Collaborative Learning Lessons from Wikipedia (and Small Insects.

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Collaborative Learning Lessons from Wikipedia (and Small Insects) by Jim on February 15, 2011 in Informal Learning , performance support , social learning One thing that has always struck me as particularly fascinating about social learning is how it is often at its most effective when its direction is provided by the learners themselves.

ATD 2018: A Conference for the Books


This week we learned an important lesson: it is possible to drink too much coffee. The evening also included a wide variety of delicious food, festive drinks, and of course dancing! Articles ELearning Industry NewsThis week, the Litmos team jet-setted to sunny San Diego for the 75th annual ATD International Conference and Exposition. This conference is the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide and Litmos was beyond excited to a Platinum sponsor.

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Welcome to Eric’s Insights


Speaking of better outcomes, my article How L&D Can Prove Training’s Value to the Business seems to have struck a nerve because the feedback keeps pouring in. Last week, I received this message from a F500 L&D veteran: Great article Eric. The article dives into three achievable things you can do today to make yourself irreplaceable at work: Create operational alignment by running your team like a business. Read his article here (he is worth following!).

How Social Media is Effective for E-Learning

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For someone who’d like to learn how to bake a cake, for example, you can search YouTube and choose from varied lessons on how to make a delicious cake. You can do research and learn from millions of articles available. You can update the blogs and include new links such as eLearning articles, videos and online presentations that can be useful for the students.

10 Training Resources You Can’t Miss in Our Virtual Training Leader’s Summer Kit


Don’t forget to check out some of our recent articles and webinars featured in the outlet. They have a plethora of articles to help you advance your career — or to even help choose the right solution for your needs. From effective training strategies to tips on making your lessons stick, our Virtual Training Snack Pack is a collection of curated, delicious content created to satisfy every training leader’s need.

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Online Academy Helps to Keep Lectures Where They Belong: Out of.

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From a recent article at Knowledge@Wharton called Technology and Teaching: Flipping the Model : Khan stumbled upon the idea for his free web-based academy while trying to teach math to cousins in New Orleans. In an effort to bridge the time and distance gap, he started making 10-minute videos of math lessons and posting them on YouTube. Quickly, the videos gained an online following, grew like wildfire, and today Khan Academy has delivered more than 42 million lessons.

Virtual Boot-Camp: Games and Learning with the U.S. Military.

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The New York Times recently featured a fascinating article by Andrew Martin and Thomas Lin that details the shift in thinking within the military that may soon take it to the forefront of virtual training. The game has an open platform that allows new details to be constantly added, reflecting lessons learned from a recent mission, for example.

Who's Building the Social Learning Roads? | Social Learning Blog

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Most of the time we end up brainstorming ways to incorporate tools like Twitter or Facebook into his lessons, because even though I may have more experience using social media, the tools are so new that no one really knows the best way to utilize them, for anything really. I’m going to end with a link to an article about someone else who gets it.

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Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

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I also did some quick searches for various kinds of things and added them into eLearning Learning (via delicious). I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. It made me immediately think back to my first experience with an online session. It was the first ever public session for Placeware - a virtual meeting software company that was much later acquired by Microsoft and became Microsoft Live Meeting.

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Who's Going to Build the Social Learning Roads?

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Most of the time we end up brainstorming ways to incorporate tools like Twitter or Facebook into his lessons, because even though I may have more experience using social media, the tools are so new that no one really knows the best way to utilize them, for anything really. I’m going to end with a link to an article about someone else who gets it.

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Myths and Legends – Learning Systems

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Sounds delicious, tastes like turpentine. Lessons. Yes, you can argue that folks have to take a lesson, but drop that in the outhouse. Put it this way, when you read a newspaper, do you read the entire paper or do you read only the articles of interest? If you are like most folks, articles of interest is the route you go. In the mid seventies, as a child, my folks went up to the area where the Lincoln County war was (i.e. Billy the Kid territory).

Top 113 eLearning Posts and 28 Hottest Topics for 2010

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How do we come up with these - well it’s based on social signals (clicks, views, twitter, delicious and more). Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles - eLearning Technology , March 24, 2010. Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets - LearnNuggets , May 20, 2010. Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010.

2010 in Review Part 2: My 10 favourite resources in 2010

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  Originally it supported just Delicious, but now also Historious, Instapaper,, and Diigo accounts. It’s chock full of case studies, examples, approaches to address the critics, and lessons learned 14 September 201o A few more favourites. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! Blog C4LPT Jane Hart Advice Workshops Social Learning Handbook Resources Contact 2010 in Review Part 1: Top 10 C4LPT resources Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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Learning with e's

No, we are not isolated learners, but learn our most important lessons whilst in conversation with others. In the same way, as we travel down digital pathways we leave a trail - perhaps a social bookmark, a Delicious tag, a Stumbled Upon note - which points the way for others to find your nugget of information. This article was first posted 11 January 2009 Image source Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's. Learning has rarely been a solo activity.

eLearning Engagement: A Formula for Success


In this article, we’ll explain the golden rules of learning engagement. It should be noted that the methods mentioned in this article can be adapted and applied to any type of training. Engagement is a very broad subject, far too broad to cover in one article. A learner that believes the lesson is valuable to them is more engaged and learns better. The intrinsic motivation is that coffee is delicious.

10Q: Cathy N. Davidson

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In today's article, Cathy responds to my 10Q interview questions: Who are you? For eight years (1998-2006) I was essentially the R and D person for the university, Duke's first full-time Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies (the first anywhere in the US in fact), charged with innovation across all eight schools of the university, and with the delicious mandate to "break things and make things." Cathy N.