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For months I’ve been telling folks that if they want to learn how to build outstanding courses, they should surf deep into the search engines, locate the information and begin their learning experience. Unless you are an ID (instructional designer) or e-learning developer who was inspired by Gagne, you are not touching this with a five foot pole. Worse to it all, is the fact that it is completely worthless to any one who is building the following: Micro-learning course.

4 most effective corporate applications of micro-learning?


Everyone knows what microlearning is, it a more focused bite-sized learning to achieve specific objectives. But often, micro-learning is incorrectly implemented leading to undesirable outcomes for the course. The learner will find it hard recognize key take ways and forget them in days following his learning session. Micro-learning can help break cumbersome courses in smaller portions, each containing 5-10 key take ways that you want the learner to remember.


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With this being said, the question that pops up is that where is the “time” to learn and upskill? How can the employee learning experience be improved in such an environment of implacable stress? For retail sector, it is not only the compliance and product training that is required. Skill development in retail industry is challenging and the key challenge is rapidly changing product offerings and delivering the need to offer “Just-in-time” learning to the employees.

4 types of navigation flows for micro-learning courses


Micro-learning online courses have been easily accepted by today’s millennial workforce. There are no large chunks of content to process, and it facilitates learning rather than imposing it on the learner. This is the traditional flow of learning management systems. Modules are generally released over a period with regular intervals, and a break in the sequence would make the learning difficult to understand.

Six common micro-learning myths

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Micro-learning can justifiably be accused of being the latest digital learning bandwagon, here today, gone tomorrow. Real cynics might regard it as just another way of re-branding self-study e-learning, a medium which has spent too long in the compliance ghetto and has suffered in terms of popularity as a result. But it is not a panacea and works best as a strategic element in an overall architecture for workplace learning.

3 Steps to Creating a Microlearning Strategy: Dallas Lunch & (Micro)Learn Highlights


At the event, I interviewed Jayson Maxwell from Six Flags about his success in identifying and deploying a Microlearning ® strategy to solve for his company’s compliance and regulatory training needs. For those of you who missed the event, here’s an overview of my three-step Microlearning® strategy and the key learnings from our discussion. Every learning strategy begins by spotting behaviors that help or hurt your company’s goals. Key learnings from the event.

3 Areas To Combine Employee Training And Micro Learning


Micro-learning is a buzzword in the elearning industry, and for good reason. The way people learn at work, and in general, has shifted and training formats have needed to adapt. Many training professionals have heard of micro-learning and understand the value of breaking learning material down into concise, organized, easily accessible packets of knowledge for their employees. What is the difference between micro-learning and macro-learning?

How Micro-Learning Boosts “At the Moment Performance” - Tip #114

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We can say with confidence that the goal of leaders, managers, and learning professionals is to help workers achieve optimal "at the moment performance." Then as learning professionals we converge at the moment of performance. Specifically, in the past, our momentum in learning and training is “teaching something.” Teaching was based on rigid curriculums , testing , design , multimedia , presentations , retention , tracking , traditional learning styles and many more.

Achieving Learning Objectives at the Workplace Using Microlearning

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The post Achieving Learning Objectives at the Workplace Using Microlearning appeared first on Blog - Originlearning. Corporate learning Micro Learning Active Learning Compliance Training learner engagement Microlearning Workplace Learning

Making Compliance Fun: Yes, It’s Possible


Compliance training : you have to assign it, your learners have to take it, and you probably don’t think it’s anyone’s favorite flavor of workforce learning. What don’t learners like about compliance training? Many learners prefer to take compliance courses online.

Cybersecurity compliance: Is your first-line defense in top form?


Cybersecurity compliance: Is your first-line defense in top form? Employee behavior poses a significant cybersecurity risk but is also a focus area that is straightforward to improve for compliance officers and L&D. Why cybersecurity compliance is important to train.

Should compliance training activities happen throughout the year? 

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Over the years, compliance training has become prominent for companies. Hence, when employees are provided with a compliance training calendar, they keep in sync with the ongoing training process. A compliance audit happens through an auditor who needs to check company records.

Micro-Learning: The New Way of Learning for Employee Training

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Micro-learning is learning in short, bite-sized units. It is emerging as the latest learning strategy and can close a knowledge or skill gap pretty fast. The format for employee training can be as varied as a short video about a new product or a quiz about a compliance policy. Micro-learning scores over old-school training because it is designed to address this issue quite well. Title: Why is micro-learning effective?

Fun Compliance Training – A Real Phrase


Fun Compliance Training – A Real Phrase. In life, there are few certainties, one in particular which you will be exposed and subjected to is compliance training. Compliance training as we know it is meant to be a boring and highly regimented experience. Believe it or not, compliance training as we know it is slowly evolving. The same concepts can be applied to Compliance Training. When devising a compliance training program, have fun with it.

