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Intersecting Learning and Talent Management: At a Crossroads by Wm. Edward Vesely

Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning and talent management have traditionally been independent functions with a common goal – increased productivity. Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies Professional Development

Reporting & Analysis of Mobile Learning: Is It Worth It? by Skip Marshall

Learning Solutions Magazine

Is the effort required to create and deliver mobile learning worth it? Design Techniques Evaluation Future Trends Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies Mobile Learning

Learning Content Is Not Your Job Any More: The Effect of Convergence by Rick Wilson

Learning Solutions Magazine

Content Management Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies Mobile LearningOur roles are changing, as content types converge. Dealing with transformative change requires changes in thinking and changes in working. One answer is intelligent content engineering.

App Fusion: Learning Face-off with Facebook by Terrence Wing

Learning Solutions Magazine

The enormous and growing numbers of Facebook users create an opportunity for e-Learning. System (CMS) to a Learning Management System (LMS). Blended Development Strategies Instructional Design Learning 2.0 Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Social MediaFacebook Developer API allows you to change Facebook's functionality from a Content Management. Here's how to bend Facebook to your will!

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Totara LMS Partners with Lambda Solutions, Allen Interactions by News Editor

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(Press Release) Totara Learning Solutions, a global alliance founded by Kineo eLearning and Catalyst IT, has entered two new partnerships in North America with solutions providers Lambda Solutions and Allen Interactions. Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Tools

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Intellum Releases Enhanced Exceed LMS by News Editor

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Asynchronous Blended Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Synchronous ToolsEnhancements include localization by individual learners, integration with GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, automatic video uploads, and new reporting functionality.

InfoPro Launches Collaborative Learning Platform Gnosis by News Editor

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InfoPro Learning, Inc. announces the release of Gnosis, an advanced and sophisticated online collaborative learning platform with cutting-edge functionalities. Content Management Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Mobile Learning Tools

Mobile Enterprise Content Management: Adding Tablets by Bob Little

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[Product Announcement] eXact learning solutions (, a leading provider of online and mobile learning content management solutions, has launched eXact Mobile, one of the world’s first Mobile Learning Content Management solutions.


How To Revamp Your Learning Model by Ryan Tracey

Learning Solutions Magazine

Informal learning today is a lot like the old saying about the weather: everybody talks about it, but nobody knows what to do about it. Design Strategies Future Trends Instructional Design Learning 2.0 Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Social MediaHere’s an approach to creation of an environment that will support both formal and informal processes.

Engineering Intelligent Content for Mobile Learning by Rick Wilson and Dr. Gary Woodill

Learning Solutions Magazine

Adding mobile devices to the channels available for learning does far more than “putting a classroom in every pocket.” The ability to move around and to contextualize learning based on the learner's location breaks the classroom metaphor and opens up new possibilities for learning. Here are some key issues and considerations about engineering intelligent learning content for a mobile world.

Extended Learning Content Management by Mr. John DiGiantomasso

Learning Solutions Magazine

different set of learning objectives, or for a different instructional strategy. An extended learning. content management system avoids these issues. Content Management Design Strategies Development Strategies Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Techniques

Social Learning – What’s the Point? Time to turn the tables on the naysayers

eLearning 24-7

That is what one senior exec said to me, the other day when it came to social learning. I shot off the usual reasons, the benefits, the gains and then found myself expanding into the next possibilities of where a system and content authoring tool had to go. I believe this is very possible, because regardless of the generation, people want easy, they want fast and if they could do a lot of things in a system for example, rather than having multiple windows open, they would do it.

Taleo Learn: Transforming Talent Training and Development by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

[Press release] Taleo Learn is a comprehensive solution for delivering, tracking, and managing formal and social learning content. This allows organizations to streamline learning and development and improve time to competency.

2011 Continues Significant Changes in e-Learning Companies by Bill Brandon

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The New Year is underway with new acquisitions of e-Learning-related companies. Asynchronous Blended Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies ToolsTwo important. changes to the players took place in the first week of 2011.

Marc My Words: E-Dreaming by Marc J. Rosenberg

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Future Trends Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies Professional Development ResearchMarc’s wish list for the New Year. How many of these are on all our lists?

SkillSoft Announces Release of SkillPort 8 by News Editor

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needs and requests, SkillSoft embarked on a journey to create the next generation learning platform. Content Management Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) ToolsLeveraging a decade of SaaS experience with platform architecture expertise, and incorporating customer.

Competentum launches ShareKnowledge LMS 3.1 for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 at DevLearn|10 by Learning Solutions Staff

Learning Solutions Magazine

At DevLearn 2010 in San Francisco, November 3-5, Competentum launches the newest, most advanced learning. management system (LMS) based on Microsoft® Corporation’s SharePoint® 2010 and 2007 versions, that is specifically. designed for corporate e-Learning. Tags: Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Social Media Tools

Author-it to Demonstrate Pre-Release Honeycomb LCMS at DevLearn by News Editor

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Author-it Software Corporation is bringing a pre-release demonstration of its Honeycomb learning content management. system to DevLearn 2016 next week. learning and assessment on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Learning Systems Management Mobile Learning Training StrategiesHoneycomb is the latest version of ASC’s responsive HTML5 output for delivering.

