Interview with Franck Gaillard, Global Learning Director, Alstom University

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We spoke with Franck Gaillard, Global Learning Director at Alstom University , to get his perspective on this new initiative. Responsible: This is about respecting ethics, eliminating COI-related risks, and promoting regulatory compliance while keeping CSR and humans at the heart of our goal.

How to Improve Physician Education Satisfaction for CE Directors


Automate and streamline your compliance and administrative tasks with EthosCE so you can invest more time in developing innovative courses or revamping older courses that include critical information but could use a little help in course delivery or assessment.

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What Education Directors Have to Lose Without Smart Reporting


If you’re like most committed CME Directors, you avoid cutting corners when it comes to giving your students the best educational resources available. 3) Smart reporting is a key component of ACCME compliance.

Benefits of compliance training

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Compliance courses have the potential to change the way your staff act more than any other type of training. Unfortunately compliance learning has a reputation for being dull and irrelevant with many of the people who are required to take it.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

In a compliance context, considerable problems can be. Managing Director Dawn Baron. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. from a modern authoring tool?

A Conversation with Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director/CEO of Sponge UK

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Using innovative approaches and advanced technologies, we’re helping organizations make a difference in the areas that matter most to them, such as skills development, leadership, induction, compliance and sales. Compliance Example.

Building a Compliance Training Brand

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How seriously does your organization take compliance? You will find the answer to that question by looking at your compliance training. Does your compliance training do more than check a box? Ensure that your compliance training design takes into account all styles of learning.

Q&A: Norvartis International Integrity & Compliance Training Team

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Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A: Norvartis International Integrity & Compliance Training Team. Britta Luescher, PhD – Previous Director for Compliance Training. Nicole Leret – Compliance Project Manager. Compliance Training

Q&A: Novartis International Integrity & Compliance Training Team

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Interactive compliance trainingpresents: Q&A: Novartis International Integrity & Compliance Training Team. Britta Luescher, PhD – Previous Director for Compliance Training. Nicole Leret – Compliance Project Manager. Compliance Training

What You Need to Know About Online OSHA Compliance and Training

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This includes the CEO who can learn how to increase profits, the CFO who can decrease overhead, the HR Director for reducing employee turnover, the Compliance Manager to ensure the company follows all current laws and regulations, and the L&D Manager responsible for in-house training.

Cordery Compliance: Modern Slavery – What’s it all about for UK Companies

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To help combat this phenomenon, a compliance obligation that means companies will have to comprehensively train their staff on the issue has been legally imposed on organizations in a number of parts of the world, most notably California and the United Kingdom , and more recently Australia.

What You Need to Know About Online OSHA Compliance and Training

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This includes the CEO who can learn how to increase profits, the CFO who can decrease overhead, the HR Director for reducing employee turnover, the Compliance Manager to ensure the company follows all current laws and regulations, and the L&D Manager responsible for in-house training.

Compliance Training: Using Storytelling to Enhance the Learning Experience

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What if compliance training could not only be a necessary and essential means of protecting organizations and employees, but also an exciting learning opportunity? Compliance training courses don’t have to be dull. Four Reasons Why Your Compliance Training Should Tell a Story.

Getting Your Compliance Training Blend Right

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Your learning and development team has been tasked with designing an organization-wide global compliance training rollout. Compliance training must account for individual employees and their unique environment and situation. Start by asking: what does compliance success look like?

Skills of Gamers, Microsoft Build Keynote, and Compliance Training: This Week on #BLPLearn

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Submitted by Brandon Penticuff, Technology Director . Submitted by Brandon Penticuff, Technology Director. Compliance is not the Same as Learning . I came across an interesting article by Clive Shepherd about compliance training.

Bringing Sexy Back to Your Compliance eLearning Courses

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Managing Director at Wright Solutions: “People hate compliance training, they don’t remember it and they don’t take it seriously!”. Weave storytelling into your compliance eLearning courses to make them resonate with your audience''s hearts. eLearning tips compliance eLearning

Tracking your Compliance Training Program – What Your LMS Needs to Do

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As most compliance functions already know, an effective Learning Management System (LMS) is key to administering an effective compliance training program. They may also require compliance training to be retaken yearly, or in some cases every two years. Compliance Training

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Integrating Off-the-Shelf Learning Modules into Your Compliance Ecosystem

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Creating custom, targeted, engaging compliance training does not necessarily mean starting with a blank slate. Learning solution providers take pride in keeping their available compliance training modules current and relevant.

How to Ensure Compliance Training is Not Merely a “Check-the-box” Activity

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Often, organizations have a misconception that compliance training is an event, not an activity that needs to be taken forward. You cannot train your employees on compliance by merely showing a slideshow or assigning an E-learning course that allows them to click Next.

