Skills for the Networked World

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Wikipedia ( [link] The skills and behaviours like working out loud , building one''s PLN and PKM, digital sense-making , and such require the sort of meta-cognition skills described above. Collaboration future_of_work pkm PLN Workplace Learning

Personal Learning Networks: For Ongoing Learning in a Connected World

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The four topics we are planning to deep dive into in the first two weeks are: a) Networked learning, b) Personal Learning Networks, c) MOOCs, and d) Communities of Inquiry. Here''s a list of related posts on learning in a networked world.

PKM is our part of the social learning contract

Jane Hart

Whereas most people are concerning themselves with the new social and collaboration technologies, or how to get people to collaborate, for me the key to successful social learning is how the individual engages in his/her networks and contributes what s/he has learned or is learning along the way.

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Re-imagining Work & Learning in a Networked World

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L&D will transform organizations to become “social” organizations by facilitating PKM and community management. "The nature of work is changing. People’s relationship with work is changing. The changes to society will be vast" by @gapingvoid We are on the eve of 2015!

Workplace Learning in a World “Beyond Automation”


The table below captures the shifts as I see it: I have been writing about social and collaborative learning, the importance of communities of practices and networked learning skills like building one’s PLN and PKM for some time now.

Social Learning Cannot Be A Bolt-On Strategy


It’s an organization that uses social networking tools fluently to communicate with people inside and outside the company. Leaders must actively don the mantle of coaches and mentors to help employees develop organizational understanding, network skills and influencing capabilities.

"Working Out Loud": Using the Tools We Already Have

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Working out loud ranges from specific, objective-driven collaboration (as in the case within project teams) to just sharing of thoughts and ideas with the wider social networks. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, trolling is likely to be controlled.

The 21st Century Curator

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As mentioned by Harold Jarche in theslide share presentation, NetWork , the internet changed everything—in volume, velocity, virtualization and variability. This is of course similar to the PKM model suggested byHarold Jarche. pkm curator content strategy curationIf Web 1.0

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7 Strategies to Facilitate "Working Out Loud"

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If we critically examine the characteristics of networked learning, it becomes evident that these are also qualities that foster and enable communities to thrive which in turn pull creative, passionate individuals to the workforce. That’s supposed to be the value of the network, right?

Demystifying Working Out Loud

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It has helped me to develop my personal learning network (PLN) and enabled my PKM. First of all, the definition of sensitive information is changing as organizations morph from complete control and hierarchy into more flatter and networked organizations.

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Working Out Loud 101 | Some Thoughts

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It is still restricted to a community of folks interested in Personal Learning Networks and Personal Knowledge Management , followers of blogs by Harold Jarche, Jane Hart, John Stepper and such. This heralds the beginning of a Personal Learning Network (PLN).

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 5: Skills Learners Need Today

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Having said that, MOOCs require certain skills from participants, which I like to describe as " learning how to learn in the networked world." Networks have to be consciously created, cultivated and nurtured. Collaboration moocs pkm wol Workplace Learning

This Week on #TalkTech: Apple Slows Innovation, PKM Not a Technology, and Digital Natives

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The new smartphone (finally) has access to 4G LTE networks and has a thinner, taller screen. Topic 2: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is Not a Technology…so how do we help organizations learn informally? If anyone is selling you a PKM system, they do not understand it.

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Are you supporting new fashioned learning in the workplace?

Jane Hart

All this is collectively referred to as personal knowledge management (or PKM). PKM skills are vital in a social workplace, and they are also an essential set of skills for managing one’s own professional development through continuous learning. PKM Social learning

Supporting workplace learning in the network era is more than delivering courses through a LMS

Jane Hart

“It takes much more than courses delivered through a learning management system to support workplace learning in the network era.” However, they need access to their learning networks while at work, and this is often a challenge.

Demystifying Working Out Loud


It has helped me to develop my personal learning network (PLN) and enabled my PKM. An approach that implies networking for personal benefits. The workforce is ubiquitously connected, networked, and mobile.

I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

Tom Spiglanin

So too are our personal learning networks. What we need is to exercise personal knowledge management, or PKM. PKM is distinct from organizational knowledge management, which is widely used today. Only PKM can meet my needs, which only I know at any given time.



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LearnTrends: Personal Knowledge Management

Experiencing eLearning

Sense-making with PKM. PKM is a set of problem-solving skills for work, focused on getting things done but not necessarily task focused. A PKM Method. Don’t worry about missing something interesting; somebody else will pick it up or you can ask someone in your network about it later. In the network, good things come back around. Other models for PKM. PKM is very much individualized process–we have to figure out how to make sense of things.

I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

Tom Spiglanin

Just as silos are subverted by networks, so too may be the practice of knowledge hoarding. Just as Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) benefits the individual , so too does a willful practice of working out loud.

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Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

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The more I reflect, the more I strongly feel that the sustainability of an organization depends on giving up control and letting the network do the work. Moving from content creation to content curation requires Uber-like thinking – create no asset, tap into networks, connect the dots.

Language Learning - an Exemplar of the 70:20:10 Approach?

Performance Learning Productivity

They regularly share their expertise across their network and also call on others when they need advice and help. Humans are an incredibly inquisitive and extremely social species.

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From Learning Management to Personal Knowledge Management

Jane Hart

All of which has now become possible due to the availability of an ever-increasing number of instructional and informational resources as well as social tools, together with easy access to huge numbers of people in social networks and online communities.

The Changing Nature of Workplace Learning

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In addition, tacit knowledge flows best in trusted networks. Many organizations are also beginning to believe this and are investing in Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platforms. Who will review what employees post on these network?

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Social Learning is Voluntary; Collaboration Platforms are Enablers

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Individuals will get their work done by talking to peers, reaching out to their network, and bringing their #pln and #pkm to work.

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

Curation helps individuals keep professional skills sharp, improve critical thinking, earn professional recognition, build reputation, grow personal networks, and “work out loud.” Every day I would sift through a hundred or more items suggested by my social networks or the search engines.

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Ten Things I Believe About Workplace Learning

Tom Spiglanin

The importance of a personal learning network. The importance of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). For nearly three years, I’ve been exploring social learning, informal learning, and the changing workplace.

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70:20:10 - A Framework for High Performance Development Practices

Performance Learning Productivity

They regularly share their expertise across their network and also call on colleagues as informal coaches and mentors when they need advice and help. Over the past few years the 70:20:10 model for development has captured the imagination of organisations across the world.

Social Learning Cannot be a Bolt-On Strategy

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It's an organization that uses social networking tools fluently to communicate with people inside and outside the company. Leaders must actively don the mantle of coaches and mentors to help employees develop organizational understanding, network skills and influencing capabilities.

The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning


It arises out of a combination of networked leadership, HR and L&D efforts, and meaningful work. It leverages the powers of networks and social platforms, and the affordances of mobile and cloud to build an interconnected and continuously learning organization.

The best elearning reads of 2013


It’s the end of an era – enter the knowledgeable networker , John Kotter, Forbes. Make your employees more productive , HBR BLog Network. Six Classes Your Employer Wishes You Could Take , HBR Blog Network.

30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Day 17: Trainers Helping Trainers

Learning Rebels

Helping those who don’t have strong learning networks? 30 day challenge Accidental Trainers PKM PLN TrainerIt’s day 17 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Trainers Helping Trainers. I just wrapped up the Design and Delivery Bootcamp, and my biggest take-away?

The Future of Work and Learning 1: The Professional Ecosystem

Jane Hart

A PES, therefore, lies at the very heart of Harold Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) process. A PES is therefore all of the following, but much more than any of them individually: a Personal Learning Network (PLN) – a network of trusted connections with whom an individual interacts (and learns from) on a regular basis. In other words, a PES (underpinned by PKM skills) puts individuals back in control of their lives and careers.

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What Makes a MOOC a MOOC?

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Many smart employees who have invested time and effort in building their own learning networks are turning to their PLNs (Personal Learning Networks) for help at the point of need. They are using various tools for PKM ( Personal Knowledge Management ) and taking onus of their own learning. Refer to Harold Jarche’ blog for a deeper understanding of PKM. MOOCs have taken the world of higher ed and corporate learning by the proverbial storm.

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30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 18: Common Sense Ain’t Common

Learning Rebels

Befriend someone in your workplace and discuss the benefits of networking, and knowledge gathering. You may not have the time to attend workshops and courses, but find the time to attend networking groups such as your local chapter of ATD.

Working out Loud and Serendipity

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Thus, w orking out loud is intrinsically linked to two critical aspects of becoming a good learner -- Personal knowledge Management (PKM) and building one''s Personal Learning Network (PLN).

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