10 Online Training Survey Questions You Must Ask


Surveys provide actionable information for all kinds of online training environments. When you gather feedback from training participants through the right post-training survey questions , you get a feel of the quality of training, what learners feel about it, necessary areas for improvement, and whether you need to change your training approach. Importance of Framing the Right Training Survey Questions. This can’t be truer than when you speak of surveys.

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

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CAGE For the creatives, Cage is a visually-pleasing project-management platform that boasts "making sharing work with clients easy." Why You'll Love it: Zoho Showtime is a great option for training with its interactive presentations, polls, surveys and mobile ability. Plus, Zoho Social (which mimics a social media interface), allows document management, create networks with your partners/clients, chat and exchange ideas with your employees. Knowledge Management


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Collaborative Learning Anthropologist and Specialist (CLA): Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Learning Career or Job Opportunities

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Social Network Architect - designs, implements and leads network projects (Project leaders and managers). What is needed is the ability to constantly poll, survey, and make small studies with your audience. It's like "The Survey Says", sounds familiar? The CLA constantly runs surveys, publishes studies and links resources and comments. Future jobs, now, today! Collaborative Learning Specialists - of all types!

How Online Training can Lead your Sales Team to Success


The ‘gap’ between an excellent sales professional and a poor one hinges on their skills, knowledge and motivation. Or, they can utilize the online self-assessments to identify knowledge gaps and select the most appropriate training module. In conventional product knowledge courses, cost often escalates due to money spent on printing training materials, scheduling of sessions, hiring instructor and more. – Carry out surveys or poll.

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ProProfs Training Maker Bags Category Leader Award at Crozdesk


ProProfs Training Maker clinches the category leader award at a survey conducted by Crozdesk , a leading software search platform. While user ratings stand out at an impressive 4.5/5, ProProfs Training Maker also garnered outstanding scores in the Learning Management Category (88/100) and the user satisfaction category (88/100). Not only you can improve learning outcomes, but you can also build on your existing knowledge for a delightful learning experience.

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How to Choose the Right Online Quiz Tool for Your Business


by creating a knowledge test). Strengthen knowledge after employee or customer training sessions. Create interactive surveys to meet market research goals of your business. Assessments compel learners to retain the knowledge gained and eventually, earn their completion certificate. However, this quiz type may not be suitable for a knowledge quiz. Choose a quiz software that comes integrated with a poll maker and a survey maker.

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10 Online Quiz Makers

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Throughout their time in your company, training is important to keep your employees’ knowledge up to date with the updated regulations, best practices, and qualifications. . You know where each employee’s knowledge gaps are so you can improve existing lessons and modules.

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The Importance of Data Reporting in Learning Management System


Run polls, surveys, and questionnaires to assess the gaps in such courses and fill them all, one at a time. Do learners need additional resources to supplement existing knowledge in the courses? Time log reports in your Learning Management System gives you details about the time each learner spends in completing their courses. The post The Importance of Data Reporting in Learning Management System appeared first on ProProfs Learning and Knowledge Management Resources.

7 Things to Consider While Creating Gamified Online Training Courses


Luckily, there are ways such as conducting surveys, polls, and assessments through which you can know your audience better and customize your training course accordingly. The main motive of adding the gaming element is to engage your learners in a decision-making process so that they enhance their knowledge without getting bored.

Is Staff Training the Answer to Poor Performance?


Here are few other issues that could be causing performance problems: Micromanagement. Absentee management. Unclear priorities. Poor resources. Sometimes managers feel pressure to make sure everything their team does meets an exacting standard. This often happens in demanding, high-stress jobs, especially if managers themselves are held to unreasonable standards without support from their superiors. Absentee management creates disconnected employees.

Unifying Communication Between Departments

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Even in the past few years, managers could answer this question by quickly flipping through their datebooks. But that 20 percent also represents an opportunity for employees and companies to improve time management through technology. By surveying people about their tech favorites, you might discover some solutions you’ve never heard of and would like to add to your suite of options. That number rose to 37 percent among survey respondents in IT.

