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We've all heard a lot about "microlearning." Over the last few years we've seen a growing use of the term "microlearning." Proponents also tend to favor video as the most effective medium. What is it, why is it, and does it work?

Microlearning, Mega Results

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The new buzzword in learning and development is microlearning. Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, bite-sized chunks. How long should microlearning be? How long microlearning courses should be, varies from organization to organization.

Finding The Best Microlearning Methods For Your Team


By now, you’ve probably heard of how microlearning is shaping up the future of learning and how much your team can benefit from it. You can try a variety of different microlearning methods and see how your team responds to them. Microlearning Methods. Videos.

9 Ways to Create Highly Effective Learning Videos

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Video-based learning is not an unknown concept. In fact, the method has full support of the learning and development industry. Another report by CGS revealed that video-based learning is one of the top methods for effective learning. Why Video-Based Learning?

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Fosway Group (2017), ’Fosway 9 – Grid Authoring Systems’ Share Stories with Screen Recording1 1 11Index: Table of contents @gomolearning User-Generated Videos: Tapping into Social Sharing2 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning. positively to screen-capture videos and usually watch.

Microlearning, Mega Results

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The new buzzword in learning and development is microlearning. Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, bite-sized chunks. HOW LONG SHOULD MICROLEARNING BE? How long microlearning courses should be, varies from organization to organization.

How long should microlearning be?


Or maybe it’s 4 minutes and 20 seconds (because that’s the average duration of a YouTube video nowadays). is the most popular question in the microlearning conversation, by far. With so many different microlearning explanations flying around, people are grasping to find some consistency in the concept. Since duration is a clear differentiator between microlearning and traditional tactics, that’s where the attention goes. So, how long should a burst of microlearning be?

The Ultimate Training Methods to Maximize Employee Productivity


From the restraints of the classroom to the immense expanse of the internet, training methods have definitely adapted to the unique needs of different generations of learners. The Active learning approach builds upon instructor-centric methods. Microlearning.

Incorporating A Blend Of Modern E-Learning Strategies- Microlearning, Gamification & Theme-based Learning To Drive Effective Change Management Process


To boost overall business performance during this change management process, it is very important to design and develop a proper communication method. An e-learning designed with effective strategies is impactful. This is the reason why, the blend of modern e-learning strategies such as microlearning , theme-based learning, gamification, spaced learning and more are implemented to smoothen the entire change management process.

Is Microlearning Effective for Corporate Training?


Microlearning can be the answer given its overall advantages. What is the Optimal Length of Microlearning? When talking about microlearning we all agree that it is about short, focused modules tackling a specific issue. Why is Microlearning Effective?

Agile Microlearning Explained

Personalized training is a powerful and effective approach that assesses an individual’s. organizations—even though it was much more effective than. techniques, deliver an extremely effective adaptive microlearning solution. described by the spacing effect).

Training Delivery Methods: Choosing the Right Modality for Your Content


The magic happens, though, when strong content is shared through the most effective training delivery methods, enabling the message to be absorbed, retained, and implemented by learners. So, how do you determine the most effective training delivery methods for your needs?

Microlearning Madness: 25 Great Resources

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Learning trends such as mobile, gamification, game-based learning, performance support, use of learning science and interactive video are all attempts to capture learner attention and engage them on a deeper level. Our 25 Favorite Microlearning Resources. Microlearning: Fab or fad?

Is Microlearning the Future of Education?


To combat this problem, experts in the field of education and training have been turning to microlearning. Microlearning, is an emergent learning process in which information is provided in small, very specific bursts to a learner. Key Features of Microlearning.

Microlearning: What is it? And What Benefits does it Offer?


In the world of elearning, microlearning has become a buzzword. In this post, our goal is to cover the basics and leave you with an understanding of: What Microlearning is and the benefits it can provide. What is Microlearning? The post Microlearning: What is it?

Microlearning: What It Is and What It Isn’t

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In the survey, we asked respondents to tell us what learning trends or new training delivery methods they are most excited about for 2017. Microlearning. 18% of respondents said they’re excited about microlearning for the year ahead. Some use short videos.

How Does the Blend of Social Learning and Microlearning Boost the Overall Learning Uptake?


In such instances, there is a huge scope to deliver effective e-learning solutions by blending social learning and microlearning strategies. Organizations prefer combining social learning with microlearning to boost the overall learning uptake.

Is Microlearning the Future of Education?


To combat this problem, experts in the field of education and training have been turning to microlearning. Microlearning, is an emergent learning process in which information is provided in small, very specific bursts to a learner. Key Features of Microlearning.

Megatrends in MOOCs: #4 Microlearning Paths

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This larger picture here is not just a shift in how learning is measured, but an entire re-visioning of what effective training looks like. This has resulted in a new interest in microlearning, which is essentially any type of learning done in very short bursts.

How do you convert traditional training content to microlearning?


I’m often asked the following question: “How do you convert traditional content to microlearning?” Well, not exactly … Before we get into the details, first, let’s revisit the definition of microlearning : Microlearning is an approach to training that delivers content in short, focused bites. That’s not microlearning. The process of “converting” your content to microlearning begins with the question “What is the most important issue facing our business right now?”

5 Ways To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Microlearning

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Microlearning theory has been in been existence from at least the mid-2000’s, although its roots go back to the nineteenth century. In recent years, however, microlearning has become popular due to it being an incredibly effective way of learning, retaining and applying new knowledge. Corporate organizations are investing in microlearning due to their understanding of the needs of the modern learner. Microlearning Increases Retention.

A Complete Guide to Microlearning


This famous theory suggests that traditional training methods can result in low rates of retention over time. One of these is microlearning – learning in short, meaningful bursts that can be carried out more regularly. Here’s our complete guide to microlearning.

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Why Microlearning Is the Best Way to Train Sales Teams


Effective salespeople are masters of a complex skillset. L&D can help accelerate the learning curve by delivering sales training in a format that’s highly effective in a short amount of time. Microlearning E-learning

How To Improve Remote Worker Training With Microlearning

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Benefits Of Microlearning. Microlearning is also called bite-sized learning or content chunking. This pedagogical method is proven to improve retention and is particularly effective for remote worker training. Microlearning For Remote Worker Training.

The Perfect Duo: 4 Reasons Videos and Microlearning Go Together

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Microlearning has become the new favorite in the e-learning world, thanks to the growing number of employees who belong to the millennial generation. However, how can you design microlearning so that it hits the target each time, every time? Videos are no doubt a hot e-learning trend.

Microlearning 2018 – Top Trends

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Microlearning has been around for a very long time. In that time it’s developed rapidly to the point where some recent innovations in microlearning are already looking long in the tooth. So what is Microlearning in 2018? Microlearning 2018 – What’s looking old?

10 Best and Worst Types of Microlearning

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There are various types of microlearning with some forms being considerably older or more effective than others. Types of Microlearning: GIFs. It’s underused in the world of L&D but it’s effective and a webpage full of them is likely to be returned to many times over.

The Most Effective Methods to Align with the Modern Learner


But older professionals would prefer these same methods if they grew up with the mobile web at their fingertips to. Of all the different training methods organizations are using to align to the modern learner which ones are most effective and can be best measured? This could be responding with a video, uploading a picture, etc. Microlearning. Breaking down content into small digestible chunks can be an extremely effective way to align with the modern learner.

Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods To Teach Staff More


Today’s talent development software really can provide an engaging arena where employees can work together in small breakout “rooms”, take surveys and polls, watch videos and more. Microlearning. Corporate leaders understand that employee turnover is expensive.

This Is Why Microlearning Tools Are The Future Of Learning


New microlearning tools are changing the way we receive and deliver information. What Makes Microlearning Tools So Great? That’s where a flexible microlearning tool comes into play. Use microlearning tools that can be accessed anywhere.

Are You Ready to Deliver Microlearning?

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Microlearning is a hot topic in talent development, but it seems to be vaguely defined. Many in the field refer to microlearning as learning that occurs in bite-sized chunks. ” What these types of definitions lack are the actual time limits microlearning should fit.

Microlearning – Meeting Corporate Training Demands, Successfully

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Microlearning is the key to all these demands and more; and because the requirements of learners are met, its outcome is exponentially greater than traditional methods of training. Related Posts Why Is Microlearning The Optimal Training Solution For Today’s Workforce?

Blended Training: A Host of Delivery Methods to Choose From

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Blending different training delivery methods gives your employees a chance to learn and work at the same time. Let’s look at five benefits of using an array of delivery methods. Improves the overall effectiveness of training: . Which of these delivery methods have you used?

How To Deliver the Best Microlearning

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Microlearning has really taken the eLearning sector by storm thanks to its numerous benefits. This post explores how to deliver the best microlearning practices. Short Explainer Videos. Short explainer videos have already demonstrated their effectiveness when it comes to engaging learners. With no cost involved, companies can embrace social media video distribution, by starting an official YouTube account, WhatsApp account or IGTV.

From Enforcement to Engagement – Microlearning for Safety Training

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This method of delivering training content is called Microlearning. Let us see how microlearning can be used effectively in different parts of the learning cycle. This is how you can use microlearning in the different phases of the safety training learning cycle.