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The 5-step elearning content development process


Want a foolproof elearning content development process that delivers great results, every time? The 5 essential steps for a successful elearning development process are: Set clear goals ( Capture ). Develop a design vision ( Conceptualize ). Step 2: Develop a design vision (Conceptualize). Build out prototypes.

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Out of the Background - Putting Digital Learning at the Strategic Center

Nomadic Learning

The LMS is a background technology, so it produces background information: Data that’s sometimes important as a long-term indicator of employee engagement and satisfaction, but rarely a part of the day-to-day strategic conversation at the top of an organization or division. LEPs are making digital learning easier to use and more effective.

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KITABOO seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom to deliver robust content securely


You can design and deliver digital content on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, or PC. These documents will appear directly in their Google Classroom streams. Digital Publishing , eBook solution / October 22, 2021. Digital Publishing , eBook solution / October 22, 2021. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.

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7 Reasons Why You Must Convert Flash Games to HTML5

Hurix Digital

It accepts inputs from the end-users through a mouse, camera, microphone, or keyboard, thus supporting bi-directional streaming capabilities. In addition, it relies on Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), a cross-platform environment, for creating and delivering content to users on their desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

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The Customer Education Experts Directory


Before Adam started working at Slack, he worked as a Content Developer, Instructional Designer, Community & Customer Education Director for Optimizely, Checkr, Kasasa and Enspire Learning. Services: SFDC, Insurtech, SFDCDeveloper, Digitalization, Customer Success. Churn Conversion. Company: Slack. Email:

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HTML5: A future without plugins?


Developers seem to have their eyes on a better future of content production and delivery, one without roadblocks. Looking for a tastemaker in digital content distribution inevitably draws eyes to Netflix. The source reported that the next version of Apple's OS X will support plugin-free Netflix streaming.

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10 Corporate E Learning Solutions

Ed App

Using materials that have been part of a previous training is a breeze thanks to the integrations with other platforms, the PPT conversion tool , and the ability to upload multimedia resources. Inno-Versity is a global leader in providing eLearning content development solutions.