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eLearning: Fun Photo Editing Toy

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George  I have previously written about ways to  manipulate images on a budget  so that graphics that are perhaps not all uniform looking can look more like they belong together. Recently I stumbled upon another fun (and free!)

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Today's Toys, Tomorrow's Tools

Kapp Notes

This week over at TrainingDay , my post Today's Toys, Tomorrow's Tools is a little bit of a rant. But I think it is important to continually remind ourselves that the upcoming gamers are going to learn differently than us digital immigrants and we need to adapt as well as help them adapt.we can't dictate terms to these digital won't work. Cooperation is the answer. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

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Bloomingdale’s, Toys”R”Us, Toyota and others tout the benefits of Axonify


Dorothy Tenute – National Training Manager at Toys”R”Us Canada. Dorothy Tenute – National Training Manager at Toys”R”Us Canada. Axonified customers use our Employee Knowledge Platform in a variety of applications and industries. We wanted to learn more about how Axonify is helping them to achieve their unique goals, so I asked them to share their experiences. Here’s what they had to say: Chad McIntosh – VP of Loss Prevention and Risk Management at Bloomingdale’s.

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360 Degree Videos: The New Shiny Toy in Corporate Training

CommLab India

You know that feeling when you watch a scenic video and it captures your attention to such a great extent that you wish you could actually be there?

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Toys, table-tops and the virtuous cycle of experiential learning

Spicy Learning

Watching a toddler negotiate obstacles is fascinating, especially the ‘toy under the table’ scenario. Running full pelt, all the focus is on their favourite toy, not the height of the table … BANG!

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A Way With The Fairies


The makers of masterpieces such as Toy Story and The Lion King evidently couldn’t engineer a dinky little augmented reality app that would work on my device of choice – or even on my device of second choice.

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Toying with emotion

E-Learning Provocateur

The other day my friend told me she cried during Toy Story 3. I haven’t seen it myself, so I don’t know the nuances of the plot. But I do know it’s a cartoon! It amazes me how a story – though fictional and visually artificial – can affect human emotion. It’s no wonder then that a real story can impact us even more deeply.

In a word: Here’s how Bloomingdale’s, Toys”R”Us, Toyota and others describe Axonify


Dorothy Tenute – National Training Manager at Toys”R”Us Canada. As the old adage goes, “The customer is always right!”. So, I decided to ask some of our customers how they would characterize the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform in one word. They’re definitely right.

Mine or Ours? The Case For Knowledge Sharing

Dashe & Thomson

One of the hardest lessons to learn growing up is how to share – how to share your toys, your candy, and maybe your room with a sibling. As a child, it’s difficult to get past the thought “but, it’s MINE!”

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The Advantages of Knowledge Sharing

Social Learning

One of the hardest lessons to learn growing up is how to share… how to share your toys, your candy, and maybe your room with a sibling. As a child, it is difficult to get past the thought “but, it’s MINE!” We try to hang on with tightly to what [.]

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Boys and their toys

Clive on Learning

I have used my desire to try out Widows Vista as an excuse to buy the most turbo-charged new PC I could lay my hands on; that's quad core, 4GB RAM, 2 x 250GB drives, 23" widescreen monitor, you name it. I decided to run it in parallel with my old PC for as long as it took to become stable with Vista, i.e. all hardware and software running. Well, in one day, I'm 95% there.

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6 Lessons Pixar Can Teach Us About Company Learning


When Andy gave up Woody in Toy Story 3. Admit it, you have cried during basically every Pixar movie. When Carl and Ellie share their last words in Up. When Wall-e longingly watches clips of old romantic musicals. When Sully says goodbye to Boo. We’ll stop there. We actually want you to read the rest of this article

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BLP Re-imagines Dayspring Center’s Playground

Bottom-Line Performance

Installed binoculars, a toy drum set, and a swing on the playground. We added some toys to the existing playset. Giving back is a huge part of BLP’s company culture.

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How much is an authoring tool worth?

Clive on Learning

If, on the other hand, you are talking about toys as opposed to tools of the trade - and I like toys as much as the next person - then $99 seems about right. When I buy a toy I have modest expectations about utility and don't expect any support. In fact many toys never get used. If Empower proves to be much more than a toy then that's fine, I'll enjoy using it. The recent release by Trivantis of Snap!



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Reviewing E-Learning: Lessons Learned From My Dog

E-learning Uncovered

As I lay there, I watched my puppy play with one of her chew toys. And the way Sophie played with her toy that day was a good representation of some strategies we can all use to make reviewing e-learning more effective. You can only play with a toy for so long—even a favorite.

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Whose Sandpit and Whose Toys?

Learning with e's

Whose toys? We're all set for the Plymouth e-Learning Conference tomorrow at the University of Plymouth. The weather here in Plymouth is glorious today with clear blue skies and a very comfortable temperature of 16 degrees.

