APIs and Mashups r ur new ABCs for E-Learning

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An API (Application Program Interface) enables an interface from a piece of software to communicate with another piece of software (in its simplest form) or multiple pieces of software (called a mashup). SCORM Player communicating with your vendor’s solution, for example, if you were creating your own LMS and Rapid Intake’s rapid e-learning authoring tool, it includes a SCORM Player API. Mashups. Mashups Possibilities. API and Mashup Directories.

I Reconstructed a Neuron!


In a wonderful mash-up of gamification and crowdsourcing , the Mozak brainbuilder helps scientists at the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science by challenging gamers to connect the dots and identify the many dendrites coming from a single cell body. mapping game I played was offered in partnership with the Allen Institute for Brain Science and I was one of 111 players who helped map this single neuron.


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3 Benefits to Using YouTube in your E-Learning

Integrated Learnings

There are many services you can use to stream YouTube directly to your TV using a DVD player, video game system, or other home entertainment device. Tags: Lectora YouTube Social Media eLearning Mashup YouTube is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Well, maybe that's not a good description of YouTube. It's more like the wild west of video. You have to be careful where you go and sometimes you find something completely unexpected.

EMEA Reporter: The Other “M” Word: How Does It Move Learning Forwards? by Nic Laycock

Learning Solutions Magazine

One direction may be an immersive mashup of. the massive online open course (MOOC) and the massive multi-player, online, role-playing game. Where are we headed with technology-supported learning? MMORPG). This combination could help students collaborate with their peers and with tutors in the same. way that on-campus students enjoy. Learn about it here! Design Strategies Emerging Topics Games & Learning Immersive Learning Training Strategies

Tools to make you drool – video training toys for IDs

Dashe & Thomson

While it allows you to integrate video into the e-learning module, you can set up an interface that pulls out bullet points and diagrams (from a Powerpoint deck or other document) in a sidebar to support the video and provide additional information. VIDIZMO’s Ultra Mashup software allows you to edit various video segments together. You can use the Mashup Studio to create quizzes and gather feedback via survey forms.

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Strategies for Implementing Gamification in Your Training

Your Training Edge

In a post entitled “ MOOCs – Gamification – Mash-Up? One of the most basic gamification tools is the leaderboard, which shows players how they rank compared to others. In Business Gamification for Dummies, Kris Duggan and Kate Shoup recommend “slicing” leaderboards so that players’ ranks are determined based on a subset of other players, rather than the group as a whole.

The Ultimate MMORPG?

The Learning Circuits

(MMORPG = Massively multi-player online role-playing game) Clark Aldrich got quite a reaction a while back when he posted Second Life is not a Teaching Tool to LCB. But it dawned on me, this blog, Second Life, all those podcasts, all the experiments with mash-ups and AJAX and JSON, are all part of an environment where we are working together to create, learn, and share with each other so that we can all move forward.

Dev Corner - Brian Dishaw

TechSmith Camtasia

I have an idea for a simple data mashup application for a Windows Phone 7 that will allow me to scan RSS feeds for mentions of fantasy football players. I fired up Visual Studio 2010 and created my Silverlight Class Library Project. So the short of it is I figured it out and the changes were pretty simple once I got it all up and running. For this week's Dev Corner post, Jared Wein and Randall Brown interviewed the lead developer of Camtasia Relay, Brian Dishaw. Enjoy!

Vision 2016 - An Interview with Todd Kasenberg


More about Todd here: [link] Below are excerpts from the interview: What are some of the key eLearning trends that you think would surface, or pick up, in 2016? We’re excited about the possibilities of merging curation as a learning designer activity mashed up with the production of rich multimedia e-books that are, at best, learning program delivery tools, and at least job aids.

DevLearn 2009 – Day 2 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Average player is 35, 40% female. Google worked with David Metcalf to create a leadership training program that was a mash-up with 7-8 Google tools: Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Talk, etc. Day 2 of DevLearn kicked off with a keynote from Eric Zimmerman on Serious Game Design. Cammy Bean did a fantastic job of taking notes during the keynote, so I’ll defer to her on this. You can see her notes here. Thank you, Cammy!).

LMS and Learning Portal Directory Plus HTML5 Course

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Again, a learning portal can achieve this – i.e. by you incorporating APIs, mashups or some component of such with code and you are using as a back end a CMS. Please download it and not just open up open in your window. The course is built in 100% HTML5 and the player you will view it on, is a HTML5 player within a LMS. HTML5 is made up of the following: HTML. Latest: 303 LMS & Learning Portal Vendors. 28 free open source vendors – on 2nd tab.

Activity Streams

Jay Cross

An activity stream is a mash-up of an individual’s or organization’s feeds. MySpace, Comcast, and other players huddled around a conference table in the offices of Six Apart in San Francisco to discuss activity streams. Wikipedia: nothing up yetFor example, my FriendFeed pages show activity from this blog, the Internet Time Blog, my Flickr account, bookmarks I put on Delicious, and my entries from Twitter.

Standard Options Apply


Consider Breaking Up the Spec Into Separate Standards Efforts. In response to their concerns about “tracking,” which rightly furrows eyebrows and adds wrinkles prematurely to us all, a suggestion that gained momentum was that we consider breaking up xAPI into three separate standards efforts — three different documents to be linked together. I personally lean on the side of breaking up the spec into three standards.

Decembers BIG QUESTION! Part III

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

But the biggest surprise to many of the big players will be the introduction of new startups with extremely POWERFUL webservices and OPEN APIs at a FRACTION of the cost of the big boys. (I Efforts like SLOODLE which mashes up MOODLE and Secondlife are only the beginning. Grassroots Powerplay : The user-generated content movement will pick up steam in 2007. What are your predictions for 2007?

