How companies are rethinking their approach to learning technology


This year, the group compiled data from previous studies and provided four critical calls to action for LMS-fueled companies that want to rethink their approach to learning technology. In short, the legacy systems have not managed to stay up to date with changing technology, so learners are left in the dust. The report outlines four critical calls to action that can help organizations rethink their approach to learning technologies : 1.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


e-Learning is dynamically evolving, thanks to the incredible achievements in highly powerful and intelligent tools and technologies that are rapidly emerging. These developments have expanded the possibilities of taking e-learning to great heights more than ever. These disruptive technologies are re-shaping the learning and education landscape. They help us make learning more engaging and effective and ultimately help learners succeed. MOBILE LEARNING.

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e-Learning is dynamically evolving, thanks to the incredible achievements in highly powerful and intelligent tools and technologies that are rapidly emerging. These developments have expanded the possibilities of taking e-learning to great heights more than ever. They help us make learning more engaging and effective and ultimately help learners succeed. Big Data analytics can help us make well-informed decisions about the learning programs that we develop.

5 Top Takeaways From Learning Technologies Summer Forum 16

Unicorn Training

Despite the weather feeling a little more like October than June, today was the annual Learning Technologies Summer Forum event at Kensington Olympia. Here, a broad range of topics were on offer– everything from traditional hacks for workforce training, through to companies debuting the latest in VR solutions for corporate learning.

Forum 40

Live event blog from Learning Technologies 2015 (stand 95)

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Updates, what's the buzz and all the happenings as they happen from Learning Technologies over next two days. Mike Hawkyard's Learning Games - You Cannot Be Serious about to start and its standing room only! Every sector has abbreviations - we've built game our learning companies can learn glossary games users use. Learning games should be same. Play To Learn #P2L - documenting whole process/assets of how they produced new learning games.

Tuning Your Learning Activities to The Expectations of Tomorrow’s Gen-Z Workforce


Millennials made the need for learning technology clear – Gen-Z will push you to perfect how it’s used to retain and engage new workers. A few months ago, we discussed the idea that in less than two years, your entire learning program could be obsolete.

Learning Technologies 09 - the exhibition

Learning Rocks

The new e-learning suite looks fantastic and looks to offer a new way of working to companies whose IDs are that bit more technical, offering seamless integration and movement between Captivate, Flash and Photoshop. Saffron Interactive were present again with a reprise of their kitchen of a few years ago, pushing the 'blended' learning angle with blended drinks (perhaps they do this every year). I've only been to LT a couple of times before, back in 2005/6.

Learning Technologies 09 - the exhibition

Learning Rocks

The new e-learning suite looks fantastic and looks to offer a new way of working to companies whose IDs are that bit more technical, offering seamless integration and movement between Captivate, Flash and Photoshop. Saffron Interactive were present again with a reprise of their kitchen of a few years ago, pushing the 'blended' learning angle with blended drinks (perhaps they do this every year). I've only been to LT a couple of times before, back in 2005/6.

Sowing the Seeds of Holistic Learning

Origin Learning

What does an agri-business operator with presence in 9 countries do when it comes to learning and development? It chose to set up an academy that would use a learning management system (LMS) to serve as its chief vehicle and tool for global knowledge-sharing and intellectual property management. Three years ago, the group assigned Origin Learning with the task of setting up its LMS to support its aggressive global expansion strategy.

Trends in Technology-aided Learning: 2015 and Beyond


Today, the effectiveness as well as cost-effectiveness of technology-aided learning is an established fact – both within and outside the corporate world. Technology-aided learning is now a huge and booming industry, with an estimated market value of $107 billion in 2015 (Source: It makes perfect sense to end the year with a review of the trends that are set to define the learning industry in the coming year. e-Learning New Ideas Research

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Saffron receives the IITT Learning Technology Accreditation

Saffron Interactive

Saffron is proud to announce that we are the only e-learning company to be awarded the Learning Technology accreditation from the Institute of IT Training. The Learning Technology Accreditation is designed for companies who provide communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment.


Disruptions ahead: 9 HR Technology trends reinventing the HR software Market

Learning Wire

Companies now understand its newfound potential for investment, innovation and change: according to CB Insights study, investors already poured $2.4 Emanating from this technological change is the apparent change of the core of HR that has operated in the past 20 years. This shift to people-oriented HR politics ultimately means that companies will have to change the way they manage people. This will create exciting opportunities and disruptions in the existing technologies.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning

Learning Visions

Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, June 28, 2007 Emerging Technologies in e-Learning I sat in on a lunchtime WebEx presentation with Gary Woodill -- Director, Research and Analysis, Brandon Hall Research. The topic: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning. Developed over 60 e-learning programs. In the 90s there were one or two ways to do e-Learning: CDRoms and then the web.

