Information Overload: The Plague of Learning and Development

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Consumers and buyers today have information at their fingertips, more discerning criteria for how they spend their money along with continuously shifting expectations. Studies show how information overload, multitasking and prolonged repetition impair productivity, performance and decision-making. The post Information Overload: The Plague of Learning and Development appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. The world has changed.

Creating Branching Scenario Layouts

Experiencing eLearning

If I was going to use voice over for this scenario, this would work well. Maybe this is too much on the screen at once and will be information overload. I created a branching scenario prototype in Twine a while back about an instructional design consultant screening and booking a new client. My previous posts have shown my process for planning and writing the scenario.

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Attract Students’ Attention in 30 Seconds or Less

Experiencing eLearning

Official description: Information overload, tripletasking, hyperchoice, and short attention spans are just a few of the symptoms of the modern client. The power of your voice helps you connect to your audience. The image you hold in your mind immediately affects your voice. Use real emotions in your voice. Better Beginnings: How to attract students’ attention in 30 seconds or less. Presented by Dr. Carmen Taran. Thanks to the eLearning Guild.

9 Common ELearning Design Mistakes


If your course has a live narrator, make sure that person utilizes all the proper voicing techniques. Information overload. Sometimes it is okay to just give the relevant information without providing the entire thought process behind the content. Additional information is great, but there is no sense in burying the key messages within irrelevant background info. Nobody is perfect, and neither is elearning.

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Creating Branching Scenario Layouts

Experiencing eLearning

If I was going to use voice over for this scenario, this would work well. Maybe this is too much on the screen at once and will be information overload. I created a branching scenario prototype in Twine a while back about an instructional design consultant screening and booking a new client. My previous posts have shown my process for planning and writing the scenario.

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Is Microlearning the Future of Education?


In today’s technology driven world, information is available at the touch of a button, or even a voice command. Whatever the subject, all it takes is a quick Google search and learners are faced with a deluge of information. This amount of information, while useful in many ways, also presents a unique and rather complex challenge: information overload. Presenting information to the learner in a myriad of formats also drives repetition.

Virtual Selling Is Here To Stay: 3 Benefits of Remote Sales

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Because one dissenting voice can just as easily derail the sale. Often, this voice of disagreement emerges after fear of reputational loss, analytic exhaustion, or internal competition has taken root. Information overload is an increasingly common problem that can slow momentum. As more information and choices become available, customers often fall prey to the paradox of choice, a phenomenon psychologist Barry Schwartz discusses in his book of the same name.

How to Make Better eLearning Videos

360 Training

Modern learners are busy and distracted, surrounded with different gadgets, living in an age of information overload. Prepare voice overs for your videos: No matter how good your video is, it should be accompanied by a sound, or a voice, especially if you are converting your training sessions into online courses. If you want to use your own voice in the background, go ahead as long as it is clear. Learning is challenging nowadays.

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5 Big Don’ts for Successful Webinar Presentations - Tip #211

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It can be tricky to capture their attention or get them engaged by merely hearing your voice and seeing your slides. Don’t prolong Information overload is the bane of any audience. Over the years, I have done a lot of seminars, workshops, and talks - both virtually and in-person. The main challenge in virtual presentations is that your audience can’t see you and vice versa.

Why Your Employees Get Frustrated With eLearning (and How to Fix It!)

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No matter what you hope to accomplish with your courses, if you fail to interest your students, they’ll retain next to no information and you can count your efforts wasted. Remember to: Keep your tone relaxed and conversational by speaking to your employees in the same tone of voice they use to talk to each other. This will get them paying attention as they search for clues in the information you’ve provided. Information overload.

How to author eLearning content

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To help you better author your content so that it is in easy-to-digest chunks, follow these four tips: Prioritize the information: Create a content hierarchy and follow a logical progression of content (main points, primary supporting points/materials/visuals, followed by secondary supporting materials). Follow the “less is more” concept: Only include absolutely necessary and relevant information to help your users avoid information overload.

