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Meridian LMS to Educate Californians About Affordable Care Act by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Meridian Knowledge Solutions is implementing its software-as-a-service LMS and social platform to support Covered California in the education of nearly nine million Californians about the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Learning Systems Measurement Mobile Learning Social Media Training Strategies

Meridian Conference: Lots of Fun, Catching up with Virtual Friends

Kapp Notes

Left to right are Bill Perry, Managing Parter of Meridian, Karl Kapp, Susan Smith Nash of the E-Learning Queen blog, and Mark Bower of the Learning Leaders Forum blog and Edge Interactive. Yesterday, had a great panel discussion at the Meridian Learn and Know Conference. Bill Perry discussing topics with the audience for the upcoming panel discussion.

Meridian Knowledge Solutions 2010 user's conference | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags conference , LMS , Meridian Meridian Knowledge Solutions 2010 user’s conference by Kevin on April 23rd, 2010 Just got back from the Meridian Knowledge Solutions annual user’s conference. I like honesty! In fact, he’s an instructor of both sports! Superb!

LMSs that kick ass: Meridian KSI

Janet Clarey

Continuing on with the Friday series that - each week - features an LMS that kicks ass, I’m pleased to feature Meridian KSI. I spoke with Roy Haythorn, Vice President of Operations for Meridian Knowledge Solutions, LLC. Let’s find out what’s new at Meridian KSI. What is Meridian KSI doing with social media? A: Roy Haythorn - Online communities and blogs are two of the biggest social media tools that Meridian has made a part of its LMS. Meridian KSI was a sponsor at our IiL08 conference in September Q: Hi Roy. Thanks Ray, well said.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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The fact I read it… Meridian KSI. If the release delivers than Meridian could easily slide back into the good ranking. Welcome, welcome all! To those from HR who are new to this blog, I give a high five. To those who have been constant readers, I give a high five with a low five to boot. And to those who are constant readers from all over the world and training, L&D and other professions, I give two high fives, four low fives and a bucket of joy. Why am I so happy? It is HR Tech. Seeing if the folks in the booths are interested in us, or themselves. Good to Excellent.

Top Ten Learning Management Systems – July Rankings

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10 – Meridian - Despite a web site that should be kicked into outer space (hello, update?), Back for another installment of the rankings. Please be aware that the rankings are on-going and as such subject to change month by month. The final rankings will be the top 25 LMSs of 2013, will be posted in December. Oh, here is my latest directory of LMSs. #10 As such, this feature is solid.

Learning Game Design and Gamification Professional Development Opportunities

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Meridian St, Indianapolis IN46204. Did you know the best way to design a digital game is to start with a paper prototype? Or that the ADDIE model for designing learning solutions doesn’t work so well with games? You should use an agile approach instead. Getting Started in Learning Game Design. Games that are too simple: Players will get bored quickly if a game is too linear.

Top 20 Learning Management Systems 2013-14

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9 Meridian Global - Revamped UI, multi-tenant and on/off synch with responsive for their mobile. #8 In an earlier post, I presented the top ten LMSs of 2013-14, but held back on announcing the top 20. Not anymore. Below are my top 20 rankings for 2013-14. Before the Top 20, here are the. Top Three Open Source LMSs of 2013-14. One of these vendors is listed in my top 50. Their name begins with a M and sounds like Noodle. Moodle - Whether you like it or not, the system still reigns supreme for free open source. Moodle ranks #46. Opigno – Yes, a new freebie pops up. The Top Twenty.

Final Post Analysis of #HRTechConf 2015

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Meridian. Meridian is coming out with a new version targeted later this year, but I sense it will be around by the end of Q2 2016. It is over. A big expo with several LMS vendors along with a few HR focused vendors who had a “learning component” to their systems. Lots of interesting stuff happening over in the HR space, but this analysis is all about our beloved e-learning and thus wonderful LMS flying machines (anyone see that movie? Anyone?). They did on day two but not day one. Personally, it was kind of lame and rotten on the part of the conference. Good).

Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014

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11 Meridian Global - Don’t let the web site fool you – because it really needs an overhaul, this is a strong system. I love to travel. I especially love it when I get the opportunity to present all over the world on a variety of e-learning topics. I love meeting new folks who have either been big fans and supporters of e-learning or are totally new to e-learning and seeking out information and knowledge. They forget to realize that a learning system, learning platform are just semantics – as noted before. Yeah, they forget that part. I scoff at this idea. 10 to 6.

LMS 104

B2B Top Five LMSs

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I should note that Meridian meets all the B2B criteria and is a top 20 LMS, however they have told me that the prefer a minimum of 2,500 users, which as anyone who knows in the B2B space, you never really know how many you will start or end up with in the course of a year. I admit I love lists. I’m one of those people who sees a book of lists about anything and then I must have it. I must read it. I just like lists. It seems to me that there are others who also love lists. Yep, people love lists. Yet, other times, the list carries value and benefit. But Back to B2B. Warehouses.

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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Meridian. It’s nearly here. In a little over two months, my 2016 Top 50 LMS Report will be available for purchase. This post isn’t so much a “buy, buy”, rather it is to give insight into the process, considerations, and factors. Not everyone gets in. And yeah there are vendors who will taut that they are in X list or Y rankings and thus should be included. Then there are those who use the “traditional” and “non-traditional” tag as a reason for being listed. Sorry, that’s marketing. But you won’t make my list because of that.

Top 50 LMS Mid Rankings Report – What you need to know

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Meridian Global. It is that time of the year, okay, not really, but it is time or more specifically near the time for the release of my Top 50 LMS mid-rankings report. The report available for acquisition arrives on June 16th. You will have the option to acquire the report at a pre-sale fee of $499 or wait until it comes out and pay the super duper fee of $599. I know folks always want to know what they get for that sweet price point and all the factors involved on who is in and who is out. Let’s first jump into what you get, besides my candid humor and independent take. Expertus.

LMS Holiday Guide – How to Save Money, Avoid being Ripped off

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Meridian for example, is a minimum of 2,500 seats. It is just a 1.5 weeks away. That is what you say as you are either forced to go to the mall or forced to eat something that looks like it came from the stone age at your holiday party or forced to listen to someone else tell you what an amazing holiday vacation they are about to have and you won’t. Yessir, it is the holidays. And with any holiday festivities, there are lots of guides. But this is no ordinary guide, rather it is a guide to save you money, avoid the pitfalls and the traps. Trap – Seat Costs. Let me Explain.

LMSs that kick ass: ElementK’s KnowledgeHub

Janet Clarey

Meridian KSI. Probably just three years ago, if you said Element K I would have immediately thought about off-the-shelf courseware. However, Element K has made substantial, progressive improvements to their LMS, most recently by building custom integrations between Jive Clearspace and KnowledgeHub, Element K’s LMS. They announced this in October, 2008. Via email, I asked Sue Rodeman, VP., Platform Prod Management & Marketing, Element K about their social media capabilities. Here’s what she had to say: Q: What social media tools is Element K incorporating into their LMS?

EL247?s Vendors 2 View Guide @ #ASTD2014

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Meridian - Another Top 25 LMS vendor. Hi all! I’m reporting live from the greatest city in the world, Los Angeles. I know, I know your jealous. Anyway, as many of you are probably aware the biggest training conference in North America, takes place May 4-7th, albeit most humans start off on May 5th. For the expo, which is the focus on this article, it kicks in gear on May 5th. The challenge with attending a show of this size (again, expo speaking) is knowing whom to see and check out and whom to zing by and say, “What, no swag?” when I attend these shows.

LMSs that kick ass - OutStart

Janet Clarey

Meridian KSI. Another Friday and another LMS that kicks ass! This week’s featured system is OutStart. I interviewed Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Marketing. By way of background, Jeff told me that OutStart has two flavors: Participate, their general social software solution and, their SaaS solution which includes LMS, collaborative authoring, and social media specifically configured to support learning. Their acquisition included the Participate team – a group with 12 years of social media experience dating back to the mid 90s. Each has very different objectives.

