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Tool Overview: Questionmark Perception by Joe Ganci

Learning Solutions Magazine

Questionmark Perception is a popular assessment tool in the e-Learning community. Its three parts offer functionality for e-Learning designers and developers, and convenience for subject matter experts (SMEs) who assist with course development work. This article gives an overview of the Perception tool and a case study of user experience at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

3 hot resources for best practice multiple-choice quizzing

E-Learning Provocateur

QuestionMark – David Glow and Jayme Frey independently pointed me to the wealth of resources on this website. QuestionMark is a business, granted, but they know what they’re talking about – a claim backed up by the fact they have a psychometrician on the payroll (cheers David) and I heard Eric Shepherd with my own ears at LearnX last year and was very impressed.

Questionmark Introduces One-Touch Mobile Assessments via Android™ by Learning Solutions Staff

Learning Solutions Magazine

Questionmark, exhibiting at DevLearn 2010 November 3 – 5 in San Francisco, has introduced an app for the Android phones that makes it possible to deliver mobile assessments to these devices using the Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment management system.

QMlive: The way software should be « Change to learn

Challenge to Learn

Skip to content Homepage Kasper Spiro Change to learn “ On a mission to make EasyGenerator the best and most successful e-Learning authoring tool in the world ” ‹ Output management Social networks › February 6, 2010 QMlive: The way software should be One of the roles I have at Stoas is the role of Product manager for Questionmark Perception. John Kleeman started Questionmark some 20 years ago, building the first version at his kitchen table. Questionmark is a ‘standard’ software company building proprietary software. in 2007, 4.3

eLearning is Overdue for a Makeover

Will at Work Learning

Rosenberg, PhD Marc Rosenberg and Associates Dr. Allison Rossett Professor Emerita, Educational Technology San Diego State University Roger Schank John Evans Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University CEO, Socratic Arts Patti Shank, PhD, CPT Author, President, Learning Peaks LLC Director of Research The eLearning Guild Eric Shepherd CEO Questionmark Clive Shepherd Learning Technologist Onlignment Ltd Roderick Sims, PhD Design Alchemist Knowledgecraft, Australia Brenda Sugrue, PhD Chief Learning Officer Kaplan Performance Solutions Donald H.

Readers Q&A on E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

A: I’m split on the fence with standalone assessment tools (example: Questionmark). For those new to the E-Learning 24/7 blog, every quarter I offer readers the opportunity to ask any questions related to e-learning and post them along with a response. This last quarter saw the most questions ever asked, which was quite cool, but made it difficult to select which ones would appear this quarter. Topics covered in this quarter’s Q&A: Assessment Tools in 2020. LMS Vendors to watch. Top 50 LMS Rankings. Cornerstone OnDemand. Drum roll. uh, you imagine that to yourself.

Will at Work Learning: Learning Measurement 6 – What do Tools have to do with it?

Will at Work Learning

There are tools that are dedicated measurement-development tools, for example Questionmarks Perception. Only Questionmarks Perception and Adobes Flash Professional sneak into the top nine responses before "Other" takes the tenth spot. There are three (Respondus, StudyMate, and Questionmarks Perception). See the graph below. You read that right. Oh crap. SMILE.

M-Learning: Where’s the app for that?

eLearning 24-7

Questionmark has an iPad and iPhone app, but for whatever reason, if you type in “quiz&# or “assessment&# , they do not show up. As I write on my iPad, thoughts swirl abound. With all these vendors talking about their solution and its capabilities on mobile devices, it should be easy to find an app for that. Regardless if the vendor is m-learning specific, content authoring tool, LMS, web conferencing or a hybrid. It shouldn’t matter. If your telling me your solution is mobile ready, then all I should need to do is go iTunes or Android and find your app. Simple, right?

iPad 44

Which is the Best Rapid eLearning Tool?

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Other best-in-class technologies recognized include Citrix GotoWebinar, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Elluminate, Lectora, Questionmark, Pulse and Kaplan STT Trainer: They won platinum awards in various other categories. I am pleased to share with you that Raptivity is once again the winner of LearnX Australia Platinum award under the ‘Best Rapid eLearning Tool’ category. These awards are completely based on user voting. Being a winner gives immense satisfaction because this shows that Raptivity users are happy with it and are willing to endorse us with their vote.

TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

eLearning 24-7

Assessment tool vendors – Questionmark was there, can’t recall anyone else. Last week, I attended TK 2012 in Las Vegas. This was my third TK in a row to attend, and as usual it contained some WOW on the part of some products, some “huh” on others and even a few “boos” Overall Expo Analysis. Nice selection of vendors – in general. More vendors showing off their products then in the past – still a couple believe that a poster board will do the trick. Significant increase in custom development shops – the most I have seen ever at TK12.

Assessment Guru Hints at Trends Relevant to Learning Professionals

Will at Work Learning

I recently interviewed Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark, to get a sense of our industry and how it has been affected by the bad economy. Questionmark is the leading provider of assessment software according to a recent eLearning Guild study. I thought from his perch, Eric might be able to give us insight into the learning-and-performance field in general.

E-Learning Trade Shows + Product Reviews 4 #TK11

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Questionmark. I was planning on writing about emerging technology and virtual worlds. However, with ASTD’s TechKnowledge 2011, starting next week, I’m going to hold off until after TK11, to write on virtual worlds. What I like about conferences is the ability to see the latest products and hear the pitches from the vendors. Demonstrations are crucial, whether it is a 30 minute one, with an audience or one on one, with a potential customer. Regardless, you need to have your product out and showing. Yet, for all that do it, their are equal number of vendors who do not.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Questionmark. Executives Nominate 100 Solutions Across Expanded 30 Categories for Excellence. Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced today the Best of Elearning! Awards 2015 Finalists. Readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast more than 4,000 nominations for the best-in-class solutions across 30 product categories. Winners of each category will be revealed in Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines in December and honored at the Best of Elearning! Docebo.