Proof of Direct Link between Learning and Performance

Vignettes Learning

He asked what is new in learning systems that can demonstrate learning impacts on the job. The first question is like searching for the Holy Grail in training and learning. At the heart of the solution is a metrics driven learning program.

Taleo Enterprise: A Retooled User Interface by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

and new capabilities for learning. Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies Talent Management ToolsThe latest release of this enterprise-class suite simplifies and unifies access to talent intelligence.

Oracle Buys Taleo by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management StrategiesOracle plans to add Taleo’s Talent Management cloud offering to the Oracle Public Cloud.

E-Learning News and Notes

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I love Questionmark, its a wonderful product and it can use a “connector” to integrate into your learning platform or system. Greater increase in the number of learning management systems offering quiz/assessment tools. This is not to say that every LMS can do this, nor does it say that what the end user sees is uber-robust, but on the back end the analytical data for many systems can be significant. Collaborative Learning Systems.

3 reasons to change your learning content management strategy now


Have legacy systems handcuffed your enterprise? If you speak with John May, Capgemini Academy’s learning solution architect, he’d be the first to admit the company''s 15-year-old print-based learning platform was creating more problems than solutions.

aNewSpring Releases Self-Service eLearning Platform at DevLearn 2011 by News Editor

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Content Management Development Strategies Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Tools

Camtasia - LMS - LCMS - Best of eLearning Learning August 2009

eLearning Learning Posts

Best of eLearning Learning. Five New Influences on the Future of Learning Technologies <!–( Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning <!–( Applying Blended Solutions In Your E-Learning; Workshop Presenter: Ray Jimenez <!–( Increasing Virtual Learning And Webinar Effectiveness With Your Social Learning System <!–( Formalizing Informal Learning- What? What is a Learning Technologist?

Kenexa Agrees To Acquire OutStart by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Acquisition will address growing market demand for social learning, mobile learning, learning content management, and the integration of learning management and talent management. Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies

BlueVolt LMS Goes Mobile: HTML5 Mobile Interface by News Editor

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[Press Release] BlueVolt's new HTML5 mobile interface enables learning on-the-go. Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Mobile Learning ToolsThe interface is in beta, but is available for free to all existing BlueVolt LMS customers.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions—Part 2

ATD Learning Technologies

At the 2016 ATD TechKnowledge Conference, I hosted a session designed for people just getting started with e-learning. In the first installment of this two-part series , we reviewed some basic e-learning terminology and concepts questions that were asked during the session.

8 eLearning Best Practices

KZO Innovations

Educators have many options as they work to provide exceptional e-learning environments. Get the right learning content management system (LCMS). You’re asking for trouble if you hastily sign up for the wrong LCMS. Make sure your LCMS makes sense for your organization. You can introduce something fresh along the way, but overall continuity in design helps students know what to expect and how to work within an e-learning environment. .

On-the-Job Learning Renewed

CLO Magazine

Most employees learn on the job, and CLOs can’t ignore this fact. Interview 100 employees in your organization and ask them one simple question: “How did you learn the key skills you are using for your job?” ” Will the majority say e-learning, training, social learning, corporate intranets or the latest mobile app? Most workers will tell you they learned it on the job, through conversations with peers, managers or others in the workplace.

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State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

eLearning 24-7

If you are an authoring tool, regardless if you identify yourself as “mobile learning authoring tool” or not, you should be one – and not try to be many things. Learning games in the authoring tool product. Thus it is truly mobile learning content err course.

Lectora eLearning Software Sponsors mLearnCon by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Lectora® eLearning software will sponsor mLearnCon Mobile Learning Conference & Expo June 19 – 21 in San Jose, CA. Lectora will bring its mobile learning expertise and experience to provide attendees the best eLearning tools for their mobile learning needs.

BREAKING NEWS: ADL Initiative to Focus on Design & Community Oriented Technology by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

in learning technology, and to support community-oriented and mobile experiences. Tags: Development Strategies Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies ADL will soon begin a new initiative to focus on design, rather than on architecture, to spur innovation. SCORM will. continue to be supported.

Mobile Learning at the Tipping Point by Ara A. Ohanian

Learning Solutions Magazine

Mobile learning is a valuable addition to organizational learning strategy. Tags: Future Trends Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Mobile Tools Implemented correctly, it provides an excellent means to deliver knowledge rapidly across an enterprise, to ensure that people understand new corporate initiatives, or that new product knowledge is quickly available to those who need it.