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eLearning templates eLearning development Lectora Resources off-the-shelf courseware eLearning Brothers eLearning Resources Products/Services CenarioVR KnowledgeLinkDoes searching for software support leave you feeling like Nancy Drew?

9 Simple Hacks to Write Better Knowledge Base Articles

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A knowledge base is a set of organized information about your product or service that a reader can go through to learn about said product or service or how to solve related problems. Setting your subheadings (often written in H2) creates the base-structure of your article.


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3 Ways to foster a knowledge based organization


3 Ways to Foster a Knowledge Based Organization. In one way or another, organizations today have realized that to confront the cut-throat competition in international market environment, it is essential to become a knowledge based organization. However, only a few rightly comprehend what it means or how to achieve the modifications necessary to transform into a knowledge based organization. What is a Knowledge based Organization?

Skill-Based vs Knowledge-Based Online Training


There are, however, two models that are particularly popular and use two of the basic concepts in learning – knowledge and skills. Below you will find details about what knowledge-based and skill-based learning are and how to apply those methods in your training for more efficient results. Knowledge-Based Learning Method. The individual uses their current knowledge to help them complete the task. Why Use the Knowledge-Based Learning Method?

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

and more video capability, screen capture-based. In a knowledge-sharing sense, user-generated videos put learners in the driving. voluntarily sharing knowledge on a daily basis, so offering them a simple way of doing. services, meanwhile, allow content to be translated.

Identifying the Right Product Knowledge Training Methodology for Your Business

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Now that quality customer experiences are one of the leading key factors consumers consider before making a purchase, improving customer service has become a high priority for many organizations. Product knowledge is an important component of providing quality service.

How to leverage Product Knowledge Training for Increased Sales

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This is one of the many reasons why improving customer service is a high priority for many modern organizations. However, providing quality customer service now requires that your sales reps know more than just facts and features. Each module was focused on a single product or service.

What makes Product Knowledge Training a Game-Changer?

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Product knowledge training is one of the most valuable learning opportunities you can give your sales representatives. An effective product knowledge training program can equip your sales team with essential skills, improve your organization’s reputation, boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Product knowledge training helps your employees answer even the most complicated questions with ease and confidence. Equip Employees with Essential Knowledge.

The foundations of innovation in L&D

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So my second building block is an in-house knowledge base. Despite the best intentions of a content library and a knowledge base, they will never meet every conceivable learning need. An enterprise social network covers the “in-betweens”, principally by empowering everyone to ask their own questions to the crowd, and to keep abreast of emergent knowledge in the moment.

Tips for customer service training

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Not only does training arm your customer service reps with much-needed technical and professional skills but it also shows that you are keen on bringing them with you into the organization’s future. Below are some innovative tips for customer service training, which can help supervisors, managers and HR professionals get started. Organized, ongoing training will maintain your customer service reps’ skill levels and motivate them to improve and grow professionally.

Want the Best Customer Service Training? Modify it for Modern Customers


Technology has changed how people shop and what they expect from customer service representatives. Unfortunately, most customer service training hasn’t kept pace with the rate of technology and customer expectations. If you want to deliver the best customer service training, you must modernize it to meet the needs of the modern customer. Modern customers also prefer to troubleshoot on their own using FAQs pages and knowledge bases if they run into any problems.

Knowledge Anywhere LMS Pricing FAQ’s


?Knowledge Anywhere LMS Pricing FAQ’s. You’ll also get access to our video tutorials and Knowledge Base that has answers to your most common questions. Pricing is based on volume of courses. Pricing is based on volume of courses. Pricing is based on type of integration. Professional Services Packages. With our Professional Services Package you can tap into the knowledge of our eLearning experts to get the most out of your new training platform.

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8 Overlooked Mobile Learning Benefits For Customer Service Online Training


Is mobile learning a viable addition for your customer service online training course? 8 Mobile Learning Benefits For Customer Service Online Training You Might Ignore. We often think of customer service employees sitting at a support center fielding calls or tackling returns, exchanges, and general complaints from behind the counter. However, there is a variety of service roles that require remote access to online training materials. Builds Service Skills On The Spot.

Customer Service Training Software: Why Every Company Needs It


A customer is 4x more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service-related rather than price or product-related. These statistics reinforce the fact that customer service is a critical factor in any business, irrespective of the industry. Delightful customer service is the name of the game. Read More: Internal Customer Service: Best Practices You Should Adopt/. Online Customer Service Training. Why Customer Service Training Software?

