Over 500,000 Stock Images, Audio, and Videos for eLearning

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We are offering a new stock asset library for eLearning. Over 500,000 stock images, graphics, videos, motion graphics, sound effects, and music loops. Stock Vector Graphics. Stock Images. Stock images to use in your internal and external courses. Stock Audio.

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eLearning Stock Library Tour

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I’m sure you have heard, we added an eLearning Stock Asset Library to our offering. One of the most impressive things about the Stock Library license is that these assets are royalty-free. Want to tear apart one of the video loops in After Effects? eLearning Stock.

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Freebie Friday: 3 Stock Video Templates

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For that reason, we are adding three dynamic stock video templates to our free library for a limited time. This template utilizes simple kinetic typography that you can edit yourself in Adobe After Effects.

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Freebie Friday: The Sweet Sound of Free Stock Assets 

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Anyone who has ever edited audio knows that quality sound effects are an essential part of the process. This week, we’re adding four handy stock sounds to our Free Library for a limited time only, so snap them up quick.

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In the Flesh! New Medical Stock Images

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Great care was given to ensure that users of these images could get the most out of them, and to that effect, each configuration of organs is viewed from a rotation of around 20 discrete points of view at incremental angles. New Medical Stock Images appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

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eLearning Stock Asset Library vs. eLearning Template Library

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We offer two separate library subscriptions — eLearning Stock and eLearning Templates. Here is some clarification on the contents of these two libraries: The eLearning Stock Asset Library.

45 Free Stock Images for Your E-Learning Courses

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One of my favorite sites for free stock images is Unsplash.com. They provide hundreds of free stock images with a Creative Commons Zero license. Download Free Stock Images. You can see a sampling below and download the curated free stock images here.

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How to Customize Free Stock Photos For Your Presentations

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The good news is that there are more than enough free stock images available, such as these three earlier posts where I shared 80 free stock photos , 45 free stock photos , and 60 more free stock photos. 7 Ways to Overlay Text & Customize Free Stock Photos.

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E-Learning Tidbits: Free Stock Photos & Award Winners

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More Free Stock Photos. I just noticed that one of my favorite free stock photo sites, StartUp Stock Photos , released a bunch more photos. Download the free stock photos here. Effective August 31, 2015, Google Drive no longer supports this feature.

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Don’t Forget the “Clicked State” of Your eLearning Buttons

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This state is quick and effective. Either way, it’s effective. Check out our eLearning Stock Asset Library. eLearning Stock Asset Library. A missed opportunity I see eLearning developers overlook is the “clicked state” of their eLearning Buttons.

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Find the Best Stock Photos for Your eLearning Course


Looking for high quality stock photos for your eLearning course? As we said in that article, the design process plays a major role in how effective and successful your course will be, […].

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How to create effective online training courses on a budget

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Thus, it becomes very crucial for any online training service provider to develop strategies to develop appealing eLearning courses quickly and cost effectively. to create new content quickly and cost effectively. Grab Attention using Stock Photos.

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What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

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Now with the proliferation of digital cinema and insanely capable special effects and CGI tools, filmmakers can create anything on screen with a robust computer and plenty of time and tech skills. That trust starts with consistent, engaging and effective training.

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10 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Your Own Stock Photos

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Going to a stock image site and looking for just the right pictures can be very time-consuming and a drain on your limited resources. Why not create your own stock images? However, it is a cost effective approach and with some practice very viable.

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Taking Stock and Making Choices: Working from home and other such stuff

ID Reflections

Without the support of various online communities, I doubt if I would have had the fortitude or the skills required to do my work effectively. I have come back to blogging after a hiatus of almost 5 months. Mostly, business as usual at work and crisis situations at home took my time and attention. My father’s heart attack and the subsequent rush to Kolkata taught me a few things—about myself and my priorities.

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eLearning Brothers Revamps the Free eLearning Library

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Over the past few days, we at eLearning Brothers have completely refreshed our Free Library with over 95 new templates, stock assets, custom resources, and even a course from our new Customizable Courseware offering. We all love free stuff, especially when it can be put to good use!

10 Reasons to Use Illustrations Instead of Stock Photography in Learning


The grinning woman eating a salad; the perfectly multicultural meeting; the man with a headset: these are the standards for stock photography. And while it definitely has its place, stock photography isn’t the gold standard when it comes to learning. Animation and illustration are far more versatile when compared to the sometimes-stiff, always impersonal stock photo. A stock photo can’t really convey things like nonverbal communication or reactions to different scenarios.

Build Effective Courses That Put the Learners in Charge

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And in this part, we’ll look at how to make it effective. Effective Courses Creating Relevant Context. Effective Courses Address Diverse Learner Needs. Effective Courses Give the Learners Control. Effective Courses Expose the Need for Learning.

Don’t Underestimate the Effects of Poor Communication

CLO Magazine

The study “Communication Barriers in the Modern Workplace,” conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Lucidchart , has taken stock of communication in the workplace today, and the results suggest leaders have some work to do.

