Gartner Hype Cycle for Education, 2013

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I''ve heard of the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, but never realized there was one for Education. The 2013 Gartner Hype Cycle for Education takes a focused look at digitalization trends on learning technologies, showing things like Quantum and Affective Computing on the uptick; Big Data and MOOCs at the peak; ideas like BYOD Strategies slipping into the trough; Tablets climbing the Slope; with E-Book Readers, Self-Publishing, and Mashups hitting the plateau.

The Future of Work: As Gartner Sees It

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Earlier today, I stumbled on this bit of research on the Gartner site; while it dates back to August there’s some interesting speculation about the Future of Work. In addition, simulation, visualization and unification technologies, working across yottabytes of data per second, will demand an emphasis on new perceptual skills.”. - Tom Austin, Vice President and Gartner Fellow. This property is also implied in Gartner’s description of work swarms.

Gamification, Virtual Worlds and The Gartner Hype Cycle

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For those of you who do not know, the Gartner Hype Cycle is a graphical depiction of technology on a curve showing where technology is in terms of maturity.

L&D Talk: Gartners Emerging Tech Hype Curve, LMS Platforms, The Changing L&D Industry

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

L&D Talk is presented by - Get your FREE trial at - Today our panel discussion centered around the new Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies report.

Ten Technology Strategies for 2008 via Gartner Group

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Over at ComputerWorld , an article titled Gartner's top 10 strategic technologies for 2008:Whether you incorporate these technologies or not, they're not going away, the research firm says Here are three items from the list: Green IT --I don't view this as too much of a want to catch attention now a days, add green infront of anything.just like the letter "e" oh so long ago.

Gartner Hype Cycle - Critique and Deconstruction

Mark Oehlert

Does Gartner have client that are on the Hype Cycle? So I've seen this image a few times now - its kind of making the rounds. This one came from a post on Techcrunch. The comments on that post get pretty fired up about the worth of something like this.

Going Mobile for Enterprise Learning: Trends & Statistics

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According to Gartner Inc., Did you know that the average smartphone today is more powerful than the PCs that took two astronauts to the moon in 1969?! We bet you didn’t. Infographic Credit- ATD.

SuccessFactors Hires Gartner Analyst to Lead Development of HCM Software

CLO Magazine

A former Gartner analyst with 21 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry, Otter will aim to help SuccessFactors evolve a new generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) software and best practices. Otter has spent the past five years at Gartner, most recently as its research vice president covering HCM trends and technologies. Otter was Gartner''s lead analyst on SAP from 2009 to 2011.

Making Learning Fun: Gamification

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A Gartner report says that by 2015, 50% of organizations managing innovation processes will gamify aspects of their business.

The Average Joe imperative

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The moral of the story is deeper than the Gartner hype cycle. There once was a time when I thought Second Life was going to take over the world. Well, the virtual world. I was so impressed with the technology – and amazed at its availability for free!

5 Non-Financial ROIs of MOOCs

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They have been moving their way through the Gartner Hype Cycle , and it has just been over the past few months that they have started moving up the slope of enlightenment. Often when we talk about the ROIs of any type of training, we focus on things that can be easily monetized.

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How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


Through 2015, 80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership and over emphasis on technology.” – Gartner . THE QUOTE.

Top 20 Guides for Setting Up an Internal App Store


Gartner : This Gartner survey says that by 2017, 25 percent of the enterprises will have an Enterprise App Store for managing corporate-sanctioned apps on PCs and other mobile devices!

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21 Brilliant Resources for Up-skilling Learning Designers (for the Informal & Social Learning Age)


Gartner Report : Gartner says that 80 percent of social business efforts will not achieve intended benefits through 2015. THE QUOTE: “ Instructional designers need to run, not walk, away from classroom-thinking and get to the point of providing short, quick business focused learning points that are easily accessible when and where our learners need them. This means leveraging new technologies to deliver non-traditional instruction.”- Karl Kapp.

Gamification: Gimmick or game changer?


Gartner defines gamification as “ the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. ”. Employee Engagement

3 (Not So Secret) Secrets to Designing Effective Leadership Development Programs


According to a CEB (now Gartner) Learning and Development Roundtable study, 60% of frontline managers underperform during their first two years, driving performance gaps and … Continued.

Your Company Probably Isn’t Ready for Enterprise Social Tech

The Simple Shift

Most companies aren’t ready given the reports by Gartner and others regarding goals not being met. Is your organization thinking to employ enterprise social technology? I’d bet they aren’t really ready. Here’s a quick way to gauge readiness – The Innovation Matrix. What your company, like most companies, ultimately seeks when employing social tech is to […].

CRM + Performance Support = Business Value


Analysts such as Gartner, AMR, and Forrester Research have been studying the problem for more than a decade and each has issued alarming failure statistics at various times High CRM implementation failure rates are well-known.

How an LMS enables Olympic dreams and academic goals


In the early 1990s, Olympic downhill gold medalist Kerrin Lee-Gartner, while training vigorously to represent Canada at the 1992 games, was also a high school … Continued. Online Learning

Don’t Gamify Wild Bill

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Collaboration Experience Design Gamification Learning Experience Social Media Business EBay emergence Game mechanics Gartner intrinsic rewards Jesse Schell knowledge sharing Maryland Virginia BeachThere is a lot, actually a whole lot, of buzz over the past year about the gamification of business, specifically marketing, training, customer service. Much of it misses the simple point that it is the experience with it, the playfulness of it, that makes a game.

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Overcoming Barriers to PS--Yes, You Can!


In our post, Your Finger’s in the Dike and the Dam’s about to Burst, Bob referred to a Gartner study that shows IT spend on new systems and applications is expected to double in 2013.