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

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These recommendations are solely based on thorough research and my own personal experience. MINDJET Features: Mind-mapping, knowledge capture, transfer and documentation, and visual concept boards/diagrams Why You'll Love It: It helps you to transform your written knowledge into visual formats that make the processes much easier Cost: MindManager 2017 - Perpetual License is $347, and for Mac $179. Knowledge Management

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Customer Training: Why User Knowledge is Essential to Success

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In simple terms, customer training is a way for your company to support customers by providing them with the materials, information, and guidance they need to successfully use your product or service. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses are always searching for an edge.

Better Training Needed for Financial Services Frontline Employees

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A new study shows that frontline employees in the financial services industry need more in-depth and ongoing training to provide a more positive impact on customers. Results revealed that only 13 percent of financial services frontline employees feel equipped to answer questions from clients and 60 percent indicated they were not completely satisfied with the employee training they receive. Learning Delivery financial services frontline employees training

4 Big Advantages of Integrating Knowledge Management With eLearning

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This guest blog post looks at the 4 main advantages of integrating knowledge management with eLearning and how this can help L&D teams and organizations train their people. In an eLearning context, knowledge management solutions can be invaluable, especially when it’s a complex eLearning program, possibly a blended learning program , that could or it’s hosted in a new system that learners might not be familiar with.

Building Skill and Knowledge, iEV, and Storytelling Tips: This Week on #BLPLearn

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We’ll take the best articles shared by our Learning Services, Multimedia, and Product Development teams in their weekly meetings and include them in the weekly #BLPLearn blog. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s dive in to this week’s articles: Games That Build Skill and Knowledge. One of the reasons we created the Quest game type was to develop a game type that allowed for both knowledge acquisition AND skill building.

5 Knowledge Management Tools to Consider

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Knowledge management usually involves storing, organizing and sharing crucial information, so that every individual in the organization together with its customers can greatly benefit from its use. Rather, adequate knowledge builds upon the necessary data and information to offer a context and ultimately helps in improving employee performance. The Most important Knowledge Management Tools. Novo Knowledge-Base Software.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: How eLearning Puts Job-Seekers Ahead


Companies preach that prospective employees must have the necessary KSA’s-- knowledge, skills and abilities-- to be successful. Knowledge is defined loosely as a general body of knowledge. “I Knowledge, skills, and abilities can all be acquired; enter elearning. Job-seekers have countless resources at their disposal, and utilizing elearning services like OpenSesame can give them a competitive advantage over their peers. . Acquire Knowledge.

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New Camtasia 9 Behaviors Will Add Sizzle to Your Production

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Having a thorough knowledge of your eLearning tools is essential in becoming an eLearning rock star. That is why we here at eLearning Brothers have an open knowledge base for support. We are frequently expanding our knowledge base, so check it out often. Camtasia Resources Camtasia Template Library eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Products/Services Resources Software Training

Part 4 of 6: Key Features to Look for in an LMS: Learning Modes

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There are multiple approaches to web-based learning that can be used individually in any method of training but, when incorporated into your LMS, will render a well-rounded program. (Editor’s note: This is the fourth article in a six-part series on the six key features to look for in an LMS.).

Marketing Never Ends – How Does Product Education Help?

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This is especially true for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, where each new customer adds revenue that can help your business grow. In effect, it is our “knowledge base.” Your product launches should pack a bigger punch, adoption rates should increase, customer service queries should decrease and churn rates should improve.

Camtasia Animation Features You Didn’t Know About

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You can find this video in our knowledge base. Camtasia Resources Camtasia Template Library eLearning Featured Products/Services ResourcesAmong the many new and exciting features in Camtasia 9, one of my favorites is the expansive pre-built animations that are ready for us to use. Let’s talk Transitions first. If you used Camtasia Studio 8, you’re already familiar with the thirty transitions that are built into Camtasia.

Stellar Support for All Your eLearning Template Needs

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1 Search Our Huge Knowledge Base. So if you have questions, you can still access the knowledge base. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the black tab on the side of most of our web pages connects you to our knowledge base. Most of your questions will answered in our knowledge base, but if that doesn’t do the trick, please email us at

Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/4/2007

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The focus is upon managing what is currently known, rather than creating new information and knowledge-based services, tools, ventures and businesses. Most knowledge management processes are missing an explicit knowledge exploitation stage. New Meme - Media I Consume - How about a change? eLearning Technology. DIY discussions and some prior posts around PKM and Personal Learning. News of DIY killing ISD has been greatly Exaggerated - Learning and Technology.

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Three Pitfalls to Avoid in eLearning Translation


This fact makes educational material translation one of the fastest growing specialties in the language services field. Even people in traditional colleges and classrooms use website-based or online learning portals to do their work. When hiring an individual or company to provide both document and software translation services for an eLearning portal or in-house training system, it is very important to avoid problems that lead to a lack of understanding of the course material.