10 free test maker tools

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EdApp’s free leadership training helps you and your team lead better with courses like “Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles” and “Team Cohesion.”. Keep your team safe with “The Basics of First Aid,” “Managing Risk,” and “New Hire Safety Orientation.”. Business Management.

6 Ways Digitally-Enabled Learning Improves Productivity


“According to i4cp surveys, improving employee productivity is one of the most important people-management issues, with almost 9 out of 10 participants predicting that the issue will grow in importance over the next decade.”. There are a host of job satisfaction surveys and articles which cover the statistics. Employee Needs Satisfied: Communication, community, relationships, feedback, reduction of daily hassles, organizational support, knowledge).

How eLearning Software Can Boost Productivity During L&D Implementation


Implementing a rock-solid learning and development strategy can help employees learn new skills in almost every conceivable vertical; whether it’s software development, change management or simply soft skills. “ As much as ERP is critical to a manufacturing supply chain environment, e-learning is critical in a knowledge dependent supply chain environment.”. Larry Pereira, Motorola.

CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

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For many training managers and directors, the position of chief learning officer represents a career path. That very question was asked in a recent survey by Chief Learning Officer magazine of executives who are members of its Business Intelligence Board. Representing a mixed group, with backgrounds ranging from traditional training and development to general management, all were fairly uniform in their answers. Strategic Management. General Management.

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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

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As such, I'm trying to: Report and discuss the results of an introductory survey that I conduct (thanks to the suggestion via Conference Breakout Sessions ). This is something that gets discussed as emergent: see Emergent Knowledge Management , Direction of eLearning - Emergence or Big System , and Future Platforms for eLearning. Adoption Opportunities (Survey Part 1) Prior to the start of the session, I handed out 100 copies of a brief survey.

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The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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The objective of this white paper is to provide guidance related to the planning of e-learning solutions as well as to present a survey of the many instructional and technological building blocks that should be considered as part of your solution. It will also be an essential element in engaging the support of all stakeholders including senior management, the development team and participating employees. Learning Management Systems. Knowledge Management System.

Hr Training Software: What Makes It Your Wisest Business Investment


As one of the greatest assets of an organization, the human resources team plays a paramount role in managing employees and administering employment laws. Whether it is recording daily attendance of employees, managing their leaves, or addressing grievances, HR is one of the busiest departments in any organization. Only regular training can provide them the necessary knowledge about such mandatory laws. ? Quizzes , surveys , & polls.

195 posts about MOOCs

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From Learning Management to Personal Knowledge Management. Acquiring new knowledge and skills – e.g. in webinars, online workshops, MOOCs , and through videos and screencasts, etc. “If Knowledge Transfer STEPHEN DOWNES: HALF AN HOUR | FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011. Open Course: Learning Analytics and Knowledge GEORGE SIEMENS | MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2013. LCT Poll. Should knowledge be a commodity? Page 1 of 2. Previous | Next. GEORGE SIEMENS.

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So many thoughts, so little time

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Gurteen Knowledge-Log , January 2, 2009. Ofsted survey – Virtual learning environments: an evaluation of their development in a sample of educational settings - Fortnightly Mailing , January 13, 2009. What’s Next After Knowledge Management? Poll Everywhere : Use Twitter in PowerPoint , May 27, 2009. The Community Manager , March 9, 2009.

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Free learning & development webinars for May 2017

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For example, if a survey of your land finds that the lot lines aren't where you thought they were, you may need to change the location of the house you want to build. Join Dr. Allen Partridge for this overview of Adobe's Learning Management System, Adobe Captivate Prime. Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 9AM – 10AM PT: 7 for 7: Increase Channel Sales 7x with Modern Learning Channel managers are optimistic about 2017. What you'll learn: What "knowledge hosting" is, and why it matters.

SMBs and Social Learning Technologies

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Some notes: Polls: Most attending work in L&D with some HR, IT, and learning services providers. More and more, learning management system companies are seeing the need to expand their solutions beyond a learning environment where classes and courses are the center of activity. ideas for starting out): give people something to do there, a reason to visit (build around the work), obtain management support, plan for change management if the culture is being changed.,