LMS and Learning Portal Directory Plus HTML5 Course

eLearning 24-7

Again, a learning portal can achieve this – i.e. by you incorporating APIs, mashups or some component of such with code and you are using as a back end a CMS. Please download it and not just open up open in your window. The course is built in 100% HTML5 and the player you will view it on, is a HTML5 player within a LMS. HTML5 is made up of the following: HTML. Latest: 303 LMS & Learning Portal Vendors. 28 free open source vendors – on 2nd tab.

Top 5 Talking Points from 2013 #LSCon

Unicorn Training

Does your LMS have plans for an off line Scorm player? Security is a big issue in the corporate world and I picked up some useful pointers, although no definitive answers. As XAPI is taken up and evolves, so more verbs will be added. It is central to the #LScon event that it gives delegates the opportunity to catch up with the latest in eLearning tools, compare the alternatives, and preview what’s coming next. What does the future hold for learning?

xapi 40

NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

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I’m talking to you NBA player who averages one point a game). Including mashups (two or more APIs). Earlier this week I presented a webinar on LMSs of tomorrow. The session covered in essence the next generation LMSs. These are systems that are out there today. Yes, right now. Some are extremely new, others have been around for years.

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2010 LMS Products of the Year

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I like this system and its functionality in comparison to the other players in this space. My runner-up is Operitel’s LearnFlex LSP. Runner-Up Social Learning Management System of the Year – Upside Learning. Has a built-in player for 100% HTML5 courses (1st in the market) which can be launched within their system. Topyx by Interactyx - once a small dog, and now a fast and up-comer who understands their space and their niche markets.

Encore – Moodle: Pros, Challenges

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I will be posting a new article on Wednesday, which will include access to a course built 100% in HTML5, on a player in a LMS that supports 100% HTML5. APIs and mashups – which is really can expand Moodle to the next level of learning. Worse, what if your key IT/IS person is sick, injured or leaves the company, do you have a back-up that can and knows the system to handle anything and make mods, etc?

E-Learning Early Indicators

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Funny, thing about those vendors, either their entire consumer base rose up and screamed we want tablets, or perhaps – and I know – it never happens in any industry – just perhaps, they looked again and said, “I see money in those tablets&#. In my opinion, mobile learning with tablets is the real growth of this industry; and mobile learning will be the big player this year, above social learning. #3

iPad 64

2009 Predictions How Did I Do?

Tony Karrer

In fact, my 12 eLearning Predictions for 2009 , was most popular post for 2009 (see 2009 Top Posts and Topics ) and it came up pretty high in the recent Top 125 eLearning Posts of 2009. 2008 was an interesting year that saw a myriad of new start-ups offering content through interesting new avenues. It's going to be tough for me-too tools to push out these players in the corporate market. are all coming up as important.

What’s hurting the LMS market

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Revenues across the board are up, profit margins are healthy and competition is on-going (always a good thing). Illogical – I often see systems that add features that seem as though they tossed a bunch of ideas on a wall and whatever stuck up there, went into their platform. The LMS market is strong. But for all that is positive, there are negatives, and these negatives can hinder long term growth for commercial systems. The Negatives. Features First.Usability Second.

Free L&D webinars for July 2018

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This webcast will clear up some of the confusion and provide a window into how coaching can help, and explore how to build an effective coaching culture in your organization. Monday, July 9, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: Manager Onboarding: 5 Ways to Set New Leaders Up for Success (Free for ATD members) The worst thing organizations can do is hire or promote the most technically competent person to management and not give them the tools for success. What about mash-ups?

2008 2009

Tony Karrer

I put up a couple of screencasts that show how to use LinkedIn for Finding Expertise and Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers. This lines up with what I predicted in 2008. And while Harbinger has provided some interesting tools that are essentially mash-ups for authoring, not sure I've seen much adoption.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools 2010 – Innovators, Winners and Updated Trends

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Courses that can be seen on your HDTV via a connection from your computer, which is capable via Blu-Ray, some game players, internet TV, TV tuners (and considered by many as truly the next evolution of television, uh not the course part that is) – YES. Mashups, Google charts. The end of the year is here, okay in just a few short weeks, but for those on vacation, the festivities have already began.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Jott This Blog

Learning Visions

I find my best time for thinking up excellent blog entries is late at night when Im lying in bed. I picked up the same tip from Michele, and while I havent used Jott to blog, its a terrific way to "write" a note to yourself without endangering too many other drives. Chris, your worries are justified -- even with a headset, talking on the phone takes up a lot of mental bandwidth. I have used my mp3 player to record and develop ideas during long drives.

Social Learning and LMSs Marketplace

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If you are trying to be a global player, and people are accessing from everywhere, why ignore the collaboration, content generating, communication sharing approach? Time for these vendors to wake up, or see your audience share disappear. Mashups and APIs (again, some people in the social media space, see them as social media types). Gallery of photographs by end users, where other end users vote – using the thumb up/thumb down, then a top ten appears.

Noughties. but nice

Learning with e's

iPods and Podcasts: The Touch, the Nano, the Shuffle, the Classic, you name it, versions of the iPod popped up and grabbed our attention in the noughties. First appearing in 2001, the iPod series is now the most successful digital audio player in history with over 220 million worldwide sales at the time of writing. Augmented reality was introduced as a result of the combination of a number of smart device apps including mashups, global positioning and touch screen technologies.