Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

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“If you deprive yourself of offshore development and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”. Back then, offshore hiring was an absurd concept. If you haven’t yet considered an offshore development team, here are some things you might be missing out on. Why go through all the trouble and cost of hiring in-house when you can easily and quickly reach out to an offshore development team?

How can companies provide training for using smart machines? 

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Also, due to the pandemic cutting down production in different locations, companies can no longer choose offshoring and hence want to produce close to home. Besides learning how to use such machines, the recruits also learn about the vision and policies of the company.


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5 Benefits of a Virtual Office to Your Company

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Thanks to the benefits that a virtual office brings to the table, employees can maintain a good sense of work-life balance, while employers can easily overcome the challenges of handling an offshore team. Combined with flexible policies, a virtual office space will allow your employees to work according to their preferences. Technology continues to change the way we interact with each other.

Hosted vs. Behind-the-firewall LMS – How To Decide?

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If your organization has a strict (and I mean really strict) policy of not using hosted services for LMS (or other business applications), then you don’t have an option but to opt for a behind-the-firewall implementation. In case your organization’s policy is flexible, then of course OnDemand / hosted services are feasible options to start with. Purchasing and implementing an LMS for your organization is a business-critical activity.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

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For example, metal welders on offshore oil and gas rigs need to complete and maintain diverse certifications. For example, hiring companies must ensure that the following items are up-to-date for every employee and contractor: Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Documentation – This includes the contracting company’s policies and program guidelines, work hours, incident reports and injury reports. Extended enterprise compliance isn’t a one-way street.

5 Shifts to Move to Mega-Deal Thinking & Catch Whales: Overcoming Small-Deal Syndrome (Summit Replay)

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I’m a 1% top performer at Oracle, and have been on and off for the past seven years. We moved from using more offshore people, we moved to onshore people. It’s kind of a one off process where you go and try to chase them.

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Sexual Harassment Compliance Training: Teaching Employees It’s Not a ‘Joke’ – It’s Harassment

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Not calling employees in on their day off is also covered under that omnibus, but attitudes seem to have shifted over the course of millennia.). “You know you got a cute little ass,” a supervisor allegedly told the 21-year-old Oncale, the lowest-ranking man on an eight-man crew cooped up together on one of Sundowner Offshore Services’ oil rig. The elements of an effective anti-harassment policy and how to use it.

Why You Should Outsource E-learning to India

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By utilizing the time-zone difference between your country and the offshore e-learning vendor, you can significantly reduce the development time, resulting in quicker turnarounds. Outsourcing laws and policies in India are drafted to protect the interests of overseas clients. Developing your e-learning course in-house might seem like a good idea. However, course development can be a complicated process, involving many intricate technicalities.

LearnUpon – The best LMS in Australia


LearnUpon had just set off on their journey to be the best Learning Management System (LMS) in Australia when I first spoke with the CEO, Brendan Noud. “I’m They also encourage industry to have a role in policy direction through bodies like Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). The importance of access on the go has been especially important for their clients, many of whom are in rural parts of Australia or on offshore oil rigs.

eLearning Conferences 2011

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link] or [link] December 1, 2010 UNESCO-Commonwealth of Learning Policy Form on Open Educational Resources (OER): Taking OER beyond the OER Community – Policy and Capacity, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France. Clayton Wright has done his amazing list of conferences again this year and has asked me to post again. Past years eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. You can contact him at:

The Contours of Our Times: Broadband & Intangibles

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However, when Starbucks recently opened its first stores in Vienna, who have a tradition of great coffee houses, it broke away from the great coffee houses' tradition of allowing smoking and stick with its no smoking policy. Yet this is slowly starting to slip away with offshoring. When I was stationed in Germany some time ago I found it interesting that there were McDonalds and KFCs located there.

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