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CLO Symposium Plus: Are You Ready for the Talent Economy?

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At the fall 2016 CLO Symposium Plus, presented by Chief Learning Officer magazine and held at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, learning as an influential partner in talent management wasn’t just an idea, we saw it on the ground. Eric Weiner.

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The Business Partnership Award

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that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs. To improve these soft skills, Bechtel University created an interactive, business-relevant program that works for all types of learners. Value Offerings, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

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Improve Leader-Employee Communication, Improve Business

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In the face of a hyper-competitive, quickly and continuously shifting business environment, the standard nine-to-five workday doesn’t exist anymore. From the top down, company leaders have to set clear priorities on what will positively impact the business.

When Learning Meets the Business, Success and Revenue Follow

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Some people might see Kuntal McElroy’s story as being an immigrant coming to the United States with only a few dollars in her pocket, working her way through school to an executive-level position at a leading multinational networking and telecom company.

Extended Enterprise LMS Buyers Companion – 2019 Edition

Talented Learning

Recently, we helped association leaders answer that question with a special “LMS Buyers Companion” post, filled with free resources for continuing education providers. WEBINARS – In-depth sessions focused on key extended enterprise LMS issues and related business strategies.

The Science of Connection

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And we can leverage that insight to build trusted business relationships, both internally and externally. The Relationships Business. To build good relationships, we need to understand how to tap into that “social brain” network to maximize connectivity between two individuals.

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Damodar Padhi: A Global Leader in Learning

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2017 CLO of the Year Damodar Padhi, center, with Mike Prokopeak, left, and John Taggart of Human Capital Media. So far, business performance results have borne out the validity of that approach. Damodar Padhi is the 2017 CLO of the Year.

AT&T: Committed to the Future

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AT&T Senior Vice President and CLO John Palmer said this mobilization has also had significant payoffs from an engagement perspective. Ave Rio is an associate editor at Chief Learning Office. Uncategorized Learning Delivery Strategy LearningElite CLO LearningElite Awards AT&T

Curated Insights: The Human Side of Extracting Business Value from Information

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For decades, employees have attempted to collect and sort information, and management has sought to derive associated quantitative business value — largely to no avail. As such, we must implement and operate networks of insights. Big data and business intelligence are not enough.

The Top eLearning Conferences to Attend


It gives you networking opportunities, you can squeeze the latest insights from industry leaders into a busy few days and give your professional development an extra boost. You also discover new solutions that help better your job and your business’s training. CLO Symposium.

Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

Origin Learning

In a world where the social platform is increasingly the way to connect, learn, grow and scale, businesses are being made to alter their thinking. Recognition by Brandon Hall and the CLO forum is considered prestigious. Learning by force is passé.

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

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Mike: We should also mention Liz Loutfi who also is one of our editorial team who works on CLO. Ashley: Liz is our associate editor. Ashley: I mean, before I came to CLO I pretty much didn’t know anything about CLOs. Consider sharing it with your network.

Live From Hamburger University: Inkling Illuminate


A day full of thought leadership, networking, sharing best practices, and hamburgers! Following the customer portion of the event, we opened doors to the public for a presentation from McDonald’s CLO, Rob Lauber, an Inkling demo from our CMO, Ahmed Datoo, all followed by a Networking Mixer!

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2016 Learning In Practice Award Winners

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The 2016 Learning in Practice Awards Winners are: CLO OF THE YEAR. THE BUSINESS IMPACT AWARD. Silver: Patricia Winchester, Director, Learning and Development, USA Today Network. THE BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP AWARD. Gold: Value Offerings, Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association.

7 Innovative Thinkers Who Will Up Your Knowledge Management Game


The wealth of experts on Twitter makes the social media platform a valuable place to grow your network and discover new perspectives. (In In fact, a study from MIT Sloan found that a more diverse Twitter network helps people generate more innovative ideas.). At the center of any CLO’s role is understanding how people learn—and that’s exactly what Paul studies. Social media can be a powerful tool for your business, especially in the learning sphere.

ATD ICE 2018: It’s a Wrap, Krissy Richard

Learning Rebels

I’m older (so says my birth certificate), I have more experiences and now I have a completely different point of view as a business owner. This is what makes ATD ICE ( Association of Talent Development, International Conference & Expo) a vibrant place. ATD ICE 2018: It’s a WRAP!

