Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?


So, while the learning industry is sold on the idea of utilizing videos for learning, most of them are animations or slide-based presentations with a voice-over. The next is about going up a level on the production of learning videos and creating Movie-based Learning. No more same formal videos, but action packed “Learning Movies” to impact the learners can be the next big thing in the world of e-Learning. How Movie Based Learning & Why is it going to be different?

Movie 219

Voice-over videos for eLearning: A step-by-step guide


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “ voice-over video? ”. Voice-over is an extremely versatile type of video and can be used on anything from movie trailers to college lectures to, of course, corporate training. It sounds complicated, right?

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What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

eLearning Brothers

Ever wondered why movies are so expensive? Ever sit through the credits at the end of a movie? We probably all have, now that every superhero movie puts a teaser at the end. Why do they need so many people doing so many “strange” jobs to make a movie? If you’ve never seen a “really bad” movie then you know that making a good movie is easier said than done. I’ve been working in movies and television for 2 decades. Everyone watches movies and TV.

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What You Need to Know to Get the Best Audio

TechSmith Camtasia

If you’re recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. For capturing location sounds, or dialog between 2 or more people, we recommend a shotgun mic. Caution though, shotgun mics are very directional, so you need to make sure you’re pointing the mic directly at the sound you want to pick up. Have you ever seen those clapboards on movie sets?

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Innovative eLearning Trends: eLearning That Sticks


Remember the movie Braveheart ? And all the robotic voices? Let’s face it: no one ever walked out of a movie and said, “Man, I wish that were more like an elearning course.”. We believe our work can be instructionally sound AND entertaining. I get it: robotic voices are easy to understand and we have to make sure the audio in an elearning course is clear. You know, the one with Mel Gibson? And the standardized background screens? And the data-driven dialogue?

The Amazing Invisible Narrator

eLearning Brothers

If you are a human being that has seen a movie before, chances are you’ve heard the smooth and authoritative sound of Morgan Freeman’s voice. Simultaneously world-weary and commanding, the man truly has a unique voice. Narration is an interesting art form, because it involves hearing a person’s voice, but in many cases you never see the narrator’s face.

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Press Play: 5 Tips for Writing Audio Scripts


Tip 1: Use the Right Voice. Unlike dialogue, which is specific to the actual words your characters will be speaking, voice has more to do with the general feeling you want to evoke. . Voice is usually driven by your client, their brand, and how they talk to their customers. .

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eLearning: Voiceover Audio That Will Keep the Learner's Attention

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  The learners we address with our eLearning projects are bombarded with information, often in the form of movies, videos, and television. Scenes change in modern movies approximately every minute and a half. But in a movie, even during that short time, something is continually moving on the screen. Long, academic-sounding, repetitive sentences will have your learner eager to move on quicker than short, plain-language sentences.

What You Need to Know About eLearning Audio

JCA Solutions

Sound Learning. The use of music, narrative, and even the occasional sound effect adds a critical component to the experience. With the right voice and the right wording, they feel more like they are in a conversation than in a lesson. Sound effects can make it a little more fun. Like above, the human voice with it’s emotional content, expressiveness, and phrasing helps influence much more readily than mere text. Professional voice.

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Do you know how to get the most out of audio on your e-learning courses?


Think of a movie where, with a trivial picture, you have become emotional due to the background music. 3 · Voice-over, a powerful resource. Voice-over can also enhance and attract attention if you use it correctly. Far from repeating what is being read on the screen, voice-over (always enthusiastic) should be to highlight key concepts, translate or clarify difficult and tedious concepts, and, why not, amaze students with the unexpected: a joke or fun comment.

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eLearning videos: The ultimate guide for successful video-based learning


For many, learning by watching another human is easier than reading words on a screen or listening to a voice-over. Voice-over videos. Using image and sound to convey information, voice-over videos engage both visual and auditory learners.

Five Tips on 3D eLearning and Training Courtesy of VenueGen

Kapp Notes

The key to an immersive movie viewing experience is the suspension of disbelief. We have all watched low budget movies with poor and unconvincing graphics and sets. No matter how great the dialogue or story line, you probably struggled to “get into” the movie. Offer an Alternative For Sound Many users do not have a headset or are behind firewalls that do not allow them to connect to the Voice Over IP channel required for most virtual worlds.

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Are you familiar with the concept of ‘Binge Learning’?


If you liked the movie Searching, or the TV shows Calls or Criminal, you will like Suspects by Coorpacademy. With some light effects and the actors’ voices and interpretations, the stories – and the suspense – build up.