Tips For Avoiding Retirement Brain Drain

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Many businesses are experiencing a significant and ongoing loss of some of their most tenured, and knowledgeable, employees. Today, these employees are retiring at a rate of around 10,000 a day , and often taking their accumulated business knowledge with them. In the business world, brain drain is, broadly speaking, the loss of institutional knowledge from an organization when a highly skilled or educated employee leaves for another job or retires. Knowledge Base.

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Personalized Learning Just Got Easier With Content Curation


Giving a learner greater control over what they consume is also known to increase a product’s or service’s perceived value because the end user has contributed to the final product. Learn more about how to enable and use the Hide/Unhide function in our Knowledge Base. Learning Technology Trends E-Learning Platform eLearning content knowledge sharing learning experience Learning technology solutions lms personalized learning

Coronavirus Update


Check out our Knowledge Base We are committed to maintaining the same high level of service and support that our customers are accustomed to. A Letter to CourseArc Clients, We know that our clients are champions of high-quality online learning and are already creating and deploying online content for your learners. As CourseArc users, you are already e-learning trailblazers and most likely will have an easier transition to fully online.

Welcome, HelpIQ!


Our latest acquisition is HelpIQ , a leading knowledge base software and online help documentation tool that makes it easy to create help centers, knowledge bases, user manuals, FAQ’s and much more. Developed in 2010 in San Francisco, HelpIQ is a cloud-based software for creating and managing online documentation and context-sensitive help. It enables users to create a user-friendly knowledge base without development or IT help.

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Webinar: Performance Support Tools – The Superheroes of Effective Learning

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Maybe a long, complex search through the company’s knowledge base. Custom Solutions eLearning Featured Products/Services Webinars eLearning Development performance support webinarWe were pleased to host our own Jenn Fairbanks, Senior Instructional Designer in a webinar last week discussing Performance Support tools. In the moment of need, who or where do learners turn to get answers to perform the task at hand? Perhaps another new employee.

Why Support is Important at TechSmith

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Alex Olthoff (Tech Support), Marissa Blaski (Customer Service), and Logan Schultz (TechSupport). What we learn helps us innovate and improve our products and services. Another recent example is where the technical support team redesigned our support website to make the knowledge base more searchable and accessible. Alex Cheyne - Customer Service. Inside TechSmith Customer Service How to contact TechSmith Tech Support Tutorial video tutorials

What is Customer Training? (And how an LMS can help)


Customer training supports your customers with the materials and information they need to be successful with your product or service and meet their business objectives. Learning materials can either be guided, self-paced, or a combination of both depending on what your customer-base responds best to. Some great examples of this in action include on-demand training materials or a knowledge base. This allows for product and service changes (e.g.,

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Are You Taking Learning Personally?

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There is definitely a place for self-service learning, but there’s a huge and growing market for in-person learning, too. Some of this is based on the learner. Think about whether learning is knowledge-based or behavior-based. If it’s the latter, a CLO or academic must put enough support, experience and time into program designing to lift the learner to a higher level of knowledge.

HelpIQ joins the ProProfs family


Earlier this year, ProProfs acquired HelpIQ , a knowledge base software that enables users to create web-based FAQ’s, help, support docs and more. With HelpIQ, ProProfs recognized the opportunity to expand its ProProfs Knowledge Base features and benefits. We made the decision to acquire the HelpIQ software product based on the fact that we were confident we could provide both ProProfs and HelpIQ customers huge improvements in service, features and benefits.

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15 ways a successful LMS for onboarding can ramp velocity for your organization ???


The goal of most onboarding solutions is to integrate a new employee into your organization or familiarize a customer, client, or partner with your product and/or services. It’s not enough to have a knowledge base or library of resources for your customers (although, this is a good start). .

How to Use Customer Training to Inspire Your Clients

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Increasing Customer Satisfaction: The satisfaction of your customers increases as they become more knowledgeable, more quickly. And it increases customer retention and the potential for future follow-on sales or services. . A really useful feature is the knowledge checks that MS Teams use in their customer training. They allow users to skip topics, and focus their time on areas where they need some knowledge or skills. Where does your customer training journey begin ?

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How Training the Customer-Facing Workforce is Different

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It could even be said that more than your product offering, it is the quality of your customer service that will make or break your organization. According to a report, businesses lose as much as $41 billion each year just to poor customer service. This is exactly why many enterprises invest heavily in training their customer-facing workforce to equip them with the skills needed to deliver impeccable service. Providing quick service: The customer’s time is precious.