5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content


L&D teams are looking out for interactive training content so that the employees can learn and retain the information effectively. Given below are 5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content: 1. Or you can have stock videos which you can leverage for a minimum subscription fee. These are cost-effective ways of creating a professional looking training video. The post 5 Ways to Create Effective Interactive Training Content appeared first on Kitaboo.

137 Templates of eLearning Love

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Stock Graphics – The new caution sign stock graphics are also very useful. New Stock Graphic Icons! Check out our library of Stock Graphic Icons. Every month we add new eLearning Templates to the eLearning library.

Our Favorite Gifts for Event Professionals

Adobe Captivate

The Self Journal is a simple journal that allows you to plan your day, reach your goals and find happiness, and it’s highly effective. Need a stocking stuffer for your favorite event prof? Gifts for event professionals can be hard to choose.

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Setting the Mood: Top Tips for Adding Stock Music to Your E-Learning

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It actually generated applause in the middle of the session, and I guarantee that wasn’t due to its cutting-edge custom photography, innovative special effects, or vibrant color scheme! Depending on the source, stock music can be expensive and in a climate in which it’s hard to get any purchases approved, it may be viewed as frivolous. Here are my top tips for finding and working with stock music. A lot of stock photo sites also have music and sound effects.

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The Halo Effect: First Impressions for e-Learning


Your learners will unconsciously judge your e-Learning course at first glance—it’s called the Halo Effect. If you’ve ever met someone and instantly disliked him because of his wrinkled shirt or unflattering hairstyle, you’ve experienced the Halo Effect.

3 Helpful Articulate Storyline Tips

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When I was developing a tab type interaction for our eLearning Template library I wanted to add some cool animation effects for the tabs that on the screen. to get the desired effect. I’d like to share some Articulate Storyline tips I’ve recently discovered.

Are You Really Serious About Effective E-learning?

Integrated Learnings

Wearing many hats is so common that organizations often don't hire the expertise they need for the other two areas that effect the cost of e-learning: graphics and multimedia and level of interactivity. Instead, stock graphics or poorly produced video ends up being used. So I have to ask: Are you really serious about effective e-learning? By Jonathan Shoaf. I recently came across an infographic about determining the costs of a custom e-learning course.

Sound Effects in E-learning: Top 8 Sample Music Sites

CommLab India

Many instructional designers add music and/or other sound effects to make their e-learning courses more interesting for learners. So, why don’t we provide background music and/or other sound effects in our e-learning courses ?

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10 Do’s and Don’ts for eLearning Visuals

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These are 10 free stock photo resources and 10 free eLearning graphics tools. Tips and Tricks Content Design Effective eLearning Stock Photos Along with having great course content, you should also have an outstanding use of visuals throughout the entire course.

Learn How to Build Effective E-Learning with this Free E-Book

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Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. I’m not sure you noticed but we just updated the Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro.

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How to create a DIY green screen video effect (aka chroma key)

TechSmith Camtasia

Achieving a good green screen effect used to be difficult and expensive. Why would you ever want to use a green screen effect in your video? We think the remove a color / green screen effect is a big deal for anyone who needs to connect deeply and professionally with viewers.

The Halo Effect: First Impressions for e-Learning


Your learners will unconsciously judge your e-Learning course at first glance—it’s called the Halo Effect. If you’ve ever met someone and instantly disliked him because of his wrinkled shirt or unflattering hairstyle, you’ve experienced the Halo Effect. . These Halo Effect rapid decisions can be positive or negative. . You only have a few seconds to make an awesome first impression and get that positive Halo Effect working in your favor.

Royalty Free Music for eLearning


You can insert midi files (very small size) into PowerPoint presentations for great music effects. Stock Music Boutique library offers high quality royalty-free production music. FreeSFX is a UK based side where you can download free sound effects.

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Is There a Way to Effectively Teach Soft Skills to Physicians?


They believe these skills can’t really be learned, and therefore, put low stock in a program that promises to teach them to be better listeners or better managers of time. The post Is There a Way to Effectively Teach Soft Skills to Physicians?

8 Visual Design Mistakes to Avoid When Developing eLearning

Tim Slade

And while instructional design is a vital component to the effectiveness of an eLearning course, other elements can either help elevate your course content or detract from it. Luckily, it’s becoming much easier to find free stock images. 8: Bad Stock Photos.

Rethink Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

Companies that do so are seeing a 15 percent equity premium on their stock. For instance, many still invest heavily in executive coaching, which can be a powerful tool, but companies must find out the most effective way to use that tool once they have it.

Finance Market Simulations Teach You How to Grow Your Wealth

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One of the three things he wanted to see there was the New York Stock Exchange. It was there he realized that investing in stocks can make his dream of being wealthy come true. At 11, he started investing in stocks. It is an interactive game that simulates the stock markets.

Tips On Transitioning To Management


Take stock in yourself and acknowledge the path in which you have already traveled,” offers Don Polley , “My advice would be not to limit yourself as to what you truly believe you can achieve and set about proving to the naysayers that you can accomplish what you say you can do.”