XML Workflow: The New Content Process Publishers Need

Magic EdTech

In an XML-last workflow, tagging is done after print files are complete. Among the publishers using or adopting XML-first were scholarly book and journal publishers, educational or textbook publishers, trade and university presses, and professional publishers.

LearnDash Program with 10,000+ Users


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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

IBM I only briefly mentioned how other organizations are adopting these tools in a big way - The Wall Street Journal - June 18 2007 - social networking at IBM 26,000 registered blogs. Ranking, tagging, top stories Tags link back to the tagger's BluePages profile IBM owns more than 50 islands in Second Life. Last week I presented a session at ASTD TechKnowledge entitled eLearning 2.0 - Applications and Implications. It could just as easily have been called Web 2.0

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