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The Impact of Virtual and Augmented Reality on Higher Education

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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are immersive technologies that equip users with the capability to experience digitally produced content in actual and virtual arenas. Augmented reality overlays digital information such as sounds, videos , and graphics onto the real-world environment.

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Top 12 Applications of AI and Augmented Reality in Education


Although the education sector is vastly defined by legacy systems, new-age AI tools, VR (virtual reality), and augmented reality in education can bring phenomenal change in terms of automation and closing the widening knowledge gaps that exist across traditional grade systems.


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Virtually Amazing: What to Know about Augmented Reality (AR) for eLearning


If augmented reality (AR) was a once prediction of a few futurists, that’s not the case anymore. So today, we’ll talk about augmented reality in eLearning. What Is Augmented Reality? To give you an example of interactive learning with augmented reality, picture a textbook.

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The New eLearning Ecosystem in 2024: ChatGPT, Chatbots, and Beyond

Infopro Learning

Imagine the possibilities of experiencing cutting-edge technology and innovative training methods that revolutionize the way employees learn and develop their skills. The eLearning ecosystem, a concept familiar to many, has become integral to learning and professional development.

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Custom eLearning Services: Your Key to Interactive and Immersive Learning Experiences

Brilliant Teams

Videos, simulations, and interactive quizzes stimulate active participation, enhancing comprehension and retention. Personalized Assessments Assessment shouldn’t be a generic test but a reflection of individual progress. Gamification for Engaged Learning Who said learning can’t be fun?

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Revolutionizing Corporate Training: Personalized Learning with AI


Personalized learning with AI, but what does that even entail? Benefits of Personalized Learning with AI in Corporate Training Maintaining relevance in today’s fast-paced, always-evolving business environment requires constant learning and adaptation. Personalized education is one approach to this goal.

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How AI Tailors Personalized Learning Experiences for Students and Teachers

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Wrapping Up References Using AI for Personalized Learning AI in education is about understanding and adapting to the unique learning styles and paces of each student. Similarly, a lifelong learner, like a grandmother eager to learn a new language, can find the right resources and support.