Were We Responsible for the Financial Mess.?

Will at Work Learning

Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark, asks a great question on his blog. "As As Learning and Assessment Professionals What Could We Have Done to Prevent the Financial Crisis?" Click to check it out. Eric provides a great list of things on the learning side. I added some things as well. I'm a great believer that we all have some ability to influence, so I'm inclined to say, "YES," we could have done some things better. Not that we have control. Not that others aren't more responsible. But, we could have done some things differently. What do you think?

The futures market

Learning with e's

The only major players I saw were SmartBoard and QuestionMark Perception - perhaps this is a clue about the success of the trade exhibition. It was very refreshing to see the set up of LearnTEC in Karlsruhe, Germany this week. The ensuing discussion heated up the blogosphere for a while, with vendors defending their various positions, and practitioners giving their own views.

Will at Work Learning: FREE Research Report on Feedback

Will at Work Learning

Special thanks go out to my friends at Questionmark who agreed in advance of me finishing the report to license it for their clients and learning community. Questionmark is providing a great service by making it possible to dessimate world-class research-based information that is both valid and useful, including their support of the aforementioned research report on feedback.

E-Learning News and Notes

eLearning 24-7

I love Questionmark, its a wonderful product and it can use a “connector” to integrate into your learning platform or system. Lots of stuff has been going on these past few weeks s0 let’s just jump right in. Standalone Quiz/Assessment Tools. I’ve really been watching this space for the past two years, and while there continue to be enough products that fit within this category, I’m on the belief that this space is on the downside. Yes, it has a mobile component too. Greater increase in the number of learning management systems offering quiz/assessment tools.

The big question: choosing tools

Clive on Learning

Of course, if it isn't an e-learning tutorial you're after, then: for simple HTML content I'd use whatever tool comes with the LMS or content management system; for 2D games I'd use a specialist tool that generates Flash output; for rigorous assessments I'd use a tool like QuestionMark ; for content that learners can contribute towards I'd use a wiki; for a 3D learning world I'd use Caspian's Thinking Worlds ; for a software tutorial I'd use something like Captivate , Qarbon , Camtasia ; for a PowerPoint conversion I'd use Articulate or Adobe Presenter.

Facebook for eLearning evaluations - testing

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I also wonder if tool makers like Articulate Quizmaker , QuestionMark and other testing creation tools are considering a Facebook app version. One step closer to the Facebook LMS: This little Facebook app is TV Trivia Quiz. I was surprised at how many questions I could answer. I was also pretty successful utilizing the theory, "when in doubt, B". That worked a lot for me. like that feature.

Point Solutions vs. Suites and Composition

Tony Karrer

You can use your LMS' test solution, your Authoring tools test solution, or Questionmark Perception. One of the more interesting back-stories in Blended Learning / eLearning 2.0 is the classic question of point-solutions vs. suites. As background for the question, take a look at LAMS and particularly the demonstrations. It also includes a user administration system for system administrators.

LMS Market – An inside scoop

eLearning 24-7

One is Questionmark. Today, I was going to discuss how to market your LMS to your employees, but instead wish to focus on a common question, I often receive about LMS vendors. Specifically, the inside scoop. Here is some insight into the market (just a tad), some of which you may know, others which you may not. One additional word, as many of you may know, I have launched my “Secret LMS Shopper&# program which will provide an unbiased review of a LMS/LCMS vendor, incl. the front end, admin end and everything in between, plus screen shots. Now, on with the notes: The Landscape.

Confused of Brighton

Clive on Learning

Tools for creating interactive tutorials (the bulk) as opposed to those that specialise in producing assessments ( QuestionMark ), 3D games (Caspian's Thinking Worlds ), software simulations (Captivate, Qarbon ViewletBuilder , Camtasia ) and scenarios ( RapideL Discover , Captivate). Two situations recently have got me thinking about e-learning authoring tools. Firstly, I've been doing some more work on the script for The 30-minute masters which, if you remember, aims to teach the essentials of instructional design to subject matter experts in no more than 30 minutes. Have you ?

CLO Dashboard Puts Learning Executives in the Driver's Seat

Big Dog, Little Dog

The system will provide built-in connectors to leading learning platforms including THINQ, Pathlore, EEDO, and Questionmark CLO Dashboard, a strategic reporting and decision-making system for chief learning officers, learning managers and executives, has is now in Beta production by Zeroed-In Technologies announces its flagship product. CLO Dashboard is built on a corporate performance management framework and is tailored to the learning industry with predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including learning efficiency, learning effectiveness, compliance and readiness.

43 Great eLearning Posts and 5 Hot Topics Including Google Buzz and iPad

eLearning Learning Posts

Tool Overview: Questionmark Perception by Joe Ganci , February 22, 2010. Best of eLearning Learning. February 14, 2010 to February 28, 2010. Some really great stuff from the second half of February as found based on social signals. And not much surprise about the hot topics this month - although a bit surprising that LCMS cropped up? How professionals learn - Clive on Learning , February 23, 2010 Great summary from Clive about key factors in adult/professional learning. The Ability to Lead Remote Employees Will Become the Next 2.0 Formalizing informal learning? It also devours time.

OEB15 Review

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Questionmark. I still think though that assessment tools like Questionmark may not be as useful in say 10 years. Welcome wherever you are! Well, back from OEB15, which stands for Online Educa Berlin. And as you can probably guess, it was in Berlin, Germany. Where to start? How about right at the beginning with my Good, Average and Poor. OEB stopped the smoking area near the booths.