2018 International E-Learning Events to Mark on Your Calendar 


INTED2018 – The 12th Annual Technology, Education And Development Conference, March 5-7, 2018, Valencia, Spain. The event is for those professionals, researchers and lecturers in the e-learning sphere, who would like to share their experience with technology and development.

Why Technology Is Critical To Innovation In the Workplace


Thanks to the speed and innovation of the startup economy, new ideas are coming to life in product form literally every single day. On a macro level, large shifts in technology will dramatically change the way we work and forever alter how we approach the completion of everyday tasks.

Technology can get obsolete but learning cannot

Origin Learning

Sony, Samsung, Dell, and Intel are some leading global brands that are recognized as trend-setters when it comes to the world of technology and consumer electronics. Intel says it is technology that will act as a catalyst for new-age creativity. Constant innovation is core.

Providing Contextual Learning Through Apple’s iBeacon Technology

Origin Learning

Beacons are small, low-cost devices that work using the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. In the workplace, iBeacon presents exciting and innovative ways to deliver learning content. The iBeacon technology also allows users to create location specific calendar events.

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Does Your Company Enable Innovation?

CLO Magazine

Innovation is a key growth driver in today’s marketplace, but building innovation skills has become an issue for the learning community. It’s not enough to train and nurture these skills at the employee level; companies must build the code for innovation at the organizational level as well. Two ideas shed light on how companies can build innovation capabilities among their employees. “Innovation is part and parcel with going down blind alleys.

Tips for a technology-aided approach to induction trainings: An e-learning perspective


Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. In this scenario, a technology-aided approach is often the chosen path for many organizations that have a continuous need to train new recruits.

eLearning Predictions 2015

Web Courseworks

To confine predictions to a single calendar year partially betrays the point of the exercise (long-term forecasting), so in my mind our predictions for 2015 build upon previous efforts and sort of stitch those thoughts together.

Mobile Learning and Certification in your LMS

Web Courseworks

With growing reliance on smartphones for almost everything in our life, from our alarms, fitness tracker, email and calendars, it’s no surprise that smartphones would be incorporated into our learning.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 21, 2018

Mike Taylor

The other thing I’m working on is updating the conference calendar. Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany. EdMedia + Innovate Learning Call for Presentations and Papers is open through January 30th. February 13-14 Learning Technologies , London, UK.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 14, 2018

Mike Taylor

A quick look at the posts that garnered the most attention this past year including a global learning conferences calendar , better bullet point alternatives , free graphic design tools , books for L&D pros and the beautiful.ai Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany.

E-Learning conferences in Australia in 2019

E-Learning Provocateur

Now is the time for action and I sincerely hope our PD calendar is dominated by demonstrations and showcases. International Conference on e-Learning & Innovative Pedagogies. The Higher Education Technology Agenda. CEBIT Festival of Innovation.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning

Learning Visions

Thursday, June 28, 2007 Emerging Technologies in e-Learning I sat in on a lunchtime WebEx presentation with Gary Woodill -- Director, Research and Analysis, Brandon Hall Research. The topic: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning. Gary has worked on three "Emerging e-Learning" reports Emerging E-Learning Technologies: Have looked at 52 emerging technologies. Now were into web 2.0 -- new technologies that werent there 10 years ago. Its a descending technology.

Join us at Learning Technologies and discover the Learning Ecosphere

Unicorn Training

The biggest event in the L&D calendar is just around the corner, and we’re delighted to say we’ll be back for another year at Learning Technologies! The free ‘Learning Ecosphere’ white paper can be picked up from stand P14 on both days of the Learning Technologies exhibition.

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Hands down, our learning technology “predictions” list is our favorite post to develop each year. So, with our feet firmly planted in the fertile soil of LMS innovation, here are the 15 trends we think are most likely to shape learning technology this year… #15 The LMS Will Never Die.

21 top elearning communities

Sponge UK

Technology in Education. Innovation in Elearning. The Learning and Skills Group (LSG) is an international community of L&D professionals interested in organisational learning and learning technology with 9,000 members.”. Focus : organisational learning, learning technology.

Talented Learning Greatest Hits – 2018 Edition

Talented Learning

Hard to believe, but the calendar doesn’t lie. Regular readers know that this blog isn’t the only way we share advice with learning technology buyers and sellers. What role does learning technology innovation play in franchise business success?

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2016: 12 months of learning

Sponge UK

February – Learning Technologies Exhibition Learning Technologies has continued to grow into one of the most important events in the learning calendar. For an updated talk on the 360 interactive video case study be sure to attend Kate’s session at Learning Technologies 2017.

E-Learning conferences in Australia in 2017

E-Learning Provocateur

Even EduTECH, the darling of Brisbane’s educational technology scene, is travelling south for the winter. You might also be interested in The eLearning eXperts’ eLearning Events Calendar. Disruptive Innovation Week.

