website more if an article has a byline?

A Learning Guide to Data Privacy in the Workplace  

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Ensuring that customer data is secure protects the customers, the employees, and the company. How secure is the data? Just like your customers, your employees should trust that the personal information they have shared is protected and that it won’t be shared or sold to other entities.

Learning and Development: The Presidential Debate Edition


” The final two topics will be focused on “Securing your LMS with emphasis on data security and establishing proper permissions.” That being said, these are new processes, and though they are already effective, there is a great room for improvement.

5 Possibilities for Blockchain in Education Technology

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Imagine if an infrastructure which is available, and everyone can securely process transactional code and access the data that can never be tampered. This is the behavior of blockchain where you can store the data in the most trustworthy way in the scenarios where there is no trust.

The Importance of People in Risk Management

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If your data is secure, ongoing GDPR compliance is a natural by-product. But GDPR is basically just good data protection behaviour, which is inextricably linked with an organization’s cyber security approach.“Regardless Regardless of their role or responsibilities, you need to help your people become your greatest information security asset by embedding and sustaining cyber resilient behaviour. While advances in personalized technologies, such as biometric security (e.g.

Is Your Employee Training A Waste Of Time And Money?

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It is very important to note that they are usually only effective if a person can easily try them out and achieve positive results. It can be compared to any bad habit – people know that it has a negative effect on their health, but they keep on doing it anyway.

7 Challenges to Social Learning

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Or they may be skeptical whether employees can be trusted enough to pursue learning on their own. Security issues. Issues like firewalls and security may be major concerns when you launch an enterprise-wide social learning project.

The Big Share: A Q&A with CloudShare’s Sheila Aharoni on Building a Powerful Sales Team


Sheila Aharoni (SA): The foremost skill sales pros need is effective communication, both verbal and written; the ability to hold meaningful, empathetic dialogues create trust, uncover challenges and secure commitments.

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How Compliance Training Improves Your Time-to-Market

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Information Security Training. It's about giving your employees the appropriate skills and training to manage the complexities of legislative regulations—and perform their jobs more securely and efficiently. Effective Governance.

Working Arm in Arm

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While AI has the capacity to transform work experiences for the better, it can also threaten the trust that underpins a healthy corporate culture and strong employee engagement. Outside of the technological expertise it requires, the biggest obstacle to successfully implementing AI is trust.

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4 Strategies to Create More Energized, Happy and Engaged Leaders

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Instead of feeling the urge to micromanage or step in, demonstrate trust by allowing them to figure out the specific issue. Creating more engaged leaders happens when they know they have your complete trust along with feeling a sense of responsibility toward the specific company outcomes.

Ideal Features to Look for in a DRM Solution for Education Publishing


In a world that is seeing a rise in cyber threats, DRM can be an effective way to safeguard your content. It includes the use of passwords, encryption and network restrictions such as trusted systems and firewalls. The DRM solution should also be able to report analytics on its own performance, so that content publishers know if the solution is effective and meets their requirements. The only way to ensure data security is through a professional DRM solution.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Certified PEO

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4) With certification comes financial security. Be honest: would you trust a bank with your money if that bank weren’t insured by the FDIC? In a perfect world, you could trust any company representative who said that their firm has received all of the best certifications and accreditations. Related Posts: LMS: Training Management 5 Tips For an Effective Business Insurance Training Program Falling Prey Of Low Employee Performance?

1 Rare Leadership Lesson Only TSA Can Teach You


I was pleasantly surprised to see less than 100 people in line to get through security. When I emerged from the security line, the question struck me: How could this TSA crew, with the same technology, processes, and procedures as the first TSA crew, do it so much better? . Here are a few lessons I learned from Pam and her team: Trust is Best Shown Through Actions. As SAP CEO Bill McDermott told me , “Trust is the Ultimate Human Currency.”

The Truthiness of Trustworthiness

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Talent is most valuable when there’s a great deal of trust binding it together, says Paul Deegan, leadership author and mountaineer Talent is most valuable when there’s a great deal of trust binding it together, says Paul Deegan, leadership author and mountaineer. There is perhaps no softer skill that has more direct implications for an organization’s hard bottom line than the ability to build trust. Trust can be a catalyst for growth of any kind.

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What You Need For A Top Notch B2B Explainer Video


With video becoming an increasingly effective marketing strategy, it is imperative that your B2B campaign includes videos. For example, do you want to raise awareness (top funnel), build trust (mid funnel), or generate leads (end funnel)? As such, the video builds trust.

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If You Like It Then You Better Put a Badge On It

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As corporations think about how to recruit and retain this new generation, learning and development programs — particularly those that lead to advancement, greater job security or more opportunities in the labor market — will be key.

HIPAA Training and Data Breaches: Are You Protected?


Records containing Protected (or Personal) Health Information (PHI) should be kept in locked cabinets, or require secure passwords to access digitally. Although not required by HIPAA, encrypting data provides another layer of security so hackers don’t get into the system. Encrypt the data, use password protection, and store the device in a secure location. Here are some basic areas to keep your training effective and you protected: What is HIPAA? Cost-Effective.