How to author user content for your critical applications

Epilogue Systems

To help you better author your content so that it is in easy-to-digest chunks, follow these four tips: Prioritize the information: Create a hierarchy of tasks in a process and follow a logical progression of tasks and document accordingly. Follow the “less is more” concept: Only include absolutely necessary and relevant information to help your users avoid information overload – don’t add additional notes and detail to steps unless these add important value.

16 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 17

Upside Learning

Speaking of the iPad, the growth of mobile devices has led to an increase in social and informal learning. Whether online or in-line, here’s the necessary information. Digital Storytelling can transform your students’ writing into a visual masterpiece that is filled with voice and emotion, while enhancing critical thinking skills. How To Evaluate Social And Informal Learning. 8 Must- Reads About Digital Distraction And Information Overload.

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Devlearn conference day one: an exhilarating day

Challenge to Learn

The brain filters information (to prevent information overload), in principle you forget the most information that you encounter, you need to reactivate the facts in order to really store them in your brain. Two days after the learning event you have to trigger the information by asking (multiple choice questions). It forces you to retrieve the information and that will enhance the retention. So we are off to an excellent start with DevLearn.

8 Small Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference To Your eLearning Videos


Whatever it is, when you’re instructing someone via an online video course, don’t bore them with tons of information. Information is always better in small doses, and this is precisely why you need to focus on your key takeaways while abstaining from fluff and unnecessary learning material. Information overload is a huuuge learning turn-off. Make sure your voice sounds clear, bass and treble levels are set right, and that you are not shooting in an empty space.

PODCAST 104: Embracing Authenticity to Connect and Drive Revenue with Shari Levitin

Sales Hacker

She’s received dozens and dozens of awards including from Sales Hacker itself, Top 10 Voices in Sales for LinkedIn in 2018. Shari Levitin: With information overload and everything that’s going on today, how we interact with customers has obviously shifted quite a bit. How do we provide a framework for you to make sense of all of the information that you’ve acquired in all your departments? Really be a sense-maker, not just a deliverer of information?

Seven more online icebreakers

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It always leads to a lot of social, informal talk. Voice icebreakers You may use a service like Voicethread to create a short video to which participants may comment. For instance, use your webcam and share a questions and ask participants to respond by adding their voice. You could ask people to find internet resources on for instance, with tips for managing information overload through social media (either individually or in small groups).

Dodge’s Southern Style Provides Dynamic Employee Training with a Streamlined Totara Learn Platform Designed by eThink Education

eThink Education

Prior to working with eThink , Dodge’s had been using a combination of content built and hosted on Articulate Online, which sent completion information back to a homegrown database, and spreadsheets and manual reporting to manage their on-the-job training. Download Case Study.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

And the system itself is growing with sites like Social Media Informer. What I wrote more about in 2010 than past years: Text-to-Speech (8) OCW (3) SharePoint (8) eLearning Strategy (16) eLearning Tools (34) Corporate eLearning (18) Knowledge Worker (8) Authoring Tools (8) Voice (15) Knowledge Work (4) Captivate (11) Adobe Captivate (6) Enterprise 2.0 (6)

There are three vowels in 'learning' (and 'i' comes last)

Clive on Learning

Sometimes the intention is simply to provide information at the point of need, sometimes to stimulate reflection and discussion, sometimes to allow a learner to explore a subject in depth. In particular, I would argue, we need the right balance between three critical elements: information , in the form of our principal learning point(s)? Above all, we need to avoid information overload. Digital learning content comes in many forms.


Lessons in Leadership from Day One at ATD’s 2018 Conference

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Focusing on facts, hearing all points of view and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard were reflections of his values as a leader. In essence, leaders are paid to deal with the realities of work today: feeling constant pressure, being always on, dealing with information overload and feeling endlessly distracted. Leadership is hard.

Are you guilty of interrupting the learners learning?

