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The History of Distance Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]


Most people probably do not know this, but distance learning has actually been around for quite some time.  In the United States, the earliest recorded distance learning program was in 1728 when Caleb Phillips advertised a private correspondence courses in the Boston Gazette newspaper! It is always interesting to see where we came from in the realm of distance learning.

300 Years of Distance Learning Evolution [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you thought that distance learning was a product of today, then you would be mistaken. In fact, the first distance learning program on record took place in 1728, when a local teacher by the name of Caleb Phillips advertised shorthand correspondence lessons offered by mail! But it never hurts to take a look back in time to see how distance learning has evolved.

7 Fascinating Distance Learning Facts


Most K-12 districts even have learning management systems in place for  online learning programs to supplement the classroom. are helping in the growth of online learning programs all over the world. distance learning elearning online learning Today, I would argue that a University of Phoenix degree is quite desirable in the workplace. The U.S.

5 Major Players in Distance Learning


Due to the growing elearning industry, the number of distance learning providers is also growing.  Be it a traditional LMS offering, new software-as-a-service tools or the newer MOOC platforms , the list seems to grow larger every day. Distance learning is growing so much, even Google is getting into the game. Distance Learning College and Training. Apple.

The persistence of distance (learning)

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In a formal sense, distance learning has been a familiar concept since at least 1837, when Sir Isaac Pitman began teaching his shorthand system using typed instruction cards mailed through the universal Penny Postal service to his students across England. Some would say formal distance education was established much earlier in the Americas. We have come a long way. Far from it.

The History of Distance Learning and the LMS

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The post The History of Distance Learning and the LMS appeared first on eLearn Hub. Interesting Stuff Uncategorized Creative Commons Distance Learning elearning developmentPosted in Interesting Stuff Uncategorized. Author: Ashok Sharma                                                                                                         […].

Top Four HOT Concepts in Distance Learning

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Distance Learning itself. At my institution, we are scratching our heads a little bit wondering why we have an above average number of enrollments in our distance learning courses. However, if you do a quick Google search and read a few reports it is clear that the pundits have been predicting that distance learning enrollments will rise. Mobile learning.

The History of Technology and Distance Learning


Check out our infographic following the long history of technology and distance learning - from the Pony Express to the social web. Infographics eLearning Solutions

Distance Learning / Distance Education

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Steve Wheeler (aka Twitter timbuckteeth ) has been writing a series of articles on how distance education has “developed and the influences it has had on our current education provision&#. I am not going to repeat what he says, but I would strongly recommend you read the articles, and the comments, and join in the discussion on his blog – [link]. Well done.

Converting Instructor-Led Training to E-learning or Distance Learning: Keys to success

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We receive frequent requests to convert ILT courses to e-learning or distance learning. An engaging, effective e-learning course comes out on the other side. Sometimes subject matter experts (SMEs) think that we’ll be able to translate their slides “as is” to an e-learning course. Bottom-Line Performance, Inc. Promote Your Page Too. Allow for a mourning period.

5 Reasons Why Distance Learning Has Been Around for Centuries

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Think distance learning is a recent invention? Distance learning has been around for centuries. So what’s the attraction to distance learning? These are 5 awesome benefits of distance learning that have kept it in practice for centuries: Students can learn at their own paces. Distance learning solves the travel problem!

Distance Learning Tips for The Remote Worker


It is difficult enough to motivate workers who are physically present, but how does one keep a remote worker engaged in learning who is somewhere in Cyberland, another time zone, or even another country? Another challenge for remote learners is feeling connected, and the best way to create connection for remote learners and workers is to provide opportunities for social learning. Organizations and learning teams can plan social time and use platforms to such as chat, video, and teleconference to interact.

Report on Open Distance Learning in India

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The following is a brief summary of the Madhava Menon report on ODL in India titled “ Report of the Committee to Suggest Measures to Regulate the Standards of Education Being Imparted through Distance Mode “ The report was released in 2010 it seems. The report defines Open Distance Learning (ODL) as a term that encompasses the “open” and “distance” “Open” means to the committee: the removal of constraints of face to face conventional classroom method. At par or better quality than conventional learning. Summary.