Opinion: The LMS Isn’t Dead … Yet

CLO Magazine

Leaman believes the LMS is close to extinction due to the rapid growth of tools and resources that deliver learning outside the LMS. The challenge, he says, actually lies with learning leaders not fully understanding how to best use an LMS. There are three primary functions of an LMS: Delivering learning experiences and managing enrollments (largely e-learning). Demand is increasing for digital learning systems and so is the demand for features and functions.

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Designer of the Year shares insights on 360° video and VR

Sponge UK

NEWS: Award-winning designer, Kate Nicholls will be sharing the findings of a year-long project on the learning applications of interactive 360° video and virtual reality (VR) at Europe’s biggest learning technologies event. Head of Learning Innovation at leading learning company, Sponge UK , Kate Nicholls is delivering a seminar at Learning Technologies 2017 (London Olympia, February 1-2) about her exploratory work with immersive technologies.

When learning is the answer, what then is the question?

Challenge to Learn

Unfortunately the conference focussed more on how we learn and not on the why. A day before the conference I attended a meeting of the BVLT (the Dutch industry organization for e-learning companies). The BVLT stands for ‘Industry organisation for Learning Technology and the question was, does Learning technology describe what we do? Why do we work in the field of learning, what is our added value, what binds us together?

E-Learning Today: High-Tech and High Touch

CLO Magazine

The corporate world made e-learning popular in the 2000s, but the concept has been around since the early and mid-20th century thanks to inventions like the teaching machine created by psychologist Sidney L. For Skinner, the in-person classroom experience was flawed; students learn at different rates, and they need reinforcement, which can be hard to provide on an individual basis. Whatever the reason, this scenario doesn’t bode well for the learning department.

Sponge Joins Forces To Power Up Digital Learning

eLearning Industry

Award-winning custom digital learning company, Sponge has been acquired by Aliter Capital as part of a deal to establish a major new force in the learning technology market. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

6 Surprising Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools [Infographic]

CommLab India

Many learning companies are adapting these tools to develop eLearning courses. Why learning companies are adapting these tools? Related Posts 4 Tips for Developing E-learning Course Using Rapid Authoring Tools Rapid E-learning through Storyline Tool: 5 Infographics Sharing Key Features Leverage the Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools. Learning Technology rapid authoring tools

Interaction with Digital Devices through Voice Commands – The Future of Learning

CommLab India

The mobile learning module is searched and the specific answer is voiced. In fact, a lot of technological developments have already taken place in this field. How these changes can be adopted for e-learning or mobile learning is the issue before us. Audio narration in mobile or e-learning courses is nowhere near this. Voice recognition: Research in e-learning. A promising paradigm shift in learning. Learning Technology mobile learning

Voice 56

Role Models in Educational Technology on Ada Lovelace Day

Janet Clarey

Suw Charman-Anderson is the catalyst behind Ada Lovelace Day , “an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology.”. I think our little corner of the blogosphere – the edusphere – has a fair amount of women who understand that “learning technology” encompasses a much broader definition of both learning and technology. Allison Rossett , Professor of Educational Technology, San Diego State University.

Serious Games for Serious Learning ?

Learning Cafe

Serious Games and Business Simulations are now considered as an effective and engaging means to deliver learning. However it has struggled to gain mainstream acceptance in workplace learning due to various reasons including it’s legacy in gaming and the complexity involved in its design and development. Jeevan Joshi is an experienced practitioner of technology-based learning and collaboration in Australia. Learning Cafe Blogs. Session Overview.

Leverage the Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools

CommLab India

Ever wished for a magic wand that could make the development of e-learning courses a breeze? Well, rapid authoring tools could be the answer considering the benefits they offer to the process of e-learning development. As the table indicates, rapid authoring tools are the versatile solution to e-learning design and delivery efforts which are making more learning companies adopt them. Learning Technology rapid authoring tools

Viv on Learning Now TV on 31 March

From the Coleface

As an experienced blended learning designer and judge of the e-learning Awards (recently rebranded as the Learning Technologies Awards), I was invited to appear on TV. As part of the learning designers series, I’ve shared three key tips on blended learning design on LNTV. A couple of links to items I referenced: The More Than Blended Learning Company’s jukebox. e-learning training

Adapting to Adaptive Learning

CLO Magazine

Amid such technological revolution, higher bars for talent and leadership development are being set within corporations and across the learning and development industry. Pressure is mounting on learning and development professionals to continually innovate, design and develop personalized learning that caters to each individual’s learning aptitudes, preferences and performance; maximizes learning impact; and brings learners to peak performance in the shortest possible time.

