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Revisiting personal learning

Clark Quinn

And I was reminded of it thinking about personal learning, and looked at it again. So here’s a mindmap of personal learning, and the associated thinking. And, of course, you can ask, using your network, or Quora, or in any social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook. What am I missing?

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Beyond Automation: How AI elevates personalized learning journeys


Attensi INSIGHTS Beyond Automation: How AI elevates personalized learning journeys Many of us already use AI to automate basic tasks like summarizing texts, generating training content, or editing scripts. AI and personalized learning The solution lies in using AI to elevate learning journeys.


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It’s Facebook Week on Share&Learn

Jane Hart

It’s Facebook Week on Share&Learn 15-19 August. Each weekday there will be a discussion on a different aspect of using Facebook for learning. Mon 15 Aug – Using Facebook for personal learning/professional development. Tue 16 Aug – Facebook groups and learning.

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What is personalized learning? An individual’s learning program is driven by their abilities, interests, and goals; they have control over (and responsibility for) their developmental destiny. Personalized learning is not new; in fact, it predates the classroom. Personalized Learning Drives Engagement.

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Adaptive eLearning: Sorting Content for Personalized Learning Pathways


It’s how Facebook knows who your friends might be or how Amazon knows the shampoo you like. It’s evident that everyone in the tech world is obsessed with data: it is the fuel behind the ad you just saw and the email you just received. It can be creepy, but data is powerful.

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Facebook Apprenticeship

Clark Quinn

Jay Cross has an interesting post about using Facebook in the organization, and makes a connection I hadn’t seen (and wish I had :).  He’s citing another post on FaceBook and the Enterprise, where JP Rangaswami posits that Facebook can be used to allow individuals to track what their bosses are doing, as role models.Â

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Infographic: State of Personalized Learning


Read time: 2 mins What is the current state of “personalized learning”? There has been a lot of talk about personalized learning and that conversation is going to continue. The post Infographic: State of Personalized Learning appeared first on EdCast.