Five Tips for Effective Distance Learning

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Distance learning programs are being adopted by a growing number of businesses. For many businesses, this means a greater investment in on-demand learning programs. There are several benefits to so-called distance learning. With on-demand learning, companies can save big money on travel costs for in-person training, as well as on the software needed to conduct live training sessions over the Web. On-demand training means learning and development representatives no longer have to waste time giving the same training sessions over and over again.

Training: Create Video lectures for distance learning, MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms

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Topic: Create Video lectures for distance learning, MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms Date and time: 21st August 2014, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PT Description: Join Dr. Allen Partridge for this practical session focused on how to create and package great video lectures for all your eLearning needs. Youll learn how to quickly and easily create professional […].

Does flipped learning work with elearning – YES IT DOES!

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Flipped learning is almost exactly what is sounds like; the classroom is ‘flipped’ The idea is to make it all about the student – student centered learning. Yes, this does work for elearning!   At it’s most basic flipped learning is classroom and homework flipped around. The post Does flipped learning work with elearning – YES IT DOES!

Learning the Netflix way

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I’ve just read the post by Donald Clark called ‘What does ‘learning’ have to learn from Netflix?’ So, if we’re changing our viewing habits, are we changing our learning habits (as pointed out by Donald)? They could and should be more relevant, more in-depth, and more appropriate to the specific learning outcomes and learning journeys.

What makes a good online learning experience?

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Is it possible to define the qualities of what makes a good online learning experience, or a good MOOC? Connection : Remember that your students are not only geographically dispersed, but will have a range of learning styles, backgrounds, and availability. Journey : The learning journey should not just be about getting from the start to the assessment (and passing).

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10 ways to keep eLearning interesting

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Creating the learning resources and delivering the content is one thing, but creating and delivering content that is both engaging and thought provoking (and ‘sticky’) is something else. eLearning Digital Learning Distance Learning Infographic Learning Process Learning Technology mLearning Mobile Learning Personal Learning Social Learning

How ‘long’ is too ‘long’?

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For a few years now I’ve been spouting the same lines when it comes to planning a video for an distance learning course or MOOC: “preferably no more than 4 minutes, definitely no more than 6.” Yes, but YouTube is not a structured learning environment and often, if you’re directing the students to the YouTube video you’d be telling them why.

3 Trends of Digital Education


suppose there could be a variety of defining figures, but there are three trends in particular that the digital education trend brings to the traditional teaching methodology – all improve learning outcomes. 1. Mass Distribution - Transforming content to digital outlets streamlines the distribution and enables learning to happen from anywhere – which people prefer.

Back to the eighties: Old school distance learning

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thought that I should make an effort to and try to learn their language. Therefore I have enrolled myself in a distance course Russian. But then as an icing on the cake the last item appeared from the box: Your eyes are not fooling you, it is a …… Walkman! I’m surprised that they found a factory that is still manufacturing these. I’m completely back in the eighties and I realize that there is still a lot to gain in the world of distance learning. Distance learning e-Learning NHANot the most cost-effective and modern way.

5 Tips for engaging your students #eLearning

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A handy ’5 tips for engaging your students in eLearning’ infographic – something to print out and stick on the wall as a handy reminder of what you/we can do to make it easier for students to get the best out of their (e)learning: Keep it interesting & relevant. How Students Learn. eLearning Distance Learning Engagement Infographic Student Experience

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eLearning Conferences June to December 2015 and BEYOND

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Uncategorized Conferences Distance Learning E-learningPosted in Uncategorized. Yes, it’s here! This is an extensive list of eLearning Conferences June to December 2015. This list covers different countries, topics and venues. Have a look through there is something for everyone. The post eLearning Conferences June to December 2015 and BEYOND appeared first on eLearn Hub.

The future of MOOCs

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It’s how the teacher uses that content to support learning that will make the difference. 7. While MOOCs typically comprise video clips and perhaps a quiz, they will inevitably include more instructional devices to assist distance learning (and remain competitive). MOOCs get a bad rap. Consider the teenager in central Australia whose school has only one teacher. Ka ching!