NEWS: Unicorn Signs Up For Awards Headline Sponsorship

Unicorn Training

Unicorn have renewed our headline sponsorship of the Learning Technologies Awards in 2016 and we are delighted to be back!"The The Learning Technologies Awards are without doubt the most prestigious and respected in our sector and their continued growth mirrors that of the learning technology industry itself," said CEO, Peter Phillips."Unicorn Unicorn's learning solutions are marked by outstanding creativity, reliability and security.

Best Workplace Blended Learning Providers

Roundtable Learning

If you are building a corporate training program for your employees, you’ll want to explore all of the strategies and modalities available to you, including the ultimate of all worlds: Blended Learning Programs. Read More: Why You Should Consider A Blended Learning Program.

Learning Pool Acquires HT2 Labs to Create Unique Learning Experience and Analytics Solutions

HT2 Labs

Leading online learning company, Learning Pool, has today announced the acquisition of HT2 Labs, the Oxfordshire-based learning innovation company best known for its market-leading Learning Locker and Curatr products. HT2 Labs, led by Dr Ben Betts, is the third business to join the Learning Pool Group in the last three years following the acquisitions of Mind Click in Nottingham and MediaCorp in Glasgow. About Learning Pool.

Why people ignore many features of their LMS


According to Brandon Hall Group ’s report on LMS Trends in 2015 , companies that use LMS (particularly those still using installed solutions over cloud-based systems) are demanding more new features while ignoring many of the old functionalities built into their systems in the past. In this way, the LMS stands a better chance of becoming ingrained in the company’s culture, which breeds higher retention rates and better performance. That the company’s learning needs have changed.

mLevel to Showcase Latest Learning Activity at FocusOn Learning 2016


Recap from: Learning Solutions Magazine. mLevel today announced that it will showcase its latest learning activity, Assessment , at FocusOn Learning 2016 Conference & Expo , held June 8 – 10 at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas. The game -based learning company will also co-present “Pearson Partners with mLevel to Increase Student Engagement in Business Education” at FocusOn Learning’s DemoFest. Learn more at

14 Must-Know e-Learning Stats

KZO Innovations

Countless reports, surveys, and studies have shown that the e-Learning industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, an increasing number of individuals, corporations, and institutions are turning to e-Learning as they recognize its effectiveness and its convenience. Here are 14 top eLearning statistics for 2015 that every e-Learning professional should know! The number of learning technologies available has doubled in the last five years.

Pearson Partners with mLevel to Increase Student Engagement in Business Education


Partnership Integrates Learning Games With Business Course Content to Produce Higher Retention. Pearson today announced an exclusive partnership in the Business Higher Education sector with mLevel, which develops programs that enhance learning through interactive, game-based experiences, to increase student engagement in business education courses. They are eager to engage using their mobile device and that’s what makes the use of technology such a great asset for my course.



Learnnovators, a leading e-learning company, has Karl Kapp writing a series of blog posts for them on gamification. The first post of the gamification series (Gamification for Corporate Learning), published on 31st August 2016, is available HERE. – Post #3 (The Learning in Gamification): 14th September 2016. CFPIM, CIRM, is a scholar, writer and expert on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations. Chennai (India).

Knowledge is Hope: Training in Times of Change & Challenge


Training & Technology Take on Increased Importance. Perhaps in the past we took certain technologies for granted because we’re accustomed to being able to instantly communicate, search, browse, create, share, swipe, etc. But now, in the face of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, technologies that connect people to information and to each other take on elevated significance.

SAP 53

4 Takeaways from ATD TechKnowledge 2020


Learning and development professionals must embrace, understand, and integrate technology into their work to stay relevant. One of the best ways to get up to speed is learning from industry leaders. focused on the intersection of learning and technology. TechKnowledge is the conference for instructional designers, trainers, managers, and talent development professionals interested in e-learning and learning technologies. Learn More.

Indian e-Learning Industry Size – 2013


I had last done estimation on I ndian e-learning industry in 2009 at our blog. It’s almost 4 years since I did that exercise, and I was wondering what the Indian e-learning industry landscape would look like these days. But before presenting the data, some definitions – we are defining e-learning companies as organizations who are in business of providing learning technology solutions (LMS, assessment solutions etc), and content solutions.

Celebrating the New Year and Five Years of Learning with gomo

gomo learning

The end of 2019 brings us to the end of an eventful decade in corporate learning. Technically, gomo existed before 2014: it was an experiment within Epic (the learning company that merged with LINE Communications to form LEO Learning ).