15 Websites to Source Images for E-learning Modules [Infographic]

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Images play an important role in conveying information and engaging learners in eLearning courses. They make explanation simple, complement onscreen text, and reduce cognitive load. But obtaining the right pictures can be a difficult task, especially for specialized subjects.

Host Student Websites with Google Drive

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You can break them down into three roles: HTML ? programming language that brings interactivity to websites. A problem I ran into when I was teaching a basic web design course was that I didn’t have a good way to host or display student websites.

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New Add-On Brings Instructor Role!


To create an instructor, simply create a new user (or edit an existing one) from your USERS menu and set their role to “Instructor” Now when this user logs into your site they will be presented with a custom admin panel where they can begin creating their own courses.

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How I Make an Audio Podcast for Website Information

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There is still a role for audio podcasts on websites. [.]. Question from a client: We have new information to tell our clients, but we aren’t ready to make videos. We’d like to create an interim audio podcast to provide this information in a simple and accessible format. How do we do this using a PC? Client question Development Podcast

Which Social Media Website Do Digitals Prefer Most and Why?

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Focusing on their main prospects, Facebook is also striving to satisfy the digitals by keeping them engaged through external websites and mobile phones. Nothing has ever defined the true potential of technology and digital media better than Social Media.

Establish Business Mentoring Programs in the Workplace in 5 Easy Steps

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Business mentoring programs have a major role to play in running a business successfully. eLearning Blog website_blog Business Mentoring Programs employee Mentoring Programs

6 Reasons You Need a Social LMS Right Now!

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“People want to go online and check out their friends, so why not build a website that offers that? To change the role of the instructor. Friends, pictures, profiles, whatever you can visit, browse around, maybe it’s someone you just met at a party.

Improve Your Sales Training in 4 Easy Ways using a Blended Learning Approach

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Classroom training provides sales professionals the space to enact sales-scenarios using role-play games. eLearning Blog website_blog Blended Learning for Sales Training Improve Sales Training using Blended Learning Sales Training Using Blended Learning Sales Training Using eLearning

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

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I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Carter McNamara Developer and Director at Free Management Library Regarding what a learning consultant does, I recommend reading the Chief Learning Officer magazines articles about various organizational roles around learning. You can go to his website to get these: [link].

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

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In addition to this, point systems, leader boards, and timed challenges/quizzes are a few ways gamification can play an important role in your training strategy. Corporate learning has now become one of the main business elements in organizations that want to focus on employee training.

Is Understanding People Important for eLearning Design?

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Use of effective images, videos, and content have an important role to play in measuring the overall efficiency of learning programs. design eLearning Blog website_blog eLearning Course Design Principles eLearning design best Practices eLearning design principles elearning design tips

Grow Your Organization by Developing a Learning Culture

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In an organization, the learning curve of employees plays a major role in determining overall progress. A major outcome of training is having employees who are prepared for a bigger role.

Reasons to opt for Micro-Learning for Corporate Training

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Today, organizations are always on the lookout for ways to improve comprehension and retention levels of their employees, and this is where micro-learning plays a significant role. Times have changed and so have the needs of learners and their learning patterns.

Conflicting personas: social media as an ‘AND’ role (initially titled ‘AND’ job which is entirely inappropriate, even for this blog)

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These dueling roles have created a persona issue for me. teaching about my “AND&# role. These are all related to my “AND&# role. I’ve got information to share about both roles.

Ideal Job Roles for Digitals – The Person-Technology Fit

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A recent survey by CareerBuilder informs us that 45% employers now search for candidates on social media websites, compared to 28% in 2008. If not employed, people from the same digital generation tend to make associations with these social media sites, for instance, website owners who tend to encourage marketing and advertising through social media channels.

Avoid Social Learning Overload: 9 Techniques for Managing Your PLN

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This doesn't just happen: becoming a successful modern learner means taking an active role in creating, curating, and maintaining your Personal Learning Network (PLN). On Fridays, this blog series will explore YOU as a modern learner.

Girls Go Tech website

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Girls Go Tech provides information on how math, science and technology play an important role in the world around us. Includes technical career information and games that introduce math, science and technology concepts. Check it out: [link

Dev Corner - Roles and Authorization

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Camtasia Relay has always had a notion of role-based access control (RBAC) but depending on how RBAC is implemented in your application you can run into problems extending your security-related business logic in the future. Sidebar: ASP.NET Roles.

Comparing 2D and 3D Learning Affordances

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Same Website. Role Plays. The table below compares the affordances of 2D Synchronous Learning with 3D Synchronous Learning. Sensibility. 2D Synchronous. Learning. 3D Synchronous. Learning. Sense of Self. Emoticon. Avatar. Death of Distance. Same Time. Same Time. Same Place. Power of Presence. Disembodied. Embodied. Pervasiveness of Practice. Exercises. Walk Throughs. Sense of Space. Limited to. Sharing a screen. Virtually Unlimited Space and Scale. Collaboration. Document.