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The future of MOOCs

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It’s how the teacher uses that content to support learning that will make the difference. 7. While MOOCs typically comprise video clips and perhaps a quiz, they will inevitably include more instructional devices to assist distance learning (and remain competitive). MOOCs get a bad rap. Consider the teenager in central Australia whose school has only one teacher. Ka ching!

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What happened to the MOOCs?

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Course – Yes, they’re a course; a collection of articles, videos and activities, maybe with discussion points dotted here or there (for social learning), and probably a test or end ‘assignment’ to prove you’ve learned something to qualify you for a certificate. What about courses that are really just about learning something new, not for CPD or to further a career, those that don’t have something that can be tested? MOOC Coursera Distance Learning edX FutureLearn Learning Technology Online Course Udacityhope not.

How to focus in the age of distraction

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Jane Genovese writes on the Learning Fundamentals website on ‘ how to focus in the age of distraction ‘ and produced this excellent mind-map of Leo Babauta’s eBook  “ Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction”. What should they do to help themselves, to make the best environment possible to aid their learning? Create habits and/or rituals to focus your mind.

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Management Tips from Pixar Animation

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Similar to Ed at Pixar, those of us who manage developers of online learning find ourselves managing a creative process.  This combination of learning and real-life examples from Pixar make for educational as well as entertaining reading. I was so intrigued by this book that I am considering making it mandatory reading in the Distance Education Leadership Class that I teach.

The Virtual LMS Administrator

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Learning News Learning Technology Strategy Managing eLearning Assocations association distance learning elearning LMS Technology Web CourseworksLMS administrators are a necessity for the successful implementation and upkeep of an LMS. However, there now is a new title to add to this diagram – The Anatomy of a Virtual LMS Administrator. Click to enlarge.

World Academy – Unique Online Education Platform

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Interesting Stuff Uncategorized Distance Learning elearning mobile learning Online Learning Posted in Interesting Stuff Uncategorized. PRESS RELEASE World announces Launch of Unique Online Education Platform With access to high impact practical short courses for professional development Australia, Sydney: World is facilitating online education for professional development in the 21st Century.  As the new leader in the field of online education platforms, World Academy partners with qualified and renowned […].

12 ways teachers are using social media in the classroom

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This resource from Vicki Davis – “A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom” on Edutopia is a good starting point for planning the inclusion of social media in learning spaces. Vicki closes by saying something very similar to what I submitted to the Mobile Learning – “Improving Learning with Mobile Technology” eBook: “Social media is here.

10 Ways to Encourage Participation in Distance Learning (DL)

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Technology now affords so many more options to learn new skills without being physically present, but how can we ensure that participants are kept engaged and motivated when they’re not sat in front of us? If the learning is taking place within an organisation, get yourself a champion at senior level. The fact that an external body has validated the learning can be very reassuring.

Ultimate List of Online Course Providers


If you have had a good experience before, then it makes sense to go to that site to see if they have a course on the topic you are looking to learn. distance learning elearning MOOCs online learning Chances are that at some point you have considered taking an online course (or perhaps you already have). Open a browser. 2. Go to Google. 3.

You Say "eLearning", I say 'Online Learning". She says "Distance Learning". Does it Matter?

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Practitioners, analysts, proponents and critics of this thing we do with learning and technology solutions will frequently use all of these terms interchangeably to describe the discipline of using technology for connecting learners with learners, teachers, content, experts and experience. Tags: Distance Learning eLearning Mobile Online Education social media Technology Trends

What’s The Future of Online Schools?


However it’s now one of the leading names in distance education. In my opinion, a blended learning approach where possible will help with learning retention. When a course is strictly online then blended learning can be difficult. distance learningFrom the higher education perspective online offerings are really starting to take-off.

10 hot tips for moocers

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By that I don’t mean so much the knowledge acquired from the instructors, but (on the contrary) the skills developed in learning how to learn for myself. That’s fine; it’s called learning. More specifically, use your blog to articulate your learnings from the mooc. Think of moocing as informal learning. Firstly: “Why a mooc?”

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