#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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Not sure how SAP will eventually impact the system, but for today it stands strong. Here are #25 to #11 for 2012. 2012 e-learning e-learning vendors education human captial management learning learning management system LMS m-learning mobile learning TinCan learning management systems

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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Kinect technology and gesture free will equally make an appearance in 2012. I am projecting that the number of vendors who enter this space to start slow, but gain steam – at least with some aspect, by the end of 2012. If you had to decide which of the following: AR or Kinect technology will be more widely used in 2012, I’m betting on Kinect technology. This is my major hot trend for 2012. Based on what I am seeing, 2012 is going to be the best yet.

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Top 50 eLearning Posts For 2011

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The Gamification Of SAP. On behalf of the entire Upside Learning team, I wish you a joyous and prosperous 2012. One week into the New Year it’s the right time to look back on the year gone by.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

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As 2012 draws to a close, its time to evaluate how in focus my lens on the future of enterprise mobile learning proved to be this past year and how many of my year ago predictions hit their targets. There will be more types of devices and ways to connect with our mobile learning world in 2012.

How Do You Get Leaders to Change?

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Stefan Stenzel, a senior HR expert and manager of learning programs for global leadership development at SAP, said “each of them has her/his own immunity to change, which has to be analyzed. Emphasizing dialogue, data, respect and patience can make change happen. Change is hard. The brain is wired to detect any change in the environment as a threat.

Building Convenience Stores for Learning

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Fortunately, systems like Oracle eBusiness Suite and SAP are becoming much more flexible. As an example, a colleague recently worked with a client to embed learning and support content directly into SAP transactions screens.

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Excerpt from Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning

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SAP—an inter-enterprise software development and implementation company—needed to provide their project managers with a learning experience to address a specific challenge—managing teams whose members were scattered across the globe. With team members in Germany, Japan, America, and India, a SAP project manager must contend with issues such as cultural differences, time zones, disparate expectations, communication styles, and other issues a local team may not encounter.

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How to have a Happy Ending to Your ERP System Implementation Story

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Implementing an ERP system – whether it’s SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX – is a big, hairy deal. Ensuring that end users learn the new system, embrace it as part of their daily work routine, and use it effectively is a daunting task.

Psst. You wanna buy some features?

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HRIS integration – At one time systems said ERP integration with SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft for example, now the new buzz: HRIS integration – Lawson. LMS vendors are continuing to add some very unique features in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition. These expand past the standard feature sets, which I call 90/10. This is to say that 90% of features most folks seek are nearly universal in a LMS – low cost or otherwise.

Answering your LMS Questions

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Can integrate with various HRIS or ERP systems including Oracle, SAP, Lawson. How many of you have posted questions regarding LMSs on Quora, Linkedin or the various other social media sites available on the net? How many of you have had hundreds of comments as a result of these questions, and than rather than solve it, create only more confusion? How many of you have seen vendors respond to your questions? How many times have you wished they didn’t? I need a LMS.

Revamping 70-20-10

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It became a foundation for the work at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), which continues today and has been adopted by many global organizations — including IBM, SAP, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Farmers Insurance and American Express. The 70-20-10 model for professional development is a valuable but dated approach in need of a checkup. There is a core set of frameworks that support the way organizational learning and development is conducted.

How to have a Happy Ending to Your ERP System Implementation Story

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Implementing an ERP system – whether it’s SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX – is a big, hairy deal. I’ve seen week-long SAP training courses covering over 100 procedures for people who plan and scheduled production in a manufacturing plant.

When Social means Business …

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Although not yet confirmed, it comes hot on the heels of other social media buy outs such as Salesforce.com snapping up Buddy Media for close to $700 million to complement its existing Chatter social media platform; Oracle adding Collective Intellect and Vitrue to its portfolio of social media-related acquisitions and SAP acquiring Ariba for $4.3 Last week news was abounding that Microsoft are about to announce their acquisition of social media company Yammer for $1.2B.

Using Storytelling to Add the Why to ERP Training

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I’ve seen week-long SAP training courses covering over [.] Let’s face it…ERP training is typically boring at best and utterly overwhelming at worst.

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LMSs, TMs and HCMs

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Taleo, which as many of you know, was purchased by SAP. And now a brief announcement: Shocking news! SumTotal is calling their product a Human Capital Management system. Sure, they offer a separate LMS called SumTotal Maestro, but their TM has surprisingly (not really) been morphed into a HCM, will others follow? Oh wait, others were starting the trend. Never mind, now back to our regular scheduled blog. The Taleo Spin.

Using Storytelling to Add the Why to ERP Training

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I’ve seen week-long SAP training courses covering over 100 procedures for people who plan and scheduled production in a manufacturing plant. Let’s face it…ERP training is typically boring at best and utterly overwhelming at worst.

Oracle buys Taleo - Cloud Tech is Important! Are you Still Avoiding Cloud Services?

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The big news here is that Oracle rival SAP recently acquired SuccessFactors which is a rival of Taleo. Interesting news this morning comes in the form of an acquisition by Oracle. Here is the press release from Taleo regarding being purchased by Oracle.


Fortitude – the mix of intuition, courage and boldness

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Resources provide value and to waste them saps the energy they provide. When asked to develop a learning program we are often provided, initially at least, with three pieces of information. The context is usually provided and you know the typical scenarios. “we we need to roll out a new system”; “we need to increase sales”; “there been some customer complaints about service”. and so it goes on. Then the conversation usually expands along these lines. “we

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Grades of success and failure

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The sad irony is that children arrive on their first day in school with this thirst, but it is gradually sapped from them as they progress through the punishing cycle of teaching and testing. 2012) Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximising Impact on Learning: Abingdon: Routledge.

Saba to Acquire Halogen Software in 2017’s First Big HR Technology Deal

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Though it’s certainly not on the scale of cloud-based talent management software blockbusters like 2012’s $1.9 billion SAP-SuccessFactors acquisition , this could be the next wave in smaller companies building broader HR technology suites.

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MOOCs are Focusing on Fundamentals

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It has been argued that MOOC-mania rose to its peak in 2012, which the famously called “The Year of the MOOC” by the New York Times. Learning in a number of organizations is passing through immense change.

Megatrends in MOOCs: #7 Gamification

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I’m not just talking about small companies here: Nike, Microsoft, SAP, Samsung, Deloitte—these are just some of the organizations that have introduced game elements into their training programs.

Announcing Bravais 1.2!


include: Analytics API: User access to tracking data and allows users to plug in third party reporting tools like SAP Crystal Reports. Bravais 1.2

Top 10 LMSs for 2013

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At the end of 2012, was #4, now it is #6. Why isn’t: SuccessFactors – I really liked this system in my previous rankings, but with a few new items I am hearing in relation to SAP, it drops it out of the top ten. Specifically: No SSO between SF and SAP. Hello from sunny Los Angeles. Back again to bring this first in a series of rankings for the top ten learning management systems for 2013.

Incorporating Social

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” Brookshire plans to rebrand the SAP Jam social platform as BGC Connect and use it for key initiatives, such as its female manager networking forum. For SAP sales’ new hires, Dearborn’s team created a five-day boot camp, a blend of instructor-led training with social collaboration using SAP Jam to complete assignments.

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Three Ways to Improve E-Learning

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In his 2012 paper, “What Every Chief Learning Officer Needs to Know About Games and Gamification for Learning,” he urges learning leaders to embrace gamification. In 2012, Deloitte published an article by Doug Palmer, Steve Lunceford and Aaron Patton titled “The Engagement Economy — How Gamification Is Reshaping Businesses.” ” Included are case studies and examples from numerous organizations such as SAP, Cisco and Samsung.

Dan Pontefract – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


In 2012 he appeared on the front cover of T+D Magazine and Chief Learning Officer Magazine. In 2012, SkillSoft awarded Dan the ‘Learning Leader of the Year’ for his work at TELUS and CLO Magazine bestowed the ‘Learning in Practice Innovation Award’ as well. He is also the recipient of the 2012 Brandon-Hall ‘Gold Award in Strategy & Governance’. ABOUT DAN PONTEFRACT (Author, Speaker, Chief Envisioner).

Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore Gamification

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At the annual National Retail Federation conference held in January 2012, gamification was touted as the next form of work-based social media where people interact and socialize around a common bond of knowledge, competitive strategy and fun.

Hello 2013

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For me, 2012 will go down as a year I basically went dark publicly. As 2013 begins, it seems an ideal time to reflect back on 2012, share some observations and predictions, and get blogging again. Of course, 2012 brought consolidation among vendors driven by integrated talent management (i.e., Oracle, SAP). So that’s a ridiculously long post that I hope will serve as a catalyst for your own reflections on 2012.

Gamification: Separating Fact From Fiction

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Software company SAP used gamification to keep recruited students in India interested in the onboarding process by inviting new hires to participate and win medals by answering trivia questions about the company. Researchers Shana Carpenter, Nicholas Cepeda, Doug Rohrer, Sean Kang and Harold Pashler summarized dozens of studies on the topic in their 2012 article “Using Spacing to Enhance Diverse Forms of Learning: Review of Recent Research and Implications for Instruction.”

Dear C-Suite: We Don't Do Training

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In 2012, Peter Aceto, president and CEO of ING Direct, a Canadian bank with nearly 1.8 ” Jenny Dearborn, the chief learning officer for SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud, said there is a disconnect between the definition of learning in organizations and how senior executives actually learned things before they got to the C-suite.

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LMS Selection Roulette: Who Can You Trust?

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You purchased your LMS before 2012 (probably for reasons no one remembers). You are a small or medium-sized business that is paying for an oversized SAP, Oracle, SumTotal, Saba or Cornerstone LMS and feel like plankton in an ocean of priorities. It happens at least once a week.

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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We’ll certainly see the features and functionality of HTML5 maturing through 2012 along with access to better and faster networks (LTE, 4G, Wi-Max) but, for now, we still feel the best customer/user/learner experience happens via a native but customizable app framework. a.k.a.