Over the top toys

Marcia Conner

Before ranting about the strangers who ask my 2-year old son if Santa visited him, I thought I would share possibly the most over-the-top tot gift I've seen (forwarded by a friend who joked that if everyone she knew pitched in perhaps we might be able to get this for

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Creating Effective ELearning For Kids


Have a look at the toys that are offered on the market today. The toys for a 12-year-old differ quite a bit than those designed for a six-year-old.

ID and e-Learning Links (12/1/14)

Experiencing eLearning

Cute idea for comics or scenarios–create scenes with lego people or other toys. 7 Questions You Need To Answer Before Becoming A Full Time eLearning Freelancer – eLearning Industry. Things to consider for those wanting to make the leap to freelance work. tags: e-learning instructionaldesign career freelance. E-Learning Portfolios: Share Your Work – E-Learning Heroes. Sample e-learning portfolios, submitted for an e-Learning Challenge. Good place to look for inspiration.

Warning Mac Adobe Captivate 7 Developers. Don't Upgrade to Mavericks Yet

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

  As much as I love new toys, I tend to hold off when it comes to installing software updates. Apple recently announced the availability of  Mavericks , its latest and greatest operating system for the Mac computers. In my experience, you never know what the software update will break; waiting a bit tends to work out when the updates prove problematic.      It turns out that the Mavericks software and Adobe Captivate 7 aren't getting along.

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Seven Tips for Breaking into the World of Instructional Design

SHIFT eLearning

He looks for inspiration in movies, video games, books, and toys. What does an instructional designer do when he or she is at work?

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Habits of Good Instructional Designers


As is the case in most professions, it is quite easy to get caught up in the latest “shiny object” The latest tech toys when it comes to elearning are exciting, but they aren’t what makes or breaks an instructional designer.

Four Articles & Papers Defining this thing called #Gamification

Kapp Notes

This article does a nice job of distinguishing between serious games, toys, playful design and gamification. Here are four papers, articles, and/or chapters that discuss various aspects of gamification and what it means to education, learning and the public in general.

Who needs toys when you have brains?

Marcia Conner

I just finished reading Josten Gaarder's book, The Ringmaster's Daughter. It wasn't my favorite book by Gaarder (that would be The Orange Girl or Sophie's World) but this book is full of interesting little stories within the main storyline. As usual, I noted lines that were particularly compelling to

Advantages of 360 Degree Videos in Corporate Training [Infographic]

CommLab India

Related Posts Creating E-learning Videos: 5 Video Editing Tools That’ll Help 360 Degree Videos: The Shiny New Toy in Corporate Training 5 Step Process to Develop E-learning Videos Using PowerPoint.

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Trump the Usage Slump: Free Webinar on Marketing Your eLearning Initiative


Remember the excitement you experienced as a child when you got a new toy? But a few months after the original excitement had worn off, you were onto the next thing, and the old toy was left behind. That original toy will be forgotten unless there’s something about it maintaining your interest and making you want to come back over and over again. All you wanted to do was play with it and find out all it could do.

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Improving Performance in the Workplace

Web Courseworks

Whether it’s a hospital, a factory creating toys for children, or even fast food franchises, PI is needed everywhere.

How “associate-first” learning drives more sales and satisfaction


In fact, one progressive retailer knows me so well that, over time, it has reduced the frequency of its promotional emails in exchange for low-frequency/high-impact communications that are specific to the products I buy (children’s clothing, toys, books, and accessories for my 2 year old daughter).

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Gamification Sounds Like What Instructional Designers Have Done for Years

Kapp Notes

3) Having a free, safe play space and shared toy objects that can be engaged within the environment. Where someone can “toy around.&#.

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The joy of UX

E-Learning Provocateur

I’ve written previously about how I’ve been toying around with the augmented reality app Aurasma. One of the funniest tweets I have ever seen was brought to my attention by Vala Afshar … How it feels to watch a user test your product for the first time.

A way with the fairies

E-Learning Provocateur

The makers of masterpieces such as Toy Story and The Lion King evidently couldn’t engineer a dinky little augmented reality app that would work on my device of choice – or even on my device of second choice.

Over the top toys can offer value too

Marcia Conner

There is a kids-stuff store in neighboring Charlottesville that is what I would call, "over the top." I've gone in looking for one thing in particular, knowing that if anyone will have it nearby that they would, and they have. I've gone in only twice and both times I left

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Three Reasons to Attend Inkling Illuminate


It includes Happy Meal toys from the past, as well as a replica of Ray Kroc’s office, the founder who built the most profitable fast food chain in the world! “Da… da… dun dun dun” what’s not to love about the best mobile workforce enablement event happening at McDonald’s Hamburger University on July 27th? Inkling Illuminate is less than two weeks away, and we couldn’t be more excited to see all of our customers, prospects, and partners! Still haven’t registered for your spot at the event?

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