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How Mind Oasis is Connecting 3,000+ Students to Online Meditation


She… The post How Mind Oasis is Connecting 3,000+ Students to Online Meditation appeared first on Thinkific. Five years ago, Karuna Schwartz found herself on a month-long meditation retreat in the middle of the Arizona desert.

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Learning at the Great Oasis

Innovative Learning Group

A Learning Oasis. To the extent possible, time spent learning should be an oasis for employees to immerse themselves in an environment that reduces stress and helps focus their energy. The post Learning at the Great Oasis first appeared on ILG. Where can you go to get away from it all? Even miracles take a little time.

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Comparing eReading Devices for K12 Education


Top 5 eReading Devices for K12 Education: Kindle Oasis: A Premium eReader Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s flagship eReader. Kobo Clara HD: An Affordable and Feature-Rich eReader Unlike the Kindle Oasis, the Kobo Clara HD combines affordability with its impressive features.

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How to Use Moodle and Zoom to Personalize Learning


Virtual Learning Oasis : Moodle and Zoom work together to create a virtual learning oasis, offering students a refuge for personalized support and interaction. Instructors can set sail during regular virtual office hours, providing dedicated time for students to seek guidance and clarification.

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Comparing Ereading Devices: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect eReader


Other eReading Devices Kindle Oasis: A Premium Ereader Description: Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s flagship eReader, offering a premium reading experience with its high-resolution display, ergonomic design, and waterproofing.

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Webinar: 2 eLearning Features in Camtasia You Didn’t Know About

eLearning Brothers

Like a hidden oasis in a desert landscape, Camtasia Studio from TechSmith is a gem of a tool for the eLearning world.

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The Top 5 Sights and Sounds at ATD International 2016


While the conference itself provided an oasis for all things learning, the Inkling booth was truly a #knowledgeparadise. With a fun twist and culture on a traditional topic, it’s easy to understand how they’ve become standouts amongst the crowd. Chair Massage Giveaway.

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