How to make compliance training effective & human-centric


How to make compliance training effective & human-centric. Effective and human-centric compliance training helps you mitigate risk and improve business outcomes. What is compliance training? Why compliance training is important. What is compliance training?

Guide to how micro-learning can revitalize your training academy


Here’s how you can start using micro-learning to renew your training academy. You probably already know that micro-learning is training content, split up in bite-size chunks that learners consume on their smartphones. Micro-learning is becoming more and more important in organizations because it solves the problem, that people generally forget 80 % of what they learned in 30 days. Micro-learning video examples: Compliance animation.

Custom eLearning Development: 3 Modern Learning Trends That Will Drive Future Success

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Investing in online learning programs enables organizations to provide more flexible employee development programs that better suit modern learners. The learning solution that best fits your organization is highly dependent on your business’s needs and goals.

Custom 353

Evaluation and ROI in Compliance Training

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If your organization has what you believe to be a world-class compliance training initiative, then congratulations. Elements of micro-learning, collaborative learning, and comprehensive communication programs designed to reinforce critical lessons and ensure they stick. Worse, you may have an underperforming program, one that puts the organization at risk of customer complaints, failing a compliance audit, generating bad publicity, or even receiving hefty penalties.

5 Ways To Use Microlearning In Compliance Training

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Compliance training is mandatory and crucial for organizations. In this article, I showcase how you can use microlearning to make your compliance training engaging. Microlearning In Compliance Training: 5 Possible Approaches With Examples. Policies, procedures, and guidelines (from government and regulatory bodies) are typically the reasons to have compliance training. It uses bite-sized learning nuggets (between 2-5 mins long and normally not exceeding 7 mins).

4 Tips to Make Compliance Training Bearable


When it comes to corporate compliance training it is safe to say that the stick rules over the desire to complete the training. you have to consider how compliance training and be improved. Customise TrainingCorporate compliance training is a must for many organisations and industries but that’s not to say that people who complete the training are taking things on board. Consider micro-learning. Or learning in small doses if you will.

From Why to Wow: Develop E-learning Modules for Engaging Compliance Training

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Compliance training, though mandatory, is greeted with grim faces and grumbling from employees; the usual response is, why this training? Though organizations do their best to convince employees that compliance training is important, employees are not enthusiastic. Organizations offer compliance training to ensure their employees are compliant with the regulations specific to their industry. Employees’ attitude towards such compliance training is understandable.

Remove the Sting of Compliance Courses: Make Them Short, Succinct, Easy to Learn

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More often than not, compliance courses have received a bad rap and reputation. The main complaint is that compliance courses are just "clicking boxes to meet lawyers' needs." As the perception persists, part of the blame is caused by designers, trainers and leaders abandoning the "learning side" of compliance. I am not giving up on compliance courses. Without good compliance courses, we are all at risk. But our lessons must be learned in 2 hours.

Microlearning Activities – 4 Reasons They are Ideal for Compliance Training

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Microlearning has been the trending word in the e-learning world for quite some time now. Microlearning refers to the delivery of online learning content in the form of short learning nuggets. Each nugget deals with one learning point and is not more than 3-5 minutes long, sometimes even shorter. You can deliver product training, sales skills training, process training, software training, or compliance training in the form of micro e-learning modules.

Virgin America Has Made Compliance Training a Joy. You Can Too!

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” “It’s a punishment taking this e-learning course.” ” Do you get similar responses when you ask your people to take an online compliance course? In a survey conducted by SAI Global, 67% companies opined poor user-engagement is a barrier to the delivery of effective online compliance training. What does it take to impart engaging compliance training? Why is this online compliance course highly successful?

11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo

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11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo 1. Turn learning objectives into story-based design Help learners focus on the impacts to show them the value of the lesson. The questions are triggers for self-learning. Ray Jimenez, PhD Vignettes Learning "Helping Learners Learn Their Way"[link] Ray Jimenez, PhD. Vignettes Learning Learn more about story and experience-based eLearning.

4 Fresh Ways To Create An Effective Compliance Program


From highly regulated industries such as manufacturing and healthcare, to general training in areas such as sexual harassment, ethics, and privacy regulations, compliance training is an important part of employee training initiatives. Compliance training is not the most interesting topic to create training for, or to learn about. However, it is necessary to have concrete documentation and training on workplace compliance policies, procedures, and expectations.

Quiz 44

Anti-Bullying - How to combine story with a compliance lesson?

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How do you seamlessly combine a story with technical and compliance content? Instead of the generic lesson 1 learning objectives, we used "How Allan Feels". When you apply the approaches mentioned above, you will begin to see the ease, comfort and usefulness of your compliance lessons. Your learners will have more fun and learn your lessons better. Ray Jimenez, PhD Vignettes Learning "Helping Learners Learn Their Way"[link] Ray Jimenez, PhD.

