Trends you need to know from the 2019 Atlassian Summit


Over 17 years ago, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar founded Atlassian with the mission of unleashing the potential of teams everywhere. This year’s summit brought together 4,000 Atlassian Community customers and partners who share the mission of supporting teams to do their best work. The team from EduBrite was there to be a part … Continue reading Trends you need to know from the 2019 Atlassian Summit.

Learn more about EduBrite at the 2019 Atlassian Summit


Join us in Las Vegas, April 9-11th for the 2019 Atlassian Summit! The EduBrite team will join over 3,800 conference attendees at this year’s Atlassian Summit. Conference attendees will hear expert advice on how to use Atlassian tools, hear about the latest product updates, and learn about the top apps, plugins, and integrations for Confluence … Continue reading Learn more about EduBrite at the 2019 Atlassian Summit

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Top 7 Things We’re Looking Forward to at the 2019 Atlassian Summit


The 2019 Atlassian Summit is starting tomorrow in Las Vegas. The Summit is a must-attend event if your organization uses Atlassian products like Jira, Confluence or Jira Service Desk. We look forward to meeting new people and seeing a few familiar faces at our … Continue reading Top 7 Things We’re Looking Forward to at the 2019 Atlassian SummitThe EduBrite team is excited to be a part of it.

Five surveys you can deliver in Confluence using EduBrite


Atlassian Confluence Employee Training Survey Uncategorized LMSIdeas for using Confluence and EduBrite for different kinds of surveys.

Five steps to successfully onboard employees with Confluence and EduBrite


Add Gilly in Atlassian Confluence to integrate it with EduBrite Learning Management System and create a cost effective employee on boarding training program. Atlassian Confluence Employee Training Learning and Development Learning Management System Learning Learning Management system

LMS for Teams


Atlassian Confluence Course Authoring Course Delivery Employee Training Learning Management System Business Learning trainingBusinesses of any size can implement EduBrite LMS without requiring centralized training administration because it supports training management at group level.

Teams 61

Work Out Loud – Don’t Just Share What You Did

Nick Leffler

Another great example is Atlassian who collects data and talks directly from customers while giving them a view of the products and modifications they’re developing. Enterprise Learning Atlassian Buffer Enterprise Social Network Enterprise Software Social Udemy WOL Work Out Loud Today is the final day of my four-day journey to cover my thoughts on this week’s topics for the online cMOOC Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning.

2019, reflections


In 2019, EduBrite launched a new offering SuccessX, started a new EduBrite University webinar series, sponsored two events - Atlassian Summit and DevLearn besides adding a number of new features in the platform. customer education e-Learning Microlearning SuccessX Webinar

Rethinking the virtual summit: 5 tips to increase attendee engagement

Poll Everywhere

Major players like Adobe, Atlassian, Dell, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce have replaced upcoming in-person conferences for. Major tech companies around the world are instituting worker travel restrictions and work-from-home policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak. But that’s not all. The post Rethinking the virtual summit: 5 tips to increase attendee engagement appeared first on Poll Everywhere Blog. Business News

Enterprise Social Software: A New Category

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Enterprise Learning HR Systems Informal Learning atlassian awareness blogtronix customervision ensemba grovesite ibm jive software liveworld microsoft mzinga newsgator Oracle outstart q2 learning SAP selectminds socialtext telligent tomoye tractionThis week we introduced some important and groundbreaking research on a new, important category of enterprise software: the market for corporate Social Software platforms.

No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week

How Atlassian Implemented a Culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement. This article describes very clearly the steps that Atlassian took and even provides a link to their “playbook,” a set of principles that guide their operational processes. This week’s best articles for no-nonsense employee training. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development.

Remote control: Six articles to help you work effectively from home


Our partner, Atlassian, offers some useful best practices for working at home with kids. Readers of our blog know each month we present a collection of great content we’ve recently read on topics like training , security and sales enablement. It’s an understatement to say the ways in which our professional world has changed since our last curation post has been significant. It’s a new business world, void of travel, in-person conferences and events.

You do you: Helping Degreed host client content

Rustici Software

We’re proud to share this case study with Degreed , along with a huge assist from Degreed’s client, Atlassian , who was able to reap the benefits of the SCORM Cloud API integration while using Degreed. I talk to clients every day about how they differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded L&D market. Here at Rustici Software, we love hearing about problems our clients are trying to solve.