Feat of Clay

Learning with e's

In a tacit homage to Gartner's theory, it's an interesting piece which asks some serious questions about the future of the microblogging tool. Tags: Ashton Kutcher James Clay Everitt Rogers Hype-Cycle Twitter Oprah Gartner's Hype-cycle

Big Data 101: Predictive Analytics in Talent Management

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Publications like The Atlantic , Harvard Business Review , and The New York Times have covered the topic, and institutions like Gartner have researched its application for organizations. Virtually There session recap. Big data has become a big deal for the modern workforce. So what does it mean for those of us in Human Resources and Training? Guest speaker Claire F.

Upcoming: 11/27 @ 11:30 CT2019 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

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Sure, Gartner originated the “Hype Cycle” for new technologies but Dr. Hicken made what is referred to as the “Hype Curve” famous amongst those in eLearning. Date: November 27 th @ 11:30 CT. Register Here. Consultant Dr. Hicken.

Developing Mobile Learning: Which Device Are Your Targeting?

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Here’s a forecast from Gartner about how the smart phone market could look like in 2015. Source: Gartner April 2011. Here’s another forecast – this one by IDC and released in March earlier this year, which is not very different from that of Gartner’s. Nevertheless for me key take away from both the Gartner & IDC reports are: There would probably be 3-4 platforms to target.

Mobile Learning Content Made Easy!


Claro Interview Claro Mobile Learning Claro Mobile Learning Examples dominKnow Gartner According to Gartner research, employees have taken control from corporate IT departments. In the future, [click link to visit website for full episode, links, other content and more!]. eLearningTV Episodes Interviews

3 Visions for the Future of EdTech

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The Gartner Group published a study back in 2015 which estimated that 20 billion devices would be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. Can we possibly know what the future holds? I don’t think we can, but we can certainly look to the horizon and consider what may be coming.

Key Mobile Milestone: Smartphone Sales Exceeded Feature Phones for the First Time [#mLearing]

mLearning Revolution

A new report by Gartner, which came out today, shows that for the first time, smartphone worldwide sales exceeded those of feature phones in the second quarter of 2013. You can read the full Gartner report here.

Mobile 164

Tech Headlines for June 2014

ATD Learning Technologies

Tech headlines for June 2014: Raytheon Study Confirms Learning Tech Has Positive Impact, Gartner Reports on Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2014, and E-Learning Job Market Report. Click here to read full version

Mobile Learning: Providing Employees Training When and Where They Need It

Designing Digitally

Gartner says that 70% of professionals will use their smartphones to do their work. Google had conducted a survey in 2016 that showed 80% of people have smartphones and 27% of the population use only smartphones as their device of choice.

Docebo Adds to 2016 Accolades with Ranking in List of Top 20 Learning Portals


The news also follows a string of recent accolades for our company, including being named a top cloud learning management system by GetApp (a Gartner company), ranking as the best corporate LMS in 2016 by FinancesOnline, and being named a top cloud LMS in the world for second quarter running.

Docebo 208

Tech Headlines for June 2014

ATD Learning Technologies

Tech headlines for June 2014: Raytheon Study Confirms Learning Tech Has Positive Impact, Gartner Reports on Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2014, and E-Learning Job Market Report. Click here to read full version

November 2010 Monthly Roundup: 5 Most Popular Posts

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The Future of Work: As Gartner Sees It. Highlights ten major changes that the world of work (and the workplace learning therein) will witness in the next ten year, as per the Gartner report “Watchlist: Continuing Changes in the Nature of Work, 2010-2020”.

Using Chatbots in eLearning

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A recent Gartner study stated that – “ Twenty-five percent of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020.”

Managing Changes with Start-Up Thinking and Employee-Driven Learning

CLO Magazine

According to global research and consultancy firm Gartner-CEB’s 2017 white paper, “Making Change Management Work,” an average organization has undergone at least five enterprise changes in the past three years.

Does Gamification Warrant The Hype?


Gartner. Gamification has been the buzz word of elearning for the past few years, but during many conversations with elearning professionals I have found that not everyone is convinced about its impact. The question lingers: is gamification still just hype?

May 9th: Delivering Content in an Increasingly Mobile World

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are smartphones, and Gartner predicts that tablet sales will outpace PC sales by 2017. More than half of the phones sold in the U.S. This reality has many organizations rethinking how they approach learning content and environments. What does a mobile-ready environment look like? What content is appropriate for mobile delivery? David Wentworth. Dan Medakovic. Join David Wentworth , Senior Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Dan Medakovic , V.P.

Mad about mobile ?!

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Is it time to hide behind your Gartner curve or are you are already getting stuck in and seeing results? If you believe the hype, we’re on the cusp of another revolution in online learning and this time it’s mobile. Get up to speed with this rapidly developing area by joining the E-Learning Network on Friday 6th July for a one day workshop at DeVere West One. Want to know more? See the eLN website for further info and to sign up for the day. accountancy e-learning legal

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Bad Gamification Won't Fix Bad eLearning: Seven Principles That Will by Fiona Quigley

Learning Solutions Magazine

According to the Gartner Hype Cycle for Education, though, gamification is sliding into the Trough of Disillusionment, where interest wanes as experiments and implementations fail to deliver. Gamification is the use of game elements to motivate people to complete tasks. This article connects poor gamification implementation and poor eLearning design, and it suggests what we can do about both. Design Strategies Games & Learning Training Strategies

A Conversation with Clark Aldrich -Part One

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Clark Aldrich first started writing about online learning and education as an e-learning analyst for the Gartner Group where he pioneered Gartner’s e-learning practice.