Curator; A new role for the instructional designer


We all know the world of learning is changing rapidly and with that new tasks and roles will emerge. One of the most important roles is Curator. In this post I will look at the curation role in more detail and show you how easygenerator will facilitate the curation process.

Top Learning Trends for 2017 (according to the experts)


Website: [link]. L&D will have a new role and create many disruptions. Almost every profession is advancing faster than ever, and even employees in sales, service, and operational roles need regular updates on programs, processes, and core skills to stay productive and grow.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Job Description

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Thursday, May 31, 2007 My Job Description I work at a small e-Learning company, which means I play lots of different roles. The website copy. ID is a role with that specific responsibility. and what are the roles?

Snagit Helps Customer Play Multiple Roles in Small Business

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And often, employees play multiple roles within the organization. Whether working with colleagues or customers, Ally is able to efficiently play multiple roles at Café Milano. To learn more about Café Milano, visit their website. Being a small business is tough.

eLearning is now created by people with no e-Learning background

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They did not have an LMS or website to host the courses on. So we created an extra tool that will help you create learning objectives based on Blooms taxonomy; we call it the Learning Objective maker and we made it available for anyone for free on our website.

Curated Insights: What does it mean to modernize workplace learning?


It’s time for L&D leaders to restore relevance by reimagining their role in workplace learning and performance. Jane is my go-to thought leader when it comes to modern workplace learning, and its not just because modernworkplacelearning.com is one of her awesomely informative websites.

Free E-Learning Tutorial: Video for Organisational Learning

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This is the first in a series of three podcasts exploring the role of video in organisational learning. Episode 29 is embedded below: Author : Buffer, Inc Website : [link] -->.

#ASTD2014 keynote: Kevinn Caroll: Play

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went into the army as translate for 10 years, than became an NBA coach and ended up with Nike in a free role he called ‘Katalyst’ A role where he helped others turn ideas and dreams into practice.He An inspiring keynote that is hard to catch in a blog or a mind map.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Now against the backdrop of such information, it is interesting to explore what role mobiles are playing in shaping up the workplace learning scenario. companies implemented HTML5 on their corporate websites.

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E-learning Solutions in the Healthcare Sector: Creating Knowledge and Enlightenment


G-Cube developed an interactive learning module for a medical website, created by a leading specialist in India. The website is a social forum for patients to search information on specialized medical procedures.

Why Instructional Design matters

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Some would argue that instructional design doesn’t matter and is “old style” I think a good instructional designer is going to know HOW to best support learning and when a good instructional designer thinks an e-learning course is a good fit, they know it’s different than a website. This role is mainly related to the styling and layout of pages with content, including text and images.” ( https://www.techopedia.com/definition/23888/web-designer ).

The difference between designing online and face-to-face workshops

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Even if you take on the role of e-facilitator as well, you still need to plan (i.e. There is more information about both workshops on the training and mentoring page on the website. Happy New Year to all of you, dear blog readers!

Do Your Learners Know the ‘Why’?

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Sometimes training is too general and not meaningful to learners in their specific role. They will be comparing it against the fabulous user experiences provided by consumer-facing websites and mobile apps.

Examples of Organizations Who Have Top Business Training Programs

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The popular career website Glassdoor.com lists the Top 25 Companies to work for based on career opportunities, the top 7 we list here: 1. Suncor is said to offer limitless opportunities to learn and define your own role and career path. There is a real war for talent occurring today.

Five Drivers to Organisational Learning

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let’s take a look at these, and our role in promoting these drivers. Organisationally, our role is to allow staff to be curious and to provide them the means to satisfy their curiosity. Author : Buffer, Inc Website : [link] -->.

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Curated Insights: Writing Good Questions


Her website is a treasure trove of research, resources and practical ideas on how to use this learning strategy to strengthen knowledge retention. Will reinforces the need for good questions that serve a more important role than simple knowledge assessment.

Easygenerator is looking for an International sales representative

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Do you have at least two years of experience in (online) sales, are you ambitious and do you want to play a key role in accelerating the growth of Easygenerator? Website. International sales representative. Easygenerator is eLearning software with a very specific focus on people who do not have an e-Learning background. Easygenerator is used and sold globally (mostly in North America, Europe and Australia).

Can Poor LMS Interface Jeopardize Learning?

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As you read further, you will find out the skills you need as an instructional designer and the critical role an instructional designer (ID)plays in creating a successful course. Ambiguous navigation – Have you ever been lost while browsing a website?