5 training articles we’re falling hard for this autumn season


This post from Atlassian’s product management instructor, examines how leaders can become more mindful and innovative — and then encourage their team to do the same.P.S. — Be sure to bookmark Atlassian’s Work Life blog. You had the summer to relax, catch up on your training industry reading, and hopefully finalize the rest of your 2019 planning. And now, fall is here.

Optimizing training with virtual labs: New ebook shows how customer education leaders successfully made the move


Case in point: Atlassian, a provider of team collaboration and productivity software, tried one solution that required it to install VMs. After evaluating all its options, Atlassian switched to CloudShare. Atlassian now provides hundreds of students with live instruction and hands-on, self-paced training every month. Traditional face-to-face training has its place, but it’s not in the virtual office.

Developing Learning Objects in a Team


As a thumb-rule, when there are more than 3 people involved, tools like Jira (Atlassian) or Quickbase (Intuit), come really handy for the revision/approval processes. A lot of instructional designers work in a team, but many of them also work independently. They receive a subject, choose images, videos, audio and develop all the objects of their storyboard(s) all by themselves. When you are a lone wolf, the process is usually faster than working in a group.

eLearning Host List February

Tony Karrer

Using various social signals we came up with the following as being the hot items during February 2009 via eLearning Learning. You can find a bit more on this capability in the post Hot List. Enjoy. Top Posts and other Items The ‘Least Assistance’ Principle eLearning is not the answer Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace Here’s How I Built That PowerPoint E-Learning Template Informal learning - what is it? What Goes in the LMS?

The show must go on: How physical events are moving into a virtual realm


Join companies like Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, and Atlassian who power their events with CloudShare. If you’d like to learn more about how to go virtual, check out this webinar with tips from Atlassian. The toll of nine major technology event cancellations has crossed the $1 billion mark. This figure only encompasses losses to restaurants, airlines, transportation providers and hotels.

Soren Kaplan, Leapfrogging to Learning Breakthroughs and Innovation, Opening Keynote at #LSCon

Learning Visions

Provide “experimentation time” Atlassian has FedExDays – you can take the day off but you have to deliver something of value overnight. These are my live blogged notes for the opening keynote at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2014 , happening this week in Orlando, Florida. Forgive me any typos or incoherence. Soren Kaplan, Redefining Innovation: Harness the power of surprise for business breakthroughs. So how do we create breakthrough innovations? Rethink your role.

Kaplan 167

How leaders are managing remote teams


March 18th, 2020: Atlassian is currently offering all of its cloud products for free to teams affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Leadership can entail a great deal of pressure. Pressure to do well. Pressure to make sure your team is meeting deadlines. Most of all, pressure to keep calm and collected in the face of any obstacle you and your team faces. These demands are typical of any leader in a physical office setting.

Teams 50

Team Q&A: 7 questions with our Head of Engineering, Matt


To manage project communication (including source codes), we use a suite of Atlassian tools, but JIRA and Bitbucket are the main ones. About Matt. Matt is constantly pushing the boundaries of what the engineering team at Coassemble can do. As Head of Engineering, Matt makes sure the platform’s ship stays upright and on course. Mat fields our communications for the engineering team to ensure projects are on schedule and updates to the platform are successfully delivered.

How to utilize technology to encourage remote productivity


Project management tools, (like those created by Atlassian , or ) which allow individuals to see a timeline of tasks, due dates, and project expectations. As technology has grown and adapted in the last decade, so has the way that many individuals work. For instance, many employers are discovering that entire workforces can successfully work from the comfort of their homes, completing regularly assigned tasks as successfully as they would in the office.

Experiential Learning Through Cultural Immersion

CLO Magazine

The numbers in Atlassian’s “State of Diversity and Inclusion in U.S. This leads to the phenomenon Atlassian uncovered among tech workers: Employees don’t think there’s a problem because they’re not close enough to the problem to see it. Diversity and inclusion is one of the most pressing issues facing companies today. But after years of rolling out initiatives that reap few to no rewards, diversity fatigue is setting in.

Chairperson’s Report from Corporate Learning Week


Brands, Edward Jones, and smaller successful former startups, such as Credit Karma, Atlassian, and Okta. We had a good session from BJ Schone of Atlassian (itself a great technology company, serving software development teams within organizations). For the 2018 Corporate Learning Week – Silicon Valley conference, Matt Nawrocki and I from NovoEd acted as the chairpersons for the conference. Speakers and attendees came from a wide variety of organizations, across the U.S.,

Top 5 Free HR Tools for Employee Assessment


SI has a solid track record, working with companies such as Pinterest, Quicksilver, and Atlassian. There isn’t a single software solution out there that specialises exclusively in employee assessment, which often makes it difficult to find options that aren’t just free but also have a serviceable performance module as part of the configuration. We’ve done the hard graft for you and put together a list of software tools that are completely free to use.

Zoho 52

Online training platform’s best tools for working remotely


Our teams love Atlassian’s software for a variety of reasons. April 1st, 2020: Currently, all of the products Atlassian offers are free for teams and companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely can be a difficult transition for anyone to make without the right tools. What used to be a walk to a colleague’s office now is an instant chat or video call. In-person training seminars are now digital courses with webinars.

Learning, by the People, for the People


Want to hear more about how organizations such as Intel and Atlassian are embracing the consumer mindset? For a long time, perhaps too long, the HR and training functions have dictated learning for employees. But workers have started taking things into their own hands as they realize their competitive advantage, and their employability, is tied directly to their skill set.

Experimental Learning Through Cultural Immersion

CLO Magazine

The numbers in Atlassian’s “State of Diversity and Inclusion in U.S. This leads to the phenomenon Atlassian uncovered among tech workers: Employees don’t think there’s a problem because they’re not close enough to the problem to see it. Diversity and inclusion is one of the most pressing issues facing companies today. But after years of rolling out initiatives that reap few to no rewards, diversity fatigue is setting in.

The 2-Word HR Lesson United Airlines Taught Us

Training Industry

Look at the large SaaS companies that have gone public in the last five years – including Box, Atlassian, Twilio and Coupa Software. United Airlines had a challenging week. First, a video went viral of a passenger being dragged off the plane. CEO Oscar Munoz apologized for “having to re-accommodate. customers.” Then, in the face of a looming lawsuit, he issued multiple additional apologies.

7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


According to Atlassian , these unproductive meetings can take up more than 30 hours of the time an average employee spends at work! Trends and ties change, such as the millennial generation, which doesn’t believe in spending every hour of the day at work. For a business, it could mean that you should come up with solutions that can make those hours count. That means employing strategies that translate to increased efficiency and boost employee performance.

Ideas 67

Enterprise Wiki as Intranet - a success story

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

They selected Confluence by Atlassian. This is a great find! Nathan at e-gineer blog summarized a beautiful case study. I have many friends and colleagues in organizations struggling to get wikis into the enterprise. They will surely gain insight from this case study. Here's some good stuff: "In 2006, Janssen-Cilag completely replaced our simple, static HTML intranet with a Wiki solution.

Wiki 32

Top 3 Practices of Successful CLOs


That’s where digitization comes in – I believe that creates the scale we need,” said Sam Haider, Global Head of Talent Development of Atlassian. Doing more with less has always been one of the hardest things about being a Chief Learning Officer (CLO). Doing more” has taken on a whole new meaning as CLOs increasingly recognize that learning and career management are critical components of an organization’s employment brand.

Get Employee Onboarding Right


If you’re curious to learn more about building a learning culture, watch this webinar by Jeff Diana, former Chief People Officer of Atlassian and SuccessFactors. The typical new hire process. Most of us are familiar with a typical new hire experience: We spend our first day or two filling out paperwork, getting acclimated to the company, meeting co-workers, undergoing training and taking care of organizational odds and ends that set us up to do our job.

Design Thinking for the Modern Workforce


Atlassian is a great example of a company that has seen the positive impact of design thinking across all facets of its organization. Stef Miller has spent more than a decade growing companies and building teams using design thinking — a flexible, measurable and iterative process for problem solving and delivering excellent customer experiences.

Top 25 Training Topics for Small Business Employees

Atlassian recently estimated that U.S. Here’s a can’t miss list of useful training topics for your employees. Planning your staff training program for 2017? Here are 25 great topics to get you started. Plus, I’ve added some resources to help you fill out your learning and development offerings with little or no cost. Developing soft skills. Time management.