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How to Boost ROI with the Right Type of Training Delivery

Infopro Learning

Blended eLearning. Traditionally blended learning includes a variety of training methods and usually incorporates instructor-led training. Although classroom training is no longer an effective method for the many organizations that have a remote or hybrid workforce, blended eLearning is still a highly effective strategy.

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Case Study: Blended eLearning for Editors Provides Focused Skills Practice and Engaged Learning by Pamela S. Hogle


A blended eLearning seminar created by News University and ACES offers professional editors advanced training, focused. practice, and participation in an online learning community. This solution offers a blueprint for skills-based professional. development in a variety of professions.


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What are the benefits of Training Process Outsourcing?

Infopro Learning

Blended eLearning programs have grown in popularity in the last year. Working with numerous vendors requires research, contract management, vendor integration, issue resolution, and more. Learning bpo can help streamline these activities. Measurement.

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To Think In English Or Not To Think In English?

eLearning Industry

Here, I look at the question in terms of accelerated learning approaches that blend eLearning tools with coaching for best fluency results. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Someone recently asked me if it's necessary to think in English to become a fluent speaker.

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How to Use the Face to Face Plugin for Blended Learning in Moodle

Lambda Solutions

Blended learning makes this possible and it is extremely effective. In a study with over 30,000 students, blended learning allowed students to achieve 25% more than their non-blended learning counterparts. blended eLearning Moodle face-to-face training'

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5 Ways Online Learning is Vital to Education


There have been countless of studies indicating the benefits of blended elearning environments – and students agree. In one survey conducted by, 70% of students say that they learn most in blended learning environments. This of course is a misconception, and I think in time this gap will certainly close.

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eLBX Session Sneak Peek #2

eLearning Brothers

Chris Willis, our Senior Product Manager for Customizable Courseware is going to be giving a great eLBX session on blending learning. Here’s a preview of her presentation: Blend Learning Like a Rockstar. Chris Willis, eLearning Brothers. Organizations blend eLearning and classroom training to address a wide range of needs.