Why your health and safety training deserves more love

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What if your health and safety training was the best learning experience your employees ever had? Colleagues talk about what they learned. Learners recommend the training to others and share further learning resources. To go beyond ‘tick box’ compliance and create a health and safety culture, you need to keep learners engaged and motivated. Here’s how giving your health and safety training more love can bridge the gap between engagement and compliance.

Compliance training: part 2 - eLearning

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In the second part of a series on Compliance Training Strategy for Beginners, Richard Whittington looks at how eLearning can play a key role in your strategy.There are many different ways to deliver training - face to face, internal, external, eLearning or a blended approach of all. This MI is a primary way to evaluate engagement with learning and a great starting point when considering if and how implementation and deployment should be changed.

Are You Ready for Generation Z

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They want to learn and master strong leadership skills and care deeply about their careers and finding a path to success. What about company information- organization charts, handbooks, compliance information, etc. Training and Learning. Gen Zers know that they have to constantly be learning to stay on top of fast moving technology. According to Buckminster Fuller and his theory of “knowledge doubling,” learning is accelerating at a crazy rate.

Corporate Microlearning: 5 Benefits and 4 Drawbacks eLearning Professionals Should Know


Employees are more likely to remember what they’ve learned because they have the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the information. Each microlearning online training resource focuses on a specific topic, task, or learning objective. Your staff can immediately apply what they’ve learned to complete tasks and carry out their job responsibilities. Reflection and assimilation are two crucial steps in the learning process.

5 ways to leverage AR and VR for training your employees


In fact, according to STRIVR , learning retention rates with AR/VR can be as high as 75 percent as compared to just 10 percent retention rate through reading or lecture. For you, it means your employees will be ready to get started with their work right from the first day since their learning curve will reduce greatly. 4- Compliance training. You can create VR/AR applications that can be easily integrated with your Learning Management Systems (LMS) as well.

7 Reasons Stories Work for the Modern Learner - Tip #210

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Storytelling has been a very effective learning tool since time immemorial. But even with the changing learning landscape, big shifts in work environments and tech disruption, why do stories in eLearning designs still work? Modern learners’ behavior, attitude and motivation towards learning have evolved over the years. In a typical work week, workers only spend less than 25 minutes on learning. Instant learning through hyper-stories addresses that need.

How To Create Top Notch Mobile Learning Videos For Online Training

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Can your compliance online training courses benefit from on-the-go demo videos and visually engaging online training tutorials? In this article, I’ll share 9 tips to create top notch mobile learning videos for compliance online training. . Here are 9 tips to produce amazing mobile learning videos for your compliance online training course. The Learning Management System automatically optimizes the online training content for the user’s device.

5 Benefits of a Learning Management System for Businesses


With a growing need to foster effective learning and cater to the training needs of a global workforce, organizations across the world are implementing learning management systems for corporate training. A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that can deliver course material to learners, administer assignments and tests, track the performance of participants, manage records, and offer continuous support. A more engaging learning experience.

5 Big Don’ts for Successful Webinar Presentations - Tip #211

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Don’t drag with facts I have learned, from my experience in doing webinars, that you immediately lose your audience’s attention the moment you start your presentation with facts. Nothing is enticing nor motivating about going through a litany of learning objectives, or stating compliance policies, or showing a bunch of technical data. Not everyone is born with great presentation skills but it can definitely be learned.

Why You Should Adopt The Combination Of Microlearning And Mobile Learning In 2018

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Fueled by a wider adoption of mobile learning, microlearning based training has gained momentum in the last 2 years. In this article, I outline why you should adopt a combination of microlearning and mobile learning in 2018. Reasons You Should Adopt The Combination Of Microlearning And Mobile Learning Now. At EI Design, we have been offering learning and performance support solutions for over 16 years now. What Is Mobile Learning And What Are Its Key Highlights?

Why You Should Consider Hiring an LMS Administrator


They’ll create and build learning courses and certifications, define user roles, deal with bugs, provide feedback to learners, maintain the learner portal, ensure the accuracy of postings, manage publishing and consult across the organization to implement best practices, make updates, and align business needs with training strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about LMS management, we can help. You’ve taken the time to evaluate your current LMS.

MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 1: Some Points To Consider


Having taken the world of higher education by storm (though not everyone will agree), MOOCs are all set to disrupt/re-invent workplace learning. Just as the advent of e-learning created a shift in training paradigms a couple of decades back, MOOCs are set to create another shift today. With the rise of MOOCs, we are also likely to see social, collaborative learning take root in organizations. What is the value proposition of a MOOC in workplace learning?

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


The rise of mobile computing in the form smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices accompanied by ubiquitous Internet connection is creating unforeseen change–in how we work, learn, communicate, do business, conduct personal tasks, and myriad other aspects. As working professionals and L&D personnel concerned with training and organizational learning, capability building and talent development, we cannot ignore the implications of this changing landscape.