LMSs that kick ass:

Janet Clarey

Meridian KSI. This week on the Friday series, LMSs that kick ass , I’ m pleased to feature ’s LearnCenter system. By way of background,’s primary customer base is corporate universities and their total number of registered ‘learners’ is reported at over 2,000,000 worldwide at several hundred organizations. So, they’re one of the big players among commercial learning management systems. I spoke via email with JW Ray, COO and Don Cook, Senior VP of Marketing about what’s up with - specifically with social media.

Social Media Webinar

Kapp Notes

Join me and Brent Schlenker on Thursday (December 16) for a webinar called “ Breaking Down Social Learning’s Brick Wall. &# The webinar is free and sponsored by Meridian Knowledge Solutions. Here is some information about our presentation: A lot of “ink&# has been spilled on the benefits of social learning in the workplace. In spite of the hype, adoption still lags.

April Speaking Engagement

Kapp Notes

Watch Butch on the Golf Channel here: [link] Along with Butch and the "Buzz Breakers," you'll also get: An in-depth, first-look at the latest technology behind Meridian Global LMS. A tour of the latest editions to the Meridian Virtual Library (over 15,000 titles!). In April, I will be appearing on a panel with a couple of blogging pros to talk about learning with New Media.

An Inside Peek to the State of the LMS Industry 2014 Report

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Accessplanit, Accord, Administrate, Aduro, aNewsSpring, Biz Library, Blackboard, Blue Volt, Docebo, Edvance 360, eLogic Learning, Emtrain, Ethos CE, ExpertusOne, Growth Engineering, IMC Learning Suite, Inquisiq R3, Instructure, iSpring Online, LearnUpon, Meridian, Panopto, Percolate, ShareKnowledge, WBT Systems – TopClass 9.4, When you talk reports, the young ones (hey, look I’m talking like my grandfather) think the net can solve everything, but back in our day, we went to that scary building called the Library. Then you had to go back and find it. The magical report.

Review of #ASTD2014 International Conference and Expo

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Blackboard, eLogic Learning, Biz Library, Docebo, Administrate, Meridian. If you attended last week’s show in Washington D.C., you probably left feeling one of the following. Exhausted, but thrilled at everything you attended/saw. Exhausted and hungry – how can you run out of lunches on day one? Thrilled. Thrilled and angry about lack of free coffee – is it too much to ask for the amount of coin dropped to attend the show? Angry – don’t be looking at me, I’m something else. Intrigued. Any of the above plus another or two. Quick Notes. Takeaways. Poor.

LMSs that kick ass: Mzinga

Janet Clarey

Meridian KSI. It’s Friday yay! That means it’s time to feature another LMS that kicks ass! This is the seventh featured system in my Friday series highlighting LMSs that are doing innovative, kick-ass things with social media. Mzinga is the result of a merger between KnowledgePlanet and Shared Insights at the end of 2007. My first encounter with them was when they were still known as KnowledgePlanet. I was at a demo of their system at a company near where I live - an area that is not an easy destination to fly to. Kudos Jen (if you’re out there). Thanks Dave!

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

Tony Karrer

Meridian KSI Knowledge Ce. Meridian KSI 1 1.60 Update, Nov. You can get the abstract for the report and sign-up for a webinar on Sept. 26th on that same page. I was one of several authors who collaborated on the survey questions and wrote different sections of the report. The survey data itself I find to be pretty interesting and useful for some important aspects of selection. 27 I 6.29

What's all the Buzz: Sitting on a Panel to Sort Hype from Reality

Kapp Notes

Today I am appearing on a panel with a couple of blogging pros to talk about learning with New Media at the Meridian Learn and Know Conference. Is Twitter or, even, the iPad a viable learning technology? What's real, what's buzz? Today at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Va. Who am I on the panel with: Susan Smith Nash blogs for the " E-learning Queen " as well as

LMS News. Directory. Plus E-Learning Notes

eLearning 24-7

Checking out and reporting on Meridian Knowledge, Beeline Orchestra, RISC, A new year is upon us and thus it is time to re-visit the LMS market. A lot of changes have already been happening in just a short time frame. Several vendors have left the space, a few have entered. New trends are starting to appear – and in these two cases, they are beneficial to consumers. Vendors are hearing us and are making changes. More multilingual options to their web sites, trials and social learning. But, they still have a way to go. A few are truly innovating. LMS Directory. Bad News.