Effective Training on Compliance and Patient Safety Using Robust Healthcare Learning Management Systems


Today, the healthcare industry faces a plethora of issues such as difficulty in meeting changing demands of the globally dispersed workforce, the launch of new drugs, innovation in medical technologies, and more.

E-Learning Trends For 2018: From Flux To Focus


In most organizations, L&D teams are happy conducting annual skill gaps, creating training calendars to plug those gaps, delivering the same and other training requirements that come up from business during the year.

Trends 207

2017 ELearning & Training Conferences


It is a new year and that means there are some new elearning and training conferences you should mark on your calendars! You can find instructional design theory being discussed , new tech tools, technology trends, live-training tips, and so much more.

The CLO’s Guide to AI

CLO Magazine

Artificial intelligence technology, or AI, can process vast quantities of data and content to target the right piece of content to the individual employee, when it’s needed, no matter where that employee is. Technology artificial intelligence personalized learning

CLO 63

Allows us to Introduce DoceboInspire’s Keynote Speakers!


If you don’t have your calendar marked for DoceboInspire 2018 already, this might be the push you need to do so ASAP. Prior to his current role, he led the Docebo International Sales and Channel organizations, and was previously the US Country Manager at another learning technology provider.

Get Ready for a Season of Learning Tech Success! Fall Webinar Series

Talented Learning

I’ll be co-hosting each of these live online sessions, along with experts from some of the learning technology industry’s most innovative companies. We’ll send individual confirmations for each selected webinar with a calendar invite.

Training the External Workforce of a Leading Automobile Company


The delivery of innovative e-learning solutions has completely revolutionized the corporate training landscape, and automobile is of no exception. Blended with the support of latest technology, e-learning has developed tailor-made solutions as per the pertinent needs of diversified audiences.

3 ELearning Predictions for 2017


The time when I make three predictions for the coming calendar year with regards to the elearning industry. It’s always interesting to see the new technology, tools, tips, and growing sectors in our field. Prediction #2: Innovation Around Micro-Learning. It is that time.

10th Annual Adobe Learning Summit 2017 – Oct 24, Las Vegas

Adobe Captivate

Co-located with eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2017 Conference and Expo , this is a marquee property in the global eLearning events calendar. Hear updates on trends, get enthused by innovations in authoring technologies, and pick up great hacks from those who know. The Adobe Learning Summit returns to Las Vegas at the Mirage on Tuesday, October 24.

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2019 E-Learning Events Held in the USA


Such industry-specific events should be a part of the calendar for anyone engaged in e-learning as they give a chance to boost your knowledge, get to know the latest trends and tendencies in the sector, and grow your professional network. . The new year is not only here but in full swing.

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6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


As we turn the calendar into 2018, training leaders are looking for the next big things in learning and development. While those are exciting, buzz-worthy technologies, it’s not an L&D trend typical organizations will see in 2018. Save the Date.

Daily Bookmarks 04/24/2008

Experiencing eLearning

Using technology with kindergarteners and first graders to support social constructivist learning. tags: technology , education , socialnetworking , constructivism , k-12. Well-integrated technology opens social networks for students and allows children to develop key social skills, according to two recent studies conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Creating Your Training Vision 2018: Organizational Strategy

Your Training Edge

The next step to take is to break the organizational strategy down into manageable areas, such as innovations, initiatives, technology, growth, and finance. On the other hand, innovations could be big changes in the way the firm does business, major product changes, or internal changes such as a move to a new HRM or ERP system. Technology will most probably touch most of the areas for organizational strategy, but technology can stand on its own, as well.

Learning 2018 – Chat Interfaces: Leveraging Bots for their Value in Learning

Brightwave Group

This unique event is one of the most important meetings in the US learning and development calendar. Chatbot interfaces are a frontier workplace technology offering a range of opportunities for driving better performance and putting innovative learning to work.

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elearning versus mlearning

Clark Quinn

As I’ve discussed before, when I’m talking about ‘ big L ‘ learning, I’m covering research, performance, innovation, creativity as well as more typical execution. The full spectrum of how digital technology, even desktop, can be supporting performance. In my workshops, I like to ask the audience how they use their mobile devices to make them smarter, and it ranges across info, contact, notes and calendar, snapping pictures, and more.

This Week in MakingBetter: Teamwork and Tough Questions


Last week, our friends across the pond hosted a literal “bar” camp for xAPI — over forty people talking xAPI at a pub in London after the Learning Technologies UK conference. They rely on us to help them elevate their game with innovative learning technology.

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Do You Know Where Your 2019 elearning Budget Should Go?

Enyota Learning

The use of modern technologies is giving eLearning an extra edge, and as technology innovations increase, so does the capability of eLearning providers to create more immersive and impactful training programs.