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Social Networks

Clark Quinn

This week we looked at Social Networks. Here are some thoughts on this topic, especially thoughts around social networks for learning. Starting with Social Networking was a blessing and a curse. Social networks have a tendency to be a bit messy.

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It’s Facebook Week on Share&Learn

Jane Hart

It’s Facebook Week on Share&Learn 15-19 August. Each weekday there will be a discussion on a different aspect of using Facebook for learning. Mon 15 Aug – Using Facebook for personal learning/professional development. Tue 16 Aug – Facebook groups and learning.


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Revisiting personal learning

Clark Quinn

And I was reminded of it thinking about personal learning, and looked at it again. So here’s a mindmap of personal learning, and the associated thinking. And, of course, you can ask, using your network, or Quora, or in any social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook.

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eLearning Storyboarding: How to Get Started


Share on facebook. Share on linkedin. Branching to personalize learning outcomes. Share on twitter. Share on email. Take it from us: We know that creating compelling, engaging, and impactful eLearning takes a village. Plan your knowledge checks or minigames as a way to offer a “rest” from instruction.

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Beyond Automation: How AI elevates personalized learning journeys


Attensi INSIGHTS Beyond Automation: How AI elevates personalized learning journeys Many of us already use AI to automate basic tasks like summarizing texts, generating training content, or editing scripts. AI and personalized learning The solution lies in using AI to elevate learning journeys.

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Keys to Hacking Virtual Networking

Learning Rebels

Everything from personal interest items such as crocheting to grilling to professional interest items like Project Managers to Accountants. For this post, I’m going to focus on LinkedIn and finding and sustaining a network connection. So, what did I find in LinkedIn? No stone left unturned. Step 1: Engage.

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Learning isn’t Linear

Association eLearning

To put this into context, let’s take a broader look at how learning occurs. People sometimes think that the rate of learning (skill, knowledge, wisdom, etc.) They picture a line moving steadily upward as a person learns. Learning isn’t linear. Share this on Facebook. Share this on LinkedIn.

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