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Friday Finds — Positive Propaganda, Seductive Details, Thinking Fast & Slow

Mike Taylor

8) Last Week’s Most Clicked: AI-Powered Learning Design News & Notes Facts Don’t Change Minds This is a thought-provoking article that explores the role of propaganda in shaping public opinion and argues that it can be an effective tool for persuasion despite its negative connotations.

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A fresh new eBook: Microlearning – Go Beyond the Hype

Upside Learning

There has been a lot of discussion and propaganda around Microlearning, but never truly an objective and holistic inference. This eBook is your complete guide to lesser known concepts and key elements to learning through Microlearning.


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Generation Mobile

Nick Leffler

Leave all that propaganda behind, just give me a mobile phone and a mobile friendly web and I’m happy. Well, I don’t care what generation I’m classified as or what anybody else is, I love technology and I love mobile. I’m more digital literate than most kids today, and I know many others who are too.

Mobile 160
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Foching up social media

E-Learning Provocateur

They are used for close air support, air interdiction, strategic bombing, interception, military escorts, transporting people and cargo, and even distributing propaganda. Today, of course, aeroplanes are a critical component of warfare. Of course, I don’t accuse the good general of stupidity. He simply lacked imagination.

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Importance of Leadership in Business | ecadema

Professional Online Learning | ecadema

Each leader works with different propaganda, some might have a jovial and affable manner of delivering operation, while some might have a refined and sophisticated style of working but this doesn’t define the effectiveness of productivity. Each leader has their own technique, approach, and course of action.

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Green e-learning

E-Learning Provocateur

It’s time for the green sector to trade propaganda for education, and I suggest the most efficient way of doing this is via e-learning. I contend there is huge scope (some might even say obligation) for these organisations to educate the public on the issues they hold so dear. Enter green e-learning.

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Our digital future 9: Omni-choice learning

Learning with e's

In the tech industry, it's already seen as a notorious element in targeted advertising , surveillance and propaganda (for example in recent elections). In many areas, such as manufacturing, defence, transport and health, AI is already impacting significantly. But this is all very low level stuff right now compared to what could happen.

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