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Are You Giving Employees Tools They Actually Want to Use?

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The lack of skilled talent is one of the most critical issues facing business today. Technology, business models, and global market dynamics are changing so rapidly it’s difficult to find, recruit, and keep staff with the right skills. The CLO role is more complex now than ever.

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The Technology Award

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million associates in 145 countries. The company is currently exploring additions to the platform to enhance user experience, including more capability in course creation, new reward features and stronger analytics to assist learning and business leaders.

Searching for candidates can be like digging for buried treasure

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Fortunately, there’s a group of people already present in most Fortune 500 and global organizations who demonstrate a passion for leadership and perform within a business microcosm that enables them to showcase their emerging talents.

Entrepreneur As a Skillset

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They start new businesses that disrupt industries and create great value to society. It’s often those who aspire to the status of Silicon Valley-esque business owners who label themselves as such, which is why the word is included on many resumes.

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21st Century L&D Skills

Performance Learning Productivity

Jon Husband , an expert business analyst and long-standing HR/L&D professional, explains Wirearchy as: " a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority based on information, knowledge, trust and credibility, enabled by interconnected people and technology.

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A Vital View on Learning

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McNevin attended the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point in the 1980s and later received her master’s in business from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2000. So in 2012, when Signature Healthcare needed a new CLO, McNevin was the first and only person Steier contacted.

Leadership Traits That Transcend Gender

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What does it take to be successful in business? However, research shows that the small number of women who have risen to top positions in business often possess leadership traits quite different from those associated with successful men.

Finding the Perfect Fit

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Their teams carefully craft programs that align learning strategy with business strategy. Results are shared with senior leaders to demonstrate the positive impact learning has on the business. Business Performance Results: Nationwide. United Services Automobile Association.

Excellence in Blended Learning

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When Newell Brands built its Growth Game Plan — a business strategy aligned with the company’s structural changes — it sought help from Intrepid Learning, a vendor focused on learning-centric design, short content, applied learning and social features. Learning in Practice Awards 2016.

Find the Right Mentor

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A former Twitter vice president in her early thirties, Claire has taught me a great deal about the business of social networking — and I’ve helped her learn a few things about the business of publishing.

Who Leads the Leaders?

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Data from a 2015 survey from The Korn Ferry Real World Leadership Report Series found that less than 20 percent of businesses think they have the leaders they need to deliver on strategic priorities. appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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L&D’s Diversity Dilemma

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Elliott Masie was invited to give a keynote address in Taiwan at an Association for Talent Development leadership conference. Most organizations, at least in the corporate space, are doing significant campus recruiting and have many early career programs for different functional areas or the core business or operation of their business,” he said. He added that L&D leaders’ networks often are not diverse.

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What Does It Take to Find a Mentor in a Startup?

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For instance, mentoring in a startup environment requires a dynamic approach and a networked process to be effective. Start with a free tool like the Business Model Canvas , for example. appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Mentoring isn’t easy.

What’s the Difference Between Learning and Training?

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The CLO title has more credibility within the organization and is tied to the bottom line. From the context of enterprise learning, training would be a series of specific programs that have specific objectives associated with them.

Top Learning Trends for 2017 (according to the experts)


I think we are at a turning point in L&D, where CLO’s and other HR leaders now realize that this new world has become urgent and needs attention. It’s the beginning of the new year—the perfect time to evolve corporate learning within your organization.

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2016 Reflections on Games and Gamification for Learning

Kapp Notes

According to the Entertainment Software Association, 63% of all US households are home to at least one person who plays video games regularly (3 hours or more per week). Social Networking.

So, We Talked to a Vendor About Learning Technology…

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Change is constant today, and keeping pace with fast-moving business demands takes deliberate effort — this often impedes our best intentions to think forward, work strategically or adopt new practices. Speak up, get involved and network.

Classroom Learning: Ditch the Knowledge Dump, Mix it Up

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According to a survey of the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board, more than half of learning departments use the classroom for business skills training, developing core competencies, leadership development, onboarding and new hire training, and technical skill development.

Keeping up with (and verifying) digital badges and credentialing

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Foursquare, the social networking service, launched in 2009, and used badging as a marketing tactic to drive user engagement. He said the ones he trusts are those that have been around the longest — from universities, business schools and established organizations.