“Experience the Difference” at SCCE’s 17th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute, October 21-24, 2018, Las Vegas

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—[date]— More than 1,800 compliance professionals are expected to gather in Las Vegas, October 21-24, 2018 for the 17th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute, Hosted by the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). Minneapolis, Minn.

Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 2

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There is an increasing component of web-based learning for compliance learning and coaching on the job or project. With a career in organisational development, learning and development, HR, line management and operations spanning 27 years, Liz’s experiences have encompassed the education, hospitality, airline and professional services sectors.

News: Online Compliance First For Alternative Lenders

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Unicorn Training and BCCA, a leading trade association for the UK’s alternative lender market, have joined forces for BCCA to offer award-winning online compliance training for the first time.

Build Trust with Technology-enabled Antitrust Compliance Training

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You should have an effective antitrust compliance program in place. Let us look at how to make the 5 steps of an antitrust compliance program more effective using technology-enabled learning. Once a certain antitrust compliance program is designed, it needs to be communicated properly.

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News: New Sator Partnership Brings Compliance Boost To Jersey

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Unicorn has joined forces with respected Jersey-based Sator Regulatory Consulting to enhance Sator’s commitment to providing first class financial industry compliance and regulatory services at global to local level.

News: FSTP and Unicorn Deal Raises Compliance Training Bar

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Leading financial services consulting and training specialists, FSTP, has joined forces with online learning and performance developers, Unicorn Training, to introduce an enhanced sector-specific compliance learning solution that includes integrated T&C guidance and CPD management.

Q&A with Nicole Tarasoff

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Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A with Nicole Tarasoff. Nicole Tarasoff is a writer-turned-compliance officer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In your opinion, what makes an effective compliance training program?

Pop quiz: What does compliance really mean today?

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Ahead of our breakfast event next week , Brightwave’s Sales Director Paul Kelly talks about the challenges facing compliance training today, where the problem lies – and what we’re going to do about it. Why isn’t there more focus in these areas in compliance?

How to Protect Your Company from a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


In 2017, Reuters reported that 21 st Century Fox reached a settlement of $90 million in derivative claims of sexual harassment against Fox officers and directors. Does the thought of a sexual harassment complaint at your workplace leave your stomach in knots?

Blog: What's Your eLearning Strategy For Consumer Credit Compliance?

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So what’s your eLearning strategy for compliance? Unicorn director, Mark Jones, looks at the options. Embedding a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance reflected instinctively in staff conduct should ensure that compliance is simply a by-product of good practice. Things to think about A firm’s training strategy for compliance is integral to this, as is their ability to monitor and evidence an effective Training and Competency (T&C) scheme.

Allego Fortifies Compliance in the Financial Services Industry


The firm’s Director of Learning and Development knew the success of a solution like this depended on a streamlined approval process for newly created video content. This meant the business and compliance teams would have to partner. Compliance as Credo Rather than Constraint.

Why the Best Instructional Designers Make Regular Course Updates


Often, those who set the curriculum (college boards, governing bodies, boards of directors, senior corporate executives) may mandate certain changes to the curriculum — especially if legal or scientific changes to the field affect the lessons.

Preventing Warehousing Injuries / Safety in the Warehousing Industry


Starting with the Human Resource Director, this individual must have policies in place to ensure the company hires qualified individuals on a job-to-job basis. Business & Management Compliance compliance courses online training safety US warehousing industry

What’s in a Name?

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According to the Parker review: 150 of 256 FTSE 350 firms have no directors of colour. 8 companies have nearly 25% of the directors of colour. 172 directors of colour across the firms. 15 directors of colour who are a chair or CEO. Compliance FAQs Unconscious Bias

Is Your Business Data Really Worth Keeping?

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With a purge strategy in place, you can better understand how to completely remove all traces of a user’s data from your servers, so you’ll stay in compliance with GDPR rules. (By

Corporate MOOCs: Getting Buy-In from Executives and Managers

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Another great place to introduce MOOCs is for compliance training. Let’s face it, compliance training is the pits. No one—not trainers, not staff—has ever uttered the words, “Boy am I enjoying this compliance training!” Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

Breakthrough eLearning: Taking Compliance Training Seriously

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They can overcome the challenges of time and distance to reach many people at once, and have a record of such training having been completed (important for compliance). I have examined a lot of what passes for eLearning compliance training and it isnt pretty.

NHS Trust frees up more time for patient care with new elearning

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Associate Director for Education at Southern Health, Bobby Moth, said: “Our aim is to provide a high quality, engaging and flexible training experience where staff want to learn, which also allows us to give back more time to frontline clinical care.

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