March, 2007

Book Related Developments

Kapp Notes

As Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning nears it release day of April 14, 2007. A number of book related developments are occuring. First, Training Consultant Steve Woodruff's on his blog Impactiviti has done a nice and thoughtful review of the book (scroll down to see it.)

eLearning Trends 2007 and 2008

Tony Karrer

See also - Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008 I was talking with someone last night who asked me what some of the bigger eLearning Trends were. I told him about eLearning 2.0 and the move to DIY. But I also promised to point him to some of my posts that I thought would help him get a handle on the most important eLearning Trends going on today: eLearning Trend #1 - eLearning 2.0 - see What is eLearning 2.0? and eLearning 1.0 vs. 2.0

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Learnlets » LCBlog’s big question of the month: Supporting New Managers

Clark Quinn

This month's Learning Circuit's big question is What Would You Do to Support New Managers? I've noticed that some create long answers to these questions, but I try to be brief. Of course, I risk people missing the nuances of my reply

Elluminate - FREE Web conferencing

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

This is AWESOME! Especially for those of us on the outside of corporate funded apps like NetMeeting etc. While at Intel I became very used to NetMeeting despite its issues. So, I'm very excited to now have my own vRoom that doesn't kill my budget.because its FREE! I can tell you without hesitation that this is a must have. Go get it! And set up a meeting with me. Seriously, I want to try it out with Get your FREE vRoom (And NO! I don't mind plugging apps on my blog.

2018 Customer Training Goals

Are your customer training goals actually achievable? Or will they be cast aside as your team gets caught up in their daily tasks? If you’re not sure, this guide can help.

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Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Fun with Learning

Kapp Notes

I've been a fan of Jellyvision's You Don't Know Jack for a while, my first CD of the game had the following system requirements: 486SX/33 or better microprocessor Windows 3.1x

Disruptive Changes in Learning

Tony Karrer

George Siemens recent post - Formal and informal.control vs foster discusses the move from mainstream, controlled information to consumer generated information. His examples include: Mainstream media -> YouTube Mainstream press -> Blogs Microsoft Office -> Office 2.0


Informal learning - less than a dollar a hit

Clive on Learning

For some months now I've been carrying Jay Cross's new book Informal Learning around in my bag to read on train journeys.

Learnlets » Another tale of travel heroism

Clark Quinn

Ok, my fault. I don't know how, but after rushing onto the Bart train and sitting down, my phone wasn't in the holster at my waist. I was off to Taiwan for four days, and while the phone wouldn't work there, it has become my 'external

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Project LEON

Moodle Journal

Starting Monday 12th March ULCC are running London's first Online Conference looking at Web2 Technologies supporting 'personalisation' called LEON (London e-Learning Online Network). There are a number of strands to this project,and my own here at Bromley is looking to the potential of Second Life, where students can share a 3D space and presence in real time.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Informal/DIY Learning: Montessori School for Adults?

Learning Visions

We've been exploring the notion of sending our son to a local Montessori school come this fall. He'll be 4. So last week, we had the chance to take a tour of the school, peek in on some classrooms, and ask a lot of questions

School House Rock, School of Rock

Kapp Notes

Remember School House Rock? It was a fun, interesting way to learn the boring aspects of conjunctions, how a bill becomes a law and multiplication tables (remember 3 is a magic number.) This type of knowledge is known in academic circles as declarative and conceptual knowledge.

Movie 76

Second Life and Learning - Tony O'Driscoll

Tony Karrer

State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

Case studies galore

Clive on Learning

Laura Overton, who has been working with e-skills UK , the sector skills council for IT professionals and IT users, but who is not yet a blogger (come on Laura), put me on to this excellent resource of UK e-learning case studies. I counted 66 in total and no, I haven't read them all (actually I haven't read any yet, but they will definitely become part of my knowledge network

Learnlets » Value Nets

Clark Quinn

Well, it was a busy time to begin with, but the time for my Dad's remembrance was an unexpected (although necessary and fulfilling) addition to the load. As a consequence, I've had my head down with little time for reflection

VLE project 2 completed

Moodle Journal

Going by the transactions from the latest learning trial using Moodle, here at Bromley I feel certain that I will be looking at another successful outcome. There were 23 students taking part of which only 16 eventually completed the project and between them accounted for over 12,000 transactions in four weeks.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Video Games & Retirees

Learning Visions

Interesting article in today's New York Times by Seth Schiesel about the increasing acceptance of video games among retirees/baby booomers, especially older women. Some of this due to the introduction of the Wii

Content Planning Map: A Template for Training Teams

Are you delivering disjointed feature-based training? Rather than looking at small tasks, focus training content on goals that you want your students to achieve. Download the template to learn how!