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Learn eLearning Audio Production from an Expert

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Like most things technical, once you know the little tricks and gain a better understanding of the technology it becomes an easy leap from amateur audio to "wow, that's sounds great" audio. And if you are doing anything with video you will most likely will be dealing with audio as well.unless you've designed the script as a Charlie Chaplin, silent movie, experience. Are you an eLearning developer struggling with audio? Okay maybe you're not struggling.

Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen

TechSmith Camtasia

You might even recognize his voice from the Jing Project tutorials. Stop hating your voice. It’s yours, it’s the way you sound ( Why your voice sounds different ). He suggests that, even if you have an accent or some other distinguishing feature of your voice, you should embrace it. You might find, as he has, that you will be recognized by your voice. This year at Screencast Camp , things were pretty low key for me until it actually started.

The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


Screencast-O-Matic provides the option for screencast recordings (screen recording), webcam recordings, or both, as well as the ability to use a microphone to record your voice. The tool allows you to decide whether you want to record sound and web activity or not.

20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

DigitalChalk eLearning

Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. With Audacity, record live audio, cut, copy, or mix sounds together, change the speed or pitch of a recording, and more. Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite. Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine tune your movie just the way you want it.

Don’t Let “Ugly” Content Drag You To Hell


At the risk of sounding like some crazed romantic, content is “a many splendored thing” and how you work it, will determine if your date with Learning is going to succeed or headed straight to hell. The analogy I’m going to use is: we may not all know how to shoot a good horror movie, but we know how a good scary one makes us feel. Is your content the stuff of nightmares? Here’s how to tell.

Army Discovers the Weapon to Kill PowerPoint Briefings…Video Games

Kapp Notes

sound familar?). So, the cries to get rid of PowerPoint sound all well and good but what is the alternative? And the problems they are solving with video game technology sounds like the problems of almost every organization I’ve encountered. Recently, there has been a lot of calls for the death of PowerPoint especially from the US Army. From We’ve Met the Enemy and He is PowerPoint where the article discusses perhaps the worlds most challenging PowerPoint slide.

Get Started with Online Education Videos

TechSmith Camtasia

You’re not a professional movie maker… your content shouldn’t look professional out of the gate. What they sound like. That’s just how you look and it’s the same thing with your voice. You look and sound like YOU.

Why You Need Audio Descriptions to Make Online Course Videos Accessible

TechSmith Camtasia

You’ve probably watched movies that have embedded audio descriptions, even though you didn’t use them yourself (or even know they were there!). That means the movie has an audio description track that can be turned on as needed. Many movie theaters offer audio description support, too. There are two main ways to add audio descriptions: Embedded voice descriptions – In this method, audio descriptions are their own separate digital “track,” behind the scenes.

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The three elements of building learning environments for VR training content


Just like writing a script for VR is very different than for a movie, designing a scene for VR training is very different than for your typical 2D training video. The sound in VR is paramount for presence. She is able to hear what the workspace sounds like.

Devlearn conference day one: an exhilarating day

Challenge to Learn

I don’t know what the adoption will actually mean but it sounded like TinCan will be the next version of IACC. John is the producer of many movies, the most famous ones are Titanic and Avatar. The technique to shoot the scripts of these movies wasn’t there when the scripts were written. So we are off to an excellent start with DevLearn. As always at the first day of a guild conference it was an exhilarating day.

What’s in My Conference Bag? ATD ICE 2018

Learning Rebels

Something most people don’t know about me: Ask me anything about a Bond movie, my head is full of Bond trivia! I know it sounds old school, but I try to connect with everyone from whom I collected a business card. A good voice recorder: Video is great, but maybe you don’t have the best view and who really wants to hold up a phone for an hour session? Voice recording allows me to tweet away, and then go back for needed context.

Why Training Needs Video

Learning Rebels

This is the technique used in the Tasty video above, there is no voice over to worry about, no narration that might be out of sync. Lot’s of people watch video with the sound off, captioning gets the message across. Here’s another short video on equipment to turn your smartphone into a movie making machine ! The shift has arrived, and video is King!

Video 161

25 Tools to Create Training Videos That Engage Learners


Whether you need to create training videos that use voice over or experiment with animation , these niche tools will give you all the technical support you need. You can also import music, sound effects, and other video files to give your training video more complexity.

Video 81

The wake-up call

Jay Cross

Less than 99% of the light, sound, taste, and touch that bombard our senses ever make it into our consciousness. Behind the curtain of awareness, our minds take a snippet of this and a smidgen of that, connect the dots, and play the internal movie we experience as reality. It’s about that inner movie. You can let the inner voice prattle on, making comments sparked by your inner movie. Monday morning.

