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8 Dos and Don’ts of Distributing Corporate Videos on Various Online Platforms


For instance, LinkedIn prefers professional and informative content, while Instagram enjoys visually appealing and entertaining videos. Optimize Videos for SEO Incorporate commonly searched words into your video’s title and description. This increases the likelihood of your video showing up when people search for things online.

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Personal Branding Guide: How to Build Your Brand Strategy


People will come looking to learn from you and will be more eager to buy what you have to offer. People search for brands and celebrities more than they search for generic products and services. A LinkedIn profile is recommended for everyone, even if you don’t update it often. Social Profiles: Instagram.


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Event Marketing: Your complete Guide for 2023

Think Orion

Many people search for Events on Google and a huge proportion of them look no further to decide. Facebook – This will probably be your main channel. Facebook is in particular good for posting updates about your events, sharing links that direct to websites, or posting offers in more detail.

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Online Marketing for Elearning Part III: Advertising


This is fairly easy, especially on Facebook, which suggests you boost just about every post you make. I touched on Facebook just now, but there are actually a number of platforms for online advertising. Social Media Advertising: These usually appear as “sponsored content” (or some such term) in social media feeds.

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Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

Talented Learning

In a recent podcast interview with me , Arleen explained why social learning will play a more prominent role, going forward: “When we launched, social networking wasn’t built in. Ability to post learning progress, achievements or awards to personal social media accounts.

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How to Utilize Retargeting Strategy to Increase Enrollments (Lower CPA)

Think Orion

There is no better channel than social media to reconnect or re-engage with potential students than constantly staying fresh in their minds as they browse through Twitter, Facebook , or any other social media platform. Retargeting based on what people search. Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads make retargeting easy.

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How To Create an Online Course? (Full Guide)

Learngenix Blog

Search for your course idea on your favorite keyword research tool and see the monthly search volume. If it’s high, many people search for this term and want to learn more. Online forums: People often share their concerns in online communities. Keyword Research: Keyword research gives you the exact numbers.

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