Today's Toys, Tomorrow's Tools

Kapp Notes

This week over at TrainingDay , my post Today's Toys, Tomorrow's Tools is a little bit of a rant. But I think it is important to continually remind ourselves that the upcoming gamers are going to learn differently than us digital immigrants and we need to adapt as well as help them adapt.we can't dictate terms to these digital won't work. Cooperation is the answer. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

Toys 58

Get Together at Conferences - F2F Still Matters

Tony Karrer

Just yesterday, I posted about Conference Preparation and I'm preparing for a couple of conferences so I definitely looked back at: Be an Insanely Great Professional Conference Attendee.

Six disciplines of breakthrough learning

Clive on Learning

Now I don't know if the train journeys to London are getting slower or I'm reading faster, but I managed to get through The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning by Wick, Pollock, Jefferson and Flanagan (Pfeiffer, 2006) in the time it took to travel 60 miles. I don't remember who put me on to this book - I think it was a posting on Bill Brantley's Design of Knowledge - but thank you to whoever it was because this was a worthwhile read.

Learnlets » Value Nets

Clark Quinn

Well, it was a busy time to begin with, but the time for my Dad's remembrance was an unexpected (although necessary and fulfilling) addition to the load. As a consequence, I've had my head down with little time for reflection

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Do you struggle to achieve measurable results with your learning solutions? If so, you’re not alone. According to CEB, traditional training only creates 37% learning transfer. This guide explores the causes of poor transfer and concrete steps to achieving better outcomes.

I'm a little verklempt!

The Learning Circuits

Well in the spirit of community building and the voice of Jay Cross in my head ("just post it to the blog") I'm asking the community what happened this month with The Big Question. For the first five months of The Big Question we've averaged 24 post per month. Currently, March stands at 7 posts.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Enciclomedia: Mexican Classrooms go hi-tech

Learning Visions

Found via Slashdot, this BBC News article on the use of Enciclomedia in Mexican classrooms. In a world where video game consoles, computers and television are already integral parts of young peoples lives, it was only a matter of time

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Virtual Reality is Back

Kapp Notes

When I was in graduate school many moons ago, the big thing was virtual reality. The concept was that the learner would immerse him or herself into an environment and then interact with the environment. It was really over-hyped and never went anywhere.

Happiness - Must Watch Video

Tony Karrer

Found via Tony O'Driscoll. I guess Dan Gilbert - author of Stumbling on Happiness was the keynote at Training 2007. Tony was nice enough to point us to a video from a Ted talk: You really should watch this.

The Essential Template for Your Customer Training Strategy

Looking to build your customer training strategy? The process can be overwhelming, if you don’t have a set plan from the start. This template can help.

Keeping fit

Clive on Learning

I've been tagged by Don Taylor to share with you some inside knowledge of my keep fit regime. Personally, I just think Don's a nosey so-and-so - what's next, revelations about activities between the sheets? Anyway, I shall be a good sport (if you'll excuse the pun) and let you a little further into my life. Working from home I have few obstacles to keeping fit. I play tennis between 2 and 5 times a week, at least one of which is usually a coaching session.

Context + Control + Community = Learning

Breakthrough eLearning

A couple of weeks ago I noted that I was beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese via ChinesePod. Based in Shanghai, ChinesePod broadcasts daily online audio lessons. These are free of charge.

March Big Question: Supporting New Managers?

The Learning Circuits

Ok, so it looks like Learning Circuits Blog is not a spam blog after all. And that means that we can ask this month's big question - a few days late. This month's big question actually was a question asked by an attendee at Jay Cross' presentation on informal learning at ASTD TechKnowledge.