Upcoming Workshop On Designing Effective Learning Games

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Meridian St, Indianapolis IN46204. I’ve written quite often about our Play to Learn workshop because, quite honestly, it’s an amazing experience. I sat in on the inaugural session (which was sold out) at ASTD ICE last May. Some groups took a performance challenge one person was facing in their workplace. A few spots still remain for the August 28th workshop. Learn the Lingo.

Hot Last Week

Tony Karrer

Report: Community Platforms Market Led by Jive Software and Telligent - ReadWriteWeb Hot Last Week Keywords eLearning Strategy Social Media Work Skills KnowledgeHub ScreenToaster Cooliris Quizmaker OnDemand Meridian Mzinga GeoLearning Saba Notes on the weekly hot last week. Using the same approach as Hot List , I've compiled. The posts come from the primary sources for this group. Other items come from other sources. Keywords are based on occurrences this week in addition to other social signals. Browse eLearning Content at

Summits, Conferences and Some Relaxation

Kapp Notes

It has been a busy few weeks and May continues to be busy as I have a couple of presentations with my co-author Tony O'Driscoll coming up. I was on a panel with Mark Bowe r and Susan Smith Nash. It was a lot of fun discussion whether or not we thought a trend was "fact" or "fiction." Here are some photographs from the panel discussion. Mark, Karl and Susan prepare for audience questions.

How to Train Your Customers

CLO Magazine

John Leh, vice president of sales and marketing for Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a human capital management software maker, said 30 percent of the inquiries the company gets for learning management systems are intended to train external audiences. Offering external customers development options is an inexpensive way to boost company loyalty, reduce dependence on help desks and generate revenue. The learning and development industry has its hands full educating various levels of the workforce, but customers are often an employer’s largest audience. Take Apple, for example.

Learn a New Skill: Take Care of Yourself with Body Mind Breathing


The techniques are a powerful combination of breath, visualisation, rhythm, and pressure on meridian points, creating an effective mind/body wellness tool. Using gentle but firm pressure to meridian points on the body along with the breathing techniques, you can boost the body’s natural ability to switch off and release physical tension. It’s a new year, a new start…“Yay!” you say. A new YOU! This is your year to look after YOU! This is the year to let go of all last year’s stresses and struggles. But then HOW do you actually DO this? We all have less and less time.

ASTD TechKnowledge 2008, Lots of Fun

Kapp Notes

I also saw John Leh the regional sales manager for Meridian Knowledge Solutions. Arrived back from the ASTD TechKnowledge 2008 conference late the other night (3:00am) but the conference was worth it. I got to see a lot of people and make some really good connections. Matt Monahan and I had a lot of fun in our pre-conference workshop, Learning in 3D.

Oh the places I’ll go

Janet Clarey

Learn & Know 2009 , Meridian Knowledge Solutions User Conference – November 17-18, 2009, Chantilly, Virginia (sitting on a bloggers panel with Mark Bower and Susan Smith Nash ). I have located the key to the chain that secures me to my desk. I’d love to start making some plans to meet up at (or near) any of these learning-related events. DevLearn 2009 “Building the Future of Learning&# – November 10-13, 2009, San Jose, California (sitting on research panel and facilitating a concurrent session on multi-generational research & ID considerations).

eLearning Topics

Tony Karrer

Take a look at the companies: Saba (28) GeoLearning (17) SumTotal (22) Meridian (9) Cornerstone (19) You notice the counts are out of order (not descending). I've done a few posts in the past that take a look at the topics that are Hot Topics in Training. In each case, these are crude in that they look only at what terms people are using in a given content set. Back in 2007, I pointed out various aspects of what I was seeing: strategy/strategic and performance are back as topics after dropping way down in 2006 surprisingly trainer is also back, you would think in the age of eLearning 2.0