Vignettes Learning

In illustration A, there are four characters or voices in the story: Martin, Nancy, the narrator, and you, as the learner. In illustration B, there are only three characters or voices in the story: Martin, Nancy and you. Always use the character’s own voice. Click here to access a free copy List of Story Impacts: Symptoms of Information Overload Learners Don’t Know What They Don’t Know Are Trainers Still Needed?

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

E-Learning Provocateur

Connecting Many Voices to Make a Difference: Anne Walsh and Brendan Revell from Fraynework Multimedia provided an overview of the e-learning support they are providing to The Sisters of Mercy. The implementation of web conferencing has not only reduced travel costs significantly for the order, but has also given each member a voice that they otherwise would not have had.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

open up exciting opportunities for people to access relevant information where and when they require it. Learning leaders will be more focused on relevancy of information. I find that interesting because clearly they see the need to capture and deliver information and support in new ways in organizations. The answer is simple: Information Overload provides inherent opportunity for curation. This month's #LCBQ is the first with the Big Question Thought Leaders.

Three steps to compliance greatness | Good To Great

Good To Great

Banish the business speak (it’s not a legal document, textbook or academic paper, after all), keep it conversational, and have fun with the tone of voice and language you use. Group job roles into risk categories or use a pre-test to identify gaps in knowledge, then point each user to what they specifically need to know (information overload = disengaged learners).

Data on Big Data

Marcia Conner

The world’s technological per-capita capacity to store information has roughly doubled every 40 months since the 1980s according to Martin Hilbert and Priscila López. 900 Billion/year: cost of lowered employee productivity and reduced innovation from information overload. Information overload was first mentioned in 1962, in an article entitled “ Operation Basic: The Retrieval of Wasted Knowledge ” by Gertram M.

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Best Practices for Creating Engaging Microlearning Content

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In a fast-paced, digital world, it is bite-sized information that matters. And so, enterprises are now adopting microlearning content as a means to impart training to their employees and also to provide the information they need in a fraction of time. It is particularly appealing to learners who need precise and just-in-time information for performance support. Microlearning can be formal or informal, however, in most cases, it is the latter.

Unleashing Superheroes – Learning Style

Growth Engineering

Training is in endless competition with information overload from social media memes to mobile games. Furthermore, vital aspects of communication can never be fully replicated by text or image, such as tone of voice (I’m saying this with a smile in my voice, I promise!). Think more TEDTalk, less monotonous teacher voice and you’ll be well on your way to success!

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

I somewhat wonder how much of that is true barriers as opposed to perceived barriers, and a recent HBR item talked about Hacking Work : When a 12-year-old can gather information faster, process it more efficiently, reference more diverse professionals, and get volunteer guidance from better sources than you can at work, how can you pretend to be competitive? Alternate User Interfaces I believe voice, touch and motion are going to be big topics this year.

Top 47 Posts and 10 Hot Topics for February

eLearning Learning Posts

How to effectively architect information for your elearning course - Free as in Freedom , February 6, 2010 As Instructional Designers, its always a challenge to balance meaningful instruction with information. Cathy Moore’s action mapping framework is a great way to create lively elearning that allows you to include just the right amount of information in your elearning course. Planning to implement informal learning? Information Overload (5).

In Learning, Size Matters

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Microlearning has not only stood the test of time, it is uniquely suited to facilitate business in today’s largely informal, development-driven work environment. Perhaps the bank representative is referring to information from the latest course about the new mortgage program restrictions to satisfy a customer’s call. Given available technologies, they can record their actions or their voice to enable those who need to know.

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

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Workscape evolution - Informal Learning , May 7, 2010 This morning Jane Hart posted this 5-stage model of the evolution of workplace learning in an organization. learning is a mix of formal and informal , not one or the other. Take This LMS and Shove It - Living in Learning , May 19, 2010 With the rapid shift to informal learning, the LMS is being dethroned as the center of the learning systems universe. Information overload is more serious than ever.&#.