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What if Learning Was a Martial Arts Movie?

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What would Learning be like as a martial arts-style movie? DRAMATIC ANNOUNCER VOICE: Kept down by years of monotony. DRAMATIC ANNOUNCER VOICE: Learning. It’s a dramatization, but what movie isn’t? Would you be “young grasshopper” or a sensei in the Learning movie? The post What if Learning Was a Martial Arts Movie?

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Inside Voices: What Makes a Good Mentor at Work for a College Student


This “Inside Voices” blog shares his insights on how to be a good mentor. This is our second blog for our “Inside Voices” series, periodic interviews of professionals at different points in their careers – and in the employee lifecycle – to hear about their experiences and insights around skills and competencies. He’ll say, “Technique!


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My 5 Favorite Holiday Movies and What I Learned


So, why I have decided to share my favorite seasonal movie list? Kevin easily adapts to unexpected situations, openly voices his thoughts and feelings, hurries to help, respects other people and values friendship. The post My 5 Favorite Holiday Movies and What I Learned appeared first on CloudShare. Lessons learned?

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Voice-over videos for eLearning: A step-by-step guide


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “ voice-over video? ”. Voice-over is an extremely versatile type of video and can be used on anything from movie trailers to college lectures to, of course, corporate training. But how would you even go about creating an eLearning voice-over? A lecture?

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How to Navigate Difficult Internal and External eLearning Customers

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For example, many people understand the amount of work required to create a movie. (It Refer movie production examples when you’re talking about your eLearning course: If we need to replace the characters in the eLearning course, it’s similar to removing and replacing an actor from every scene in which they appear. Documentation.

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Innovative eLearning Trends: eLearning That Sticks


Remember the movie Braveheart ? And all the robotic voices? Let’s face it: no one ever walked out of a movie and said, “Man, I wish that were more like an elearning course.”. I get it: robotic voices are easy to understand and we have to make sure the audio in an elearning course is clear. And the data-driven dialogue?

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And the tranquil voice of an old woman… as she regales nearly a dozen tots of all sizes with tales from the Ramayana and Mahabharata*. Create compelling characters, and make them relatable to your audience Think of your favourite characters in movies. Now, imagine a movie that was not very high budget, but still you connected with.