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Skills Gap Analysis for the Future of Work

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How do we conduct a skills gap analysis for the future of work, when we aren’t sure what the future of work is? In a time when organizations are experiencing an ever-increasing need to reskill and upskill their people, the skills gap analysis is an increasingly powerful tool to build business impact. I hear you.

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Content, Skill and Scale: ID Best Practices?

Infopro Learning

Effective eLearning initiatives perpetually employ this indispensable yet somewhat inconspicuous skill. According to the Association for Talent Development , instructional design involves crafting learning experiences and resources to facilitate acquiring and practically applying knowledge and skills.


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How to conduct Skill Gap Analysis in 2023


What is Skill Gap Analysis in 2023? The HR and L&D teams conduct a Skill gap analysis in 2023 to analyze if the workforce’s existing skills are sufficient to satisfy the needs of the business. Why Is Conducting a Skills Gap Analysis Important in 2023?

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What is Competency-Based Assessment?


As an instructor, you may be striving hard to teach students the necessary skills through day-to-day lessons. Here is when competency-based assessments (CBAs) play a crucial role. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, honing current capabilities and acquiring new skills has become more important than ever. Wrapping Up!

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The Best Skills Analysis Tools for Upskilling

Faster than ever, the world is shifting and shaping how people work, exposing and creating deep skill divides across industries and around the world. If you’re scrambling to upskill your employees but don’t know where to start, make skills analysis a routine part of your decision-making process.

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The Little-Known, Sure-Fire Way to Keep Training Relevant and Employee Engagement High: Skills Gap Analysis


The answer lies in a dynamic tool: Skills Gap Analysis. This article delves into the transformative potential of AI-driven skills gap analysis in shaping the training landscape. With AI-powered skills gap analysis, training becomes a bespoke experience.

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Navigating the Future of L&D: Top 5 Skills You Can’t Ignore

Learning Rebels

Source: RedThread Research] If this doesn’t serve as a wake-up call for the L&D community to reevaluate their strategies and skills, nothing will. Here are five key skill areas that every L&D professional should focus on for future success: Agile Approach Data Analytics Curation Technical Acumen Business Acumen.

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