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Learner Metrics Using Data Analytics in L&D

Dashe & Thomson

Organizations create and collect data across all areas of business, and the use of data analytics is a driving force in determining ROI and other high-impact business metrics.

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Metrics in Learning Analytics


Where dimensions frame a problem space, metrics in learning analytics are how to make sense of an analysis.

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Measuring Training Effectiveness: Metrics and Analytics for Educational Institutes, Corporates, and NGOs


Discover key metrics used to measure training effectiveness in educational institutes, corporates, and NGOs and assess the impact of training programs.

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Understanding Per-Learner Analytics in edX Insights


Per-learner analytics in edX Insights offers educators powerful tools to personalize learning, improve engagement, and enhance course effectiveness. This article delves into the benefits of per-learner analytics, key metrics to track, implementation strategies, challenges and solutions, and future trends in online education analytics.

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Tracking video performance in emails: 7 key metrics and analytics for success

simpleshow video maker

The post Tracking video performance in emails: 7 key metrics and analytics for success appeared first on simpleshow. Written by Lisa Hunchenko | 21st July 2023 Table of contents Lights, camera, action — and an inbox! As marketers.

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Metrics to Measure Corporate Training Effectiveness

Infopro Learning

Using analytics to measure learning data will help organizations to check the lagging indicators, create better learning experience, better knowledge retention and eventually productivity gains. While most LMSs take care of basic measurement, advanced analytics can help to evaluate the true cost and value of the training conducted.

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An HR Manager's Playbook On Learning Analytics: 6 Performance Metrics To Focus On

eLearning Industry

As learning analytics continues to advance and the amount of learner data that can be tracked grows, it can be difficult for HR managers to know which metrics are the best at measuring performance. Learn about the 6 metrics that HR managers should focus on to improve performance.

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