Online Reputation Management: 9 Techniques for the Prosperity of Your Brand

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Online reputation management is as much about promoting good news as it about burying the bad news and negative reviews that every business will come across at one point. The only way you can actively promote positives is by taking a proactive approach to reputation management.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

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From social media to speech recognition, warfare to writing articles, coding to customer service – machine learning and artificial intelligence have become part and parcel of our urban lives. He is also associated with a reputed company for the past couple of years.

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Don't Hire An eLearning Agency Until You've Read This

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In this article, we'll look at a simple strategy that will save you time, money and guarantees the end product is EXACTLY what you need. Portfolio? This is my reputation on the line! This article was first published on the eLearning Industry website on 16th March 2017.

6 Top Tips To Start A Successful e-Learning Career

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Thus, you will build a solid reputation in the eLearning industry and continually expand your client base. Create An Effective eLearning Portfolio. An eLearning portfolio includes samples of work, recommendations, and detailed information regarding your skills and talents.

Blogging to Build Your Business

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This is specifically about what I have learned about blogging to build your reputation as a learning consultant over my 9+ years of blogging. If you stop updating later, you can call your blog posts “articles” and hide the dates so it doesn’t look like an abandoned blog.

Increasing Social Awareness in Higher Education

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I began going in a few different directions; writing articles for various websites/magazines, writing blog posts for the MSIDT website, and reviving or creating social media accounts to share and converse with the community. I was able to set up a quick Google forms that allowed the instructors to enter an interesting article they read into a spreadsheet. There is regular sharing of quality articles in various classes so that information can easily be added to the spreadsheet.

4 Key Benefits of Custom eLearning Solutions

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When creating custom eLearning with a reputable vendor, you’ll experience the added benefit of a target audience analysis. They like the first custom piece so much that they let us create whole blended learning programs , eLearning portfolios, and full-blown curriculums.

Why You Need to Connect with Your Peers in the E-Learning Community

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You’ll expand your support network and build your expertise (and eventually your reputation among your peers). You can read the article here and watch the tutorial video on YouTube. Check out these articles and free resources in the community.


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The conundrum, which is the point of this brief article, is one that has me scratching my head in disbelief more often than I’d like. have less chances to enhance their skills, knowledge and perhaps most importantly their reputation, there is no product to which they can point and add to their portfolio. I’m writing this preamble dockside on a lake in Maine, early morning sunshine firing diamonds of light off the water.

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Moxie Awards!


Recap from: Built In Chicago News Article. In 2016, Opternative is joining forces with your favorite retailers to solidify its reputation as the most convenient way to get a prescription. 14 winners. 7,000 nominations. Five years running. One night. New venue.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Second Life Backlash and Controversy

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Donald does a great job recapping various articles and provides some useful links, including the following: 2) Second Thoughts on Second Life by Sylvia Martinez. Brand and Reputation Risk Management 5. He cites a USA Today article which says, Students "dont like it for activities that can be done in a real classroom, such as lectures or slide shows. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

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Introduction to Social Networking - Learning and Working on the Web , June 21, 2010 As our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting bumped off the Net due to Ning’s new pricing policy , I will post some of the key articles here so we don’t lose them. Ask yourself these questions - eLearning Roadtrip , June 24, 2010 I recently had the opportunity to write a short article for ELearning! Portfolio as workspace vs. showcase. Best of eLearning Learning. June 2010.

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Free learning & development webinars for April 2017

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Through this webcast, you’ll add the following branding essentials to your portfolio: Tools to assess the learning function’s current brand in your organization. When the pressure is on and your reputation is on the line, what are you going to do to get results?