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How to Design Attention-Grabbing E-Learning

E-learning Uncovered

Every time I sit down to watch a movie, I hear the same opening music that studios have been using for decades. I’ve spent so many years enjoying movies, it’s almost Pavlovian at this point. I think it’s safe to say that e-learning has to work a little harder than a movie to get people to tune in. You’ll want it to sound natural when they do. Tips for Working with E-Learning Voice-Over Talent.

The Top 10 Ways to Get Executive Buy-In for Your Training Program


Often a third-party voice will give you credibility and support you could not otherwise gain inside your organization. The lone hero is a movie staple, but you'll have more success selling your training program across the company if you encourage your supporters, giving them the tools and information they need to support your cause and sell your efforts in their circles of influence.

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Let’s Talk Talk Tracks: 15 Sales Enablement Leaders Share What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Sales Hacker

How do I make my talk tracks not sound like a script? We adapt based on the voice of our customer, always shifting our approach for better results.”. Are talk tracks just a fancy new tech take on sales scripts? Not according to these sales and sales enablement experts.

Track 72

Video Can Make or Break Your E-Learning Course


Everybody likes watching good movies and videos in general. You can mix video with animation, turn it into a game or use a famous actor to present the concepts; Professionally made – both in terms of the tools and voice-over talents used; The right size – if possible the video should be compressed, so that it is easy to download the e-learning module and is compatible with different devices and internet speed. If possible use a sound-proof booth for the recording.

Steve Rosenbaum – Curation Nation - #devlearn keynote

Learning Visions

The cloud – sounds so fluffy and nice. On Foursquare you check in and tell people you’re going to a cool movie but not that you’re at the dry cleaner. Don’t be afraid to scare people away but have an internal voice about quality. TechCrunch has a story – it has an edge, voice, perspective. Once you have a curated voice, pov, tone, make sure you build on it. These are my live notes from DevLearn November 4, 2011 in Las Vegas.

The three elements of building learning environments for VR training content


Just like writing a script for VR is very different than for a movie, designing a scene for VR training is very different than for your typical 2D training video. The sound in VR is paramount for presence. She is able to hear what the workspace sounds like.

How to Publish Online Video

3Play Media

When recording, you want to ensure that you’re using a quality microphone that easily picks up sound. Captions assume that the viewer can’t hear, so they convey all relevant sound effects, speaker identification, and other non-speech elements. .

Video 56

How to Add Captions or Subtitles to a Video

TechSmith Camtasia

However, there’s a huge difference between doing video, and doing video well, and one of them is knowing when to use captions vs. sound. One of the most annoying things you can find in your Facebook feed is a video that autoplays with the sound on. It’s TV ads with the sound turned off.” ( Source ). In a world without sound, captions are one of the best ways to increase those numbers. This is where video in particular can be a powerful tool, sound or not.

Animated videos for learning: A step-by-step guide


On that whiteboard, a hand writes words or sketches images in “real-time” while a voice-over narration explains what we see on screen. By definition, these videos have one or more animated characters “acting out” the script while the voice-over enhances the message you want to get through.

Guide 80

Imagined futures 6: Home entertainment

Learning with 'e's

Image source: Chicago Sunday Tribune Back in 1959, when television was still monochrome, and movie films ruled the entertainment industry, people were already dreaming about how we could capture the moving image for home use. This is the essence of all multi-media, where text, images, video and sound are combined to provide the user with a rich experience of knowledge and information access.

5 Tips on Using Videos for eLearning


The voice and the human footage create a sense of classroom environment that is so hard to create otherwise. A clear goal is the same to a video that a theme or central idea is to a movie. To be honest, you can record your own voice, as long as you sound lively and speak clearly. eLearning programs are seldom developed without videos. If you have ever experienced one without videos, you may have noticed how lifeless it is. Videos add the “human” element to eLearning.

Guest post: Perfecting Your Video Lectures – 3 Quick Tips


You also want to make sure that your microphone is working—you don’t want to sound too loud or too soft. When making your video, don’t forget about the power of visuals as well such as slideshows, key notes, and other graphics with voice overs. Some great (and free) video editing software include: Microsoft Movie Maker. Video lectures are essential in the elearning world.

Congratulations ScreenChamps!

TechSmith Camtasia

Teach viewers how to recreate popular digital effects from their favorite movies, TV shows, and videogames. Category advice: choose & mix music carefully, cut out fluff, use natural-sounding voice. Introducing.our 2011 ScreenChamps! Be sure to watch the full episode of The Forge for in-depth comments from the judges on what they thought worked well and could be improved across